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Natalie comes into Carlotta’s diner. Carlotta hugs her, and offers her a cup of coffee. Natalie sits down on the stool, and they immediately begin discussing Christian. They discuss how much they loved him, and how much that they miss him. They decide that they are going to have to move on with their lives because that is what that Christian would want. Carlotta assures her that Chris would want her to be happy, and to live life to the fullest. John comes into the diner, and is listening to every word that they are saying. A customer beckons her for service. She picks up the coffee pot, and leaves the counter.

John questions Natalie about what he had heard her, and Carlotta discussing. Natalie confirms that she had been praying for Christian, as well as, for him. She tells John that she is going to have to move on with her life.

Marcie is still startled by the sound that she had heard outside, but she comes to the conclusion that it must not have been anything. Marcie and Michael begin talking about her spending the night alone, when they both hear a loud noise from the front of the house. Michael goes outside to investigate. Marcie is reluctant to let him go.

Kevin and Kelly are still kissing, and he pushes her back onto the sofa.

Dorian can’t hardly believe what she is hearing on the police radio that Blair has been found, but is furious when she finds out that Todd is with her. Dorian demands information from one of the detectives, but he won’t give her any information. She grabs him by the arms, trying to get information out of him. He assures her if she doesn’t let go, then he will have her locked up. David and Dorian again listen to the police radio, and they find out that Blair and Todd have fallen off the ledge.

Todd and Blair fall off the ledge, and land in the inflatable canoe below.

Marcie is on the phone with the police, notifying them that they had heard a noise outside, and that her friend had went to investigate. Marcie rushes to the door, and opens it, and she is surprised to see Michael standing there, holding Nick by the arms.

John is discussing with Natalie about her getting on with her life. Natalie assures him that she is not proposing marriage or is propositioning him. She assures him that she was praying that she needed to get over Christian, as well as, him. Natalie assures him that she is grateful to him, but that is a part of her moving on. In the background, Carlotta is listening to their conversation.

Kevin and Kelly are still making out on the sofa, when Viki comes rushing in, and after seeing what is going on, is quite embarrassed.

Dorian is still demanding to know what is going on, on the police radio. The detective comes up, and takes away the radio, which makes Dorian furious that they can’t find out anything. She demands information about Blair, but he informs her that he doesn’t know anything. David again tries to comfort Dorian.

Todd and Blair have landed on the inflatable canoe below. When they realize that they are alright, they hug. Bo yells for the paramedics. Blair and Todd bgin smiling at each other, and Blair tells Todd that he is her hero. The paramedics arrive to check them out to see if they are alright.

Michael is accusing Nick of killing Hudson and Julie, and he is wondering if Marcie is next.

Natalie gives John the good news that Todd and Blair are alright. Natalie goes to call her Mom or Kelly to get more information on Todd and Blair.

John orders a cup of coffee, and Carlotta begins telling him to stay away from Natalie. John assures Carlotta that he is in a relationship, but she doesn’t believe him. John tells her that he feels an obligation to Natalie.

Viki gives Kevin and Kelly the good news that Todd and Blair are both alive, and that they are alright. Starr and Jack come rushing in, and they are in a hurry to see their Mother.

Bo wants to know from the police officer if he has everything documented, and if there has been pictures taken. Todd is asking Blair if she is alright. The paramedic wants to take her to the hospital, after all she has been through, but Blair refuses. Bo comes up, apologizes, but then tells her that he needs her to go down to the police station. Blair agrees. Todd thanks Bo for all he has done in finding Blair. Todd promises Todd that he will find all those involved in this. Bo orders the police officer to go to his father’s house, and bring him down to the police station. The lights are flashing on the police cruiser, as Bo looks up at the building.

Michael and Nick are about to fight, and Marcie has to separate them. Michael is again accusing Nick of killing Hudson and Julie. They are still arguing when a police officer arrives. Marcie apologizes, but then tells him that everything is fine. Before the officer leaves, he comments on Marcie’s book, and tells her that it was good. After the police officer leaves, Michael and Nick begin arguing again. Michael demands to know what he is doing there. Nick finally tells them that he had come there to talk to Marcie about Julie. Michael jumps to the conclusion that Nick had killed Julie. Nick gets angry, and pushes Michael up against the wall.

Carlotta is still questioning John about Natalie. Natalie comes up, without them noticing her, and calls Carlotta’s hand on her questioning John.

Kelly comes into the sunroom where Kevin is waiting. He offers to drive her to the police station, and she agrees. They both begin laughing at the thought that Viki had come in, and caught them making out.

Bo comes into the squad room, and Dorian immediately wants to know where Blair is. Bo informs her that she is coming. Dorian is relieved that Blair is alright, but she is still bitter at Todd, for finding her. She vows to get Todd out of the picture for good.

Bo goes into his office, and Nigel is waiting for him. They begin discussing Asa, and where he is. Nigel denies knowing anything.

Dorian is busy pacing the floor, waiting for Blair to get there. When she finally sees her, she gives her a big hug. Todd pulls her away from Dorian. Starr, Jack, and Viki come into the squad room. Starr and Jack rush into their Mother’s arms. Looking at the reunion between Blair, Todd, and their children, Dorian vows to herself and David for Todd not to get too cozy.

Nick is telling Michael and Marcie that he had been dating Julie. Nick is hurt, and wants to know why anyone would want to hurt Julie. Marcie is sympathetic to the way that Nick is feeling. Nick also regrets that he hadn’t told Julie how much he loved her. Nick then leaves. Marcie starts arguing with Michael that he was wrong in thinking that Nick had killed Julie. Michael assures her that he is not going to let her be the next victim.

Natalie asks John to excuse them. John gets up from the table. Carlotta starts trying to apologize to Natalie for the things that she had been saying to John. Natalie defends John, and insists that they are only friends. Carlotta promises to mind her own business. Natalie talks to John, and apologizes for what Carlotta had been saying to him.

Bo hangs up the phone, and tells Nigel that Asa had filed a flight plan to Hong Kong. Bo again questions Nigel as to Asa’s whereabouts. Nigel still denies knowing anything. Blair is hugging her children, when Kelly comes rushing in, and hugs her. Dorian begins questioning Kevin as to why he is with Kelly. David tries to get Dorian to calm down. Viki hugs Blair. Bo comes out of his office, and tells Blair that she is free to go.

Blair, Todd, and the children begin to leave, but Dorian tells them that they will be right behind them. Blair asks her to wait until tomorrow. Todd tells her to call first. Bo tells Nigel that he can leave too.

Dorian begin questioning Bo on whether or not he would do anything to Asa. Viki defends Bo, and Dorian backs off. Dorian accuses Kelly of sleeping with the enemy.

Kevin goes into the office with Bo. Kelly tries to apologize to Viki for what she had witnessed. Viki just asks her if she is happy with what is happening. Kelly just smiles, and doesn’t say anything.

Kevin and Bo are discussing Asa. Bo asks if he knows anything about this.

Marcie and Michael arguing over her book, and she is feeling guilty at writing it. Michael tries to calm her down, by telling her that everyone loves her, and especially him. She tries to get him to go home but he refuses. He insists that he is staying with her.

Marcie insists that Michael not worry about her, and that he can’t stay there forever. Michael assures her that John is investigating, and that he will find the murderer. Marcie reluctantly agrees to let him stay there. Marcie goes upstairs to get some of his things. Michael picks up the book, and looks at the picture of Marcie on the back.

Natalie is standing just inside the patio door, looking out at the night. Viki comes up behind her. Natalie immediately wants to know about Blair. Viki assures her that Blair is happy to be home. Viki wants to know if Natalie is thinking about Christian. Natalie changes the subject, and tells Viki that she is going to bed.

Bo is questioning Kevin as to the reason why Todd would want to go after Asa. Kevin is reluctant to answer any questions. He tells Bo that he will let him know if he hears anything.

Kevin offers Kelly a ride home, but she refuses. They talk about Blair, and how glad that she is that Blair is home with her children.

Blair is in bed waiting for Todd. He comes out of the bathroom, and climbs into bed beside her. She tells him that she loves him, and he tells her that he loves her. She snuggles up close to him.

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