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Bo is in his office instructing Sgt. Rogers to get in touch with anyone over at Land View University who could shed some light on these embezzlement charges. He also instructs her to pull Paul Cramer’s file and see if she can find any information on an associate named Ted or Edward. While he is talking to the Sgt., Paige comes up behind him. He asks her if they had a date, and she tells him no. She informs him that she had been taking a break from the hospital and she thought she would come by and offer her congratulations on bringing Blair Cramer home, adding that she had missed him. The officer leaves, and then Bo kisses Paige.

Nora is frantically searching for her and Daniel’s marriage license. Daniel comes downstairs to join her. Matthew comes downstairs with the marriage license in his hand. He asks her if this is it as he holds up the license. Nora immediately wants to know where he found it. Matthew informs her that he found it in his sock drawer. Nora wants to know what it was doing in his sock drawer, but Matthew tries to change the subject by asking his mom if Mr. Colson’s first name was really Theodore. Daniel and Nora both laugh and confirm that it is. Daniel’s cell phone rings, and he answers it. Nora takes the marriage license from Matthew and instructs him to go back upstairs. Daniel is telling the person with whom he is talking that he knows all about the embezzlement scandal and that President Davidson’s name is on the check. He says to tell the governor, adding that he would never go easy on a suspect, no matter who she was. Nora is looking at the marriage license and listening to Daniel’s conversation.

Viki is awaiting Kevin’s arrival. When he arrives, she thanks him for not publishing anything in the newspaper about the embezzlement charges that have been brought against her. Kevin tells her that he wouldn’t have it any other way, and when they nail Dorian for forging the check it will go on the front page. Viki informs him that she is glad Blair is home with her family, and she thinks it is awful what that Margaret person has done to them. She then asks Kevin if there is any new information in the case. Kevin is remembering the conversation he had with Todd in which Todd told him that he had slept with Margaret. Kevin confides to Viki that Todd doesn’t want Margaret found or punished.

Blair is having bad dreams about the day Margaret forced her into the trunk of the car and shut the lid. She also remembers the car being placed in the compactor to be crushed. Todd wakes her up and assures her that everything is all right. Blair sits up and immediately wants to know where the children are. Todd assures her that they are at school. Blair then reminds him of what Margaret said to her. Blair wants to know why Margaret is doing this to them. She asks Todd to hold her and never let her go.

Paige sees the invitation that Bo has to Nora’s and Daniel’s wedding. He also informs her that Matthew will be staying with him, so that will give Daniel and Nora some time alone together. She wants to know how Matthew and he are doing with all this. Bo assures her that he’s fine, and he compares Daniel to Hannibal. Paige laughs. He vows to try to get along with the guy but adds that he doesn’t trust him. Paige offers her help if Matthew is having a difficult time adjusting to the marriage. Bo is happy at the offer of help and kisses her.

Rex comes barging into the office and interrupts. Bo is quick to reprimand him for his actions. Paige leaves and promises that she will call him later. Bo wants to know what Rex wants. Rex fills him in that Riley found some information in their apartment that could be used against Jen. Bo wants to see the evidence, but Rex reluctantly tells him that it is gone.

Jen is on the phone trying to find Riley. Riley comes in, and Jen immediately wants to know where he’s been and if he went to see his father. Riley lets her in on the news that Daniel found out from the bank that she had indeed been paying off Paul Cramer.

Nora is questioning Daniel about what he said on the phone about never going easy on someone, no matter who she was. Daniel reminds her that he is the D.A. Nora then wants to know if that why he is going after Jen for the murder of Paul Cramer. He tries to sidetrack Nora by telling her that he is only doing his job in the Jennifer Rappaport case, as well as the Viki Davidson embezzlement case. Nora again wants to cut Jen, Viki, and Asa some slack in their cases. He changes the subject and wants to get her mind on their honeymoon and them spending some time alone together. Nora smiles and agrees.

Viki again demands to know what Kevin knows that he is not telling her. Kevin tries to evade the question by informing her that he knows what Todd went through, but Todd doesn’t want him to say anything. Viki asks if that is why he doesn’t want Margaret found. Kevin assures her that if Margaret is found and questioned, then he will have to face what he went through.

Todd is trying to console Blair and trying to get Margaret off her mind, but Blair still wants to talk about her. Todd assures her that they have beaten Margaret. Todd remembers that Margaret wanted him to impregnate her and insisted that he was going to like it. Blair still wants to talk about it so she can get past it, but Todd insists that he is past it. Blair insists that she does need to talk about it because she needs to know what Margaret did to him. Starr and Jack come in and want to stay home from school, but Todd says, "Nice try." Blair motions for them to join them on her side of the bed, and she gives them a hug. Jack wants to know how she is feeling. Blair assures him that she is feeling much better. Starr starts telling Blair that Margaret is still out there.

Todd promises the children that he will get bodyguards for them, as well as a security system. Blair assures them that Margaret will go to prison. She tells them to go to school and that she loves them. She tells them to be happy. After they leave, Blair confides to Todd that she can’t get Margaret off her mind. Blair wants to know what Margaret wanted from him that he wouldn’t give her, and why he wouldn’t do everything he could do to stay alive.

Viki and Kevin are still discussing Todd and what he went through. Kevin insists that Todd will seek revenge on Asa for what he did to Blair. Viki and Kevin both wonder where Asa could be. Duke and Adriana come up to the table and offer their help. Duke informs Kevin that Bo wants to see them about Asa.

Bo is upset with Rex for destroying the evidence against Jen, and he threatens to lock him up. Rex insists that someone planted that evidence in the apartment so it would look as though Jen were paying Paul Cramer off. Bo is still upset with him for destroying the evidence. Rex and Bo argue over what Bo will believe and what he won’t. Rex insists that Bo does believe that Jen is innocent, but the D.A. won’t. The phone rings. Bo answers it, and it is Daniel. Daniel wants to know if there is any progress in the search for Asa. Bo hangs up on him. Daniel yells to Nora that he is leaving. Nora comes in and kisses him goodbye.

Matthew comes downstairs and wants to know why Daniel hates everyone.

Duke and Kevin leave to go to see Bo. Adriana joins Viki at the table. They begin discussing her and Dorian’s differences and the differences in their families.

Blair is telling Todd how much she has missed him. Blair assures him that she wants to make love to him all day. Todd reminds her that Dorian is coming over. They begin talking again about the ordeal, but Blair collapses back onto the bed.

Riley and Jen are arguing, and Jen insists that someone is trying to frame her. Riley informs her that they are going to have to prove it. Riley wants to know where the deposit slips are, but Jen tells him that Rex destroyed them.

Rex and Bo are trying to figure out who this Ted person is. Daniel comes into Bo’s office and tells him that they have obtained some new information on Jen, and he needs a search warrant to search his son’s apartment. Rex leaves. Bo informs Daniel that the evidence had been destroyed.

Nora is having a talk with Matthew about Daniel, Jen, Viki and Asa. Matthew doesn’t like Daniel giving his father a hard time. Nora promises him that if he is going to be uncomfortable with Daniel being there all the time, she will call off the wedding.

Matthew tells Nora not to call off the wedding, he just wishes that Daniel would be a little nicer to his dad. He also tells her that maybe after Daniel has lived there for a while he might start liking him. Matthew says that if she is unsure about marrying Daniel, she shouldn’t. Nora wants to know where he has heard that, but Matthew won’t answer her and makes the excuse that the school bus is there.

Daniel is furious that Rex destroyed the evidence and says he should be picked up and charged. Bo tries to calm him down. Duke and Kevin come through the door. Daniel orders Bo off the case on the grounds that he is too close. Daniel insists that he wants Asa found and arrested.

Kevin wants to know where Asa is, and Bo tells him that he is on his private island, St. Blazes. Bo wants one of them to go after him and bring him home. Kevin offers to go first, but then Duke insists that they let him go. Bo assures them that he will let them know when all the arrangements have been made and the plane is ready. Kevin wants to know why Duke is so anxious to go after Asa.

Viki is assuring Adriana that Dorian's and her differences go way back. Viki discusses with her the differences that she has had with Dorian and how it doesn’t help that she is dating Duke. Adriana wants to help the situation if she could or knew how.

Todd is carrying Blair into the hospital. He yells for help. Immediately they come to his side with a gurney, and he lays her down. They take her into the emergency room. Paige assures him that she will check her out and let him know.

Todd calls Viki to come to the hospital and tells her that he has had to bring Blair. She gets up and starts to leave, but when Kevin and Duke come back Viki fills them in on the news. Kevin offers to drive her to the hospital, leaving Duke with Adriana.

Paige comes out of the emergency room and informs Todd that Blair is suffering from dehydration and exhaustion. She wants to keep her in the hospital for a few days so she can keep an eye on her. Todd goes in to see her. Blair is unconscious. Todd apologizes to her for what Margaret has done to them.

Riley is accusing Jen of being with Rex, saying she had met him. She also informs him that Rex burned the deposit slips. Jen asks Riley if he believes that she killed Paul, and he doesn’t answer. Jen tells him, "Well, I guess I got my answer."

Bo and Daniel are still arguing over Asa, and Bo tells him where Asa has gone. They again argue over Jen, Rex, and the burning of the deposit slips. Bo informs him that they have a new piece of evidence that they are working on. Daniel brings Matthew into the conversation, and this make Bo furious. Bo orders him not to bring Matthew into the conversation. Nora is listening to the conversation about Matthew.

Jennifer goes to see Rex, and she is crying. Rex hugs her and tries to reassure her that he will take care of her. Riley is angry, and he pushes all the pictures off the desk.

Nora tries to separate Daniel and Bo as they are arguing over Matthew. Daniel apologizes and blames it on the impending marriage. Daniel informs Bo that he wants the cases solved.

Nora remembers her conversation with Matthew about why Daniel hates everyone.

Adriana wants to know about Blair. Duke assures her that Blair will be fine. Duke invites her to go with him to St. Blazes to find Asa. Adriana agrees.

Todd gets Viki to stay with Blair for a moment. Todd tells Kevin that Blair needs to never find out what Margaret did to him.

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