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John is still with Evangeline and he is thumbing through Marcie’s book, “The Killing Club”. Evangeline is trying to get him to go home. They begin discussing the book and Marcie writing it and how now there is a copycat out there. The doorbell rings, and it is Nora bearing a gift of chicken soup. John kisses Evangeline and instructs her to keep the door locked. Evangeline instructs him to stay out of evidence rooms. He leaves.

Natalie is on the phone with the woman that she is filling in for. Kevin and Starr come in, and Starr wants to know about her parents. Dorian and David come in, and they also want to know if there is any information on Blair. Dorian wants to know why Starr is with Kevin. Starr informs her that she was with Kevin and Kelly. Dorian demands that Kevin stay away from Kelly and leave her alone.

Kelly is looking at pictures of her and Kevin’s wedding. Viki comes in and sits down on the couch beside her. They begin discussing Blair and how Viki can’t seem to get her mind off of her and where she is. Viki notices that Kelly is looking at the same wedding pictures she sent to to her when they lived in Texas. Kelly and Viki discuss whether somehow Kevin and Kelly could start being friends again.

Bo breaks the glass out of the door. He yells at Todd to get back inside. Bo tries to reach the lock on the door but doesn’t seem to be able to. Bo gets on the phone and wants to know where the rescue team is.

Out on the ledge, Todd is holding Blair’s hand and reassuring her that they are survivors and that he loves her. He instructs her not to look down, to just keep looking at him.

Bo is talking on the phone, telling the police officer on the ground that Todd is out on the ledge with Blair. Bo is also giving the police officer instructions as to what equipment they will need. Bo tells the officer that he is going to try to talk them back in. He also tells the officer that he needs a crowbar to open the door. Bo yells at Todd that he is going to get them out of there. Todd reassures Blair that Bo is going to save them. Todd is trying to calm her down by saying that he is there with her, and he is not going to let anything happen.

Dorian and Kevin are again having their differences over Kelly, and Dorian wants Kevin to leave Kelly alone. They begin discussing Viki and the forging of the check. Kevin doesn’t understand why Dorian is plotting revenge when Blair is who knows where. Kevin walks off and leaves her standing alone.

David comes up to join her. Dorian wants to know if he agrees with what Kevin said about her wanting to get revenge on Viki. David informs her that if Kevin lost his job over this scandal he wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. Dorian agrees.

John catches up with Natalie. Natalie wants to try to apologize to him for what happened in the evidence room, but he brushes her off by telling her it is all right. He then tells her that he wants her to pull two files for him, one on Hudson Prescott and the other on Julie Tanaka.

Marcie is going through her fan mail. Michael is trying to make her feel better by telling her that she has gotten a lot of fan mail. Marcie is still feeling guilty that Hudson and Julie died just like two of the characters in her book. She thanks him for bringing her home and then invites him inside. She leaves one letter lying on the bench. Once inside, she notices how different everything seems with no one there. He rubs her arms, but then he pulls away. She smiles and walks away. She heads into the living room and picks up a picture of some friends who had lived in the “Love Shack”. She remembers the good times they had during the last days that they lived together. Marcie is still feeling responsible for the death of two of her friends. She wonders who would be doing this to them, and why.

The killer has marked through the faces of Hudson and Julie. He places their pictures on a desk, and then he turns Marcie’s book over to the picture of her on the back and puts an X through her face.

David tries to calm Dorian, and he instructs Starr to go home. David sits down by Dorian, and she begins talking about how much she despises the Buchanans. David wants to know when the war with Viki is going to end. Dorian fills him in on the plans for Viki.

Viki and Kelly are discussing her and Kevin and the idea that somehow they might find their way back to each other. They begin discussing Todd and Blair and their relationship. Kelly is wishing that she could see them walk through the door.

Todd is instructing Blair to slowly move toward the window. She is still panicked, and she looks as though she is going to faint. Bo wants to know where the crowbar is that he ordered. Bo kicks the door open and rushes to the window.

Nora has fixed Evangeline a bowl of chicken soup. Evangeline is filling Nora in on the fact that John had gotten trapped in the evidence room with Natalie. They begin to discuss the men in their lives, and Nora wants to know if Evangeline believed John when he told her that nothing happened between him and Natalie.

Natalie brings John the two files that he requested. She starts to leave, but then she comes back and wants to discuss what happened between them in the evidence room.

Evangeline informs Nora that there will always be a bond between John and Natalie. She tells Nora that John is Natalie’s protector, and he feels responsible for her.

Natalie is confiding to John about her relationship with Christian and how she had felt when he came back. She tells John that he is the only person she trusts. John remembers the conversation he had with Christian and how he hadn’t wanted Natalie to know who he really was. Natalie asks John about the DNA test and if he found out who he really was.

Bo is talking to Todd and Blair. Todd instructs Blair not to look down. Todd places his arm across Blair’s chest.

Blair slides down the wall and sits down on the ledge. Todd tries to encourage her by telling her that the children are waiting on her.

Dorian is wishing that there was something she could do to bring Blair home. Viki overhears them talking and then tells Dorian that they should forget all about their differences and call it quits. Dorian acts as though she doesn’t know anything about the forged check. They begin arguing again, as usual. They discuss their differences again, and Viki offers her help.

Jack comes into the sunroom with Kelly and wants to know when his mom and dad are coming home. Starr and Kevin come in, and Kevin sits down on the sofa beside Kelly. He begins telling Jack a story about a boy named Jack and his beautiful older sister named Starr.

Marcie gets her first royalty check. Michael is enthused and tells her that she needs to celebrate. Marcie is in no mood to be celebrating; she wipes away a tear and tells Michael that he should go. He asks her if she really wants him to go, and she shakes her head no.

The killer is placing all the pictures inside of a brown pouch, as well as the book. He picks up the pouch and starts to leave.

Nora and Evangeline are doing exercises. They begin discussing Nora’s marriage to Daniel, and Evangeline confesses that she has been thinking about marriage. Nora begins questioning whether Evangeline is considering marriage to John.

Natalie is again questioning John about who the man was, and John is reluctant to tell her. She begins talking about the man, but when John won’t answer her she changes the subject. She thanks him for letting her fall apart on him. He thanks her for the file. She leaves the room, and once outside the office she takes a deep breath.

Dorian is still confronting Viki about the charges that Viki is going to bring against her, and she is denying everything. Viki vows that she is going to do what she must.

Natalie lights a candle, and she comes to the conclusion that she must move on and forget about Christian.

Evangeline thanks Nora for the conversation, the soup, and the topic of marriage. Nora leaves. The doorbell rings and, thinking that it is Nora, Evangeline blurts out that she hadn’t said anything about marriage. It is John at the door, and she invites him in. She wants to know if there is anything new about the murders. He informs her that there is not. He tells her that he has brought her a get-well present, a dog that will do flips. He is troubled over the case.

Marcie and Michael are working a puzzle on the floor, and she is thanking him for everything when she hears something outside. The killer walks up close to Marcie’s door and sees the letter lying on the bench.

Kevin and Kelly are looking at the wedding pictures. They kiss.

Dorian and Viki are still arguing, and Dorian is not a bit afraid of what Viki is saying. Viki assures her that they are not idle threats. Viki informs Dorian that she is going to hire a private investigator who will find out the truth. She vows to make Dorian pay if indeed she is the one who forged her signature on the check.

David tries to persuade Dorian to take Viki up on her offer, but Dorian refuses by insisting that Viki is not playing fair. Dorian and David hear on the police radio that Todd and Blair can’t hold out much longer on the ledge at Wingdale.

Todd tries to help Blair up, but instead of standing up she loses her footing. She begins to fall, and it looks like she is taking Todd with her.

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