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Hudsonís basement:

John and an officer arrive at the crime scene to investigate further. John finds evidence that a string had been placed across the top of the stairs. It looks as if the intent was to trip someone on purpose. John tells the officer that they have another homicide case on their hands.

Evangelineís apartment:

Evangeline is curled up on the couch reading The Killing Club. Marcie worries to Michael that someone is using her book as a blueprint for murder. Michael attempts to cheer her up and tells her that they just need to wait until John gets back. Evangeline points out the similarities between the heroine of the book, Jaime and the writer, Marcie. Marcie tries to minimize the similarities, but finally admits that they are a bit a like. Evangeline goes back to the couch to finish reading the book as Marcie anxiously waits to hear how Evangeline likes the book. When she is done, she compliments Marcie on the ending. She never would have guessed who the killer was. Marcie is slightly pleased with Evangelineís praise until Michael says that he hopes John is better at figuring it out. Just then John returns and confirms all their fears. Hudson and Julie were both killed exactly like the first two characters in Marcieís book. He knows that in the book all the victims belong to a club. Marcie thinks that the only connection that Hudson and Julie had was her. Evangeline reminds her that they also were both part of the Love crew. Michael reminds John that Shannon is also part of that group. John has already talked to Shannon and has given her 24 hour protection. John asks Marcie who else was part of the Love crew. Marcie tells him that Jen, Riley, herself, Mark and Nick are also part of the Love crew. John tells her that he needs her to tell him exactly how the other victims in her book were killed. Marcie readily agrees to help in any way that she can.

A dark room:

We see a heavily gloved pair of hands read ĎThe Killing Clubí. A list with Hudson and Julieís name on it lays next to the book. The reader highlights a section of the book, and then writes #3. on the list, without listing the name of the next victim.

The diner:

Antonio sits at the counter going over the custody papers. Carlotta is worried about the hearing because of R.J.ís lies. Antonio is not worried, he has the truth on his side. Carlotta reminds him that he also has Jessica on his side. Antonio agrees that Jessica has been good for him. She showed him that he could take his inheritance and do good things with it. Carlotta is very proud of her son for setting up the emergency fund for the people of Angel Square. Antonio would also like to use some of the money to let Carlotta retire early. She is very appreciative, but turns down the offer. The diner was her and Diegoís dream. She loves the place. She tells him that he could take a look at the ice machine for her though. He fixes that problem quickly by offering to buy her a new ice machine. That is something that Carlotta can accept. He calls the bank to transfer some money into his checking account and is surprised to learn that there was another transfer of money earlier in the day of a sizeable amount.

At another table, Kevin and Kelly sit with Star. Star is very anxious to hear from her dad and is upset that he isnít answering his cell phone. She reasons that Todd has already found Blair and they are just too busy being happy to answer the phone. She excuses herself from the table to try to call Todd again. She returns to tell them that she couldnít get through to Todd again and there is nothing being said on the radio. She wants to go to the police station right away. Kelly tries to explain that they would only be in the way there. Star is adamant though, maybe if they are in the way it will make the cops work harder to find her parents just to get them to leave. Kevin promises to take her to the police station if they donít hear anything in another hour. Starr gives up and excuses herself to go to the ladies room. Kevin and Kelly discuss his new problems with his mother being accused of stealing money from the university. Kelly thinks the whole thing is ridiculous, but Kevin is afraid that it may get really bad. He is frustrated that he hasnít been able to do anything good for the people that elected him. Kelly is positive that he will work everything out but doesnít know how she can help. Kevin tells her that she just did help by listening. The two of them happily remember how easy they used to be able to talk to each other. Kelly decides to go and check on Starr since she has been gone so long. She is very distraught to find that Starr is gone. Kelly opts to stay at the diner while Kevin takes off to see if he can find her. Kevin finds her quickly and calls Kelly to let hr know that she is okay. Kelly offers to come and get her, but Kevin tells her that he will bring Starr back after the two of them have hung out for a little bit. Kelly is thankful to Kevin for taking care of Starr. Antonio joins Kelly at the table and asks if everything is okay. Kelly is just worried about Blair and all that is going on with Viki. Kelly asks about Antonioís daughter and he fills her in on all that is going on with R.J. Kelly is happy to hear that he has hired Evangeline because she is very good. She then asks how he and Jessica are getting along. He tells her that they are taking things one day at a time, but admits that Jessica is what keeps him grounded lately. Kelly remembers talking to Jessica right after her wedding to Tico and knows that Jessica still loves Antonio because of that conversation. Carlotta walks by and Kelly asks her to turn on the radio again just in case something comes on about Blair. Carlotta apologizes and tells her that the radio is broken. Kelly decides to take off so she can call Viki and find out if there is any news. Antonio starts to take off also, but first tells his mother to also buy a radio in the morning when she buys the new ice machine. Carlotta objects at first but Antonio insists. Carlotta tells him that she knows he is a good man inside and he always will be, no matter where his inheritance came from.

Love Center:

Kevin guesses right and finds Starr here. She is still very worried about her parents and was trying to make her way to the police station. Starr doesnít believe that Kevin is worried about her parents, she knows how much he and Todd hate each other. Kevin admits that he and Todd are not the best of buddies, but he doesnít wish Todd or Blair any harm. They talk about how ironic it was that Kevin was the one to find Todd. She tells him that she was sorry to hear that he lost Ace and knows that he must miss Ace terribly. Kevin admits that she is right and tells her that when they took Ace away, he sat down and just cried. He didnít care who saw him cry either. After Kevin calls and tells Kelly that Starr is with him, Starr finally softens up a bit and admits to Kevin that she is really scared for her parents. Once she opens up to him, she asks him not to tell anyone about it. Kevin promises and asks if she is now ready to head back to the diner. She still needs to find out about her parents. Kevin makes her very happy by telling her that they can stop by the police station before going back to Kelly. He tells her that he is still Lieutenant Governor and might be able to pull some strings.

Motel Room:

Tess (Jessica) is getting dressed and ready to leave when her date for the night comes out of the bathroom in his robe and asks if she really has to leave. She tells him that she does. As he heads off to the bathroom, Jessica sits down and cuts out a message to paste to a piece of paper. The message says I give up. She folds it and puts it in an envelope. When Logan returns from the bathroom, she asks him to mail the letter for her from Australia when he returns there. He asks what it is. She tells him that a friend of hers likes to collect stamped postage stamps and she doesnít have one from Australia yet. Logan agrees to do this for her. She then explains that she doesnít want her friend to know that it is from her and asks him to address the envelope. He readily agrees to this too. He offers to at least pay for her cab in exchange for the love that they shared. She declines and tells him that she is well off enough to take care of herself. She tells him that she is tired of people worrying about her all the time and having to deal with all the new security they have at her house. She assures him that this all about to change though. He decides to head in to the shower and tells her that if she is ever in Australia to look him up. That gets Tess to thinking. Australia sounds perfect to her.


Natalie remembers John holding her in the evidence room and scolds herself for thinking about it. Viki overhears her and decides to talk with her daughter. The two of them discuss Natalieís feelings for John. Viki reminds her that John is no longer available. She tells Nat about realizing that she wanted Clint back after years of being apart, but she had waited too long. He ended up marrying Lindsay. Viki doesnít want to see Natalie hurt again, and advises her not to wait too long for John to be free. She may pass up someone out there that is waiting for her.

Outside, Tess returns home to find the security officer guarding the back door. He is surprised to see her and upset that he didnít know she had gone out. She pleads with him not to tell anyone that she left that night. The officer reluctantly agrees. She sees Viki and Natalie talking in the living room and decides to sneak in the front door instead. Once she is inside, she quickly changes into pajamaís and a robe. Viki hears her in the foyer and calls her into the room. Viki thinks that Jessica hasnít been herself lately. Tess tells her that she had gone to bed early and couldnít sleep, so she got back up. Natalie and Tess both express concern for their mother and the accusations that have been levied against her. Viki assures them that she will prove the accusations wrong and that they shouldnít worry. Tess tells her that if there is anything her or Natalie can do to help, to just let them know. Viki tells them both that they can help by giving her a hug. Viki happily hugs both of her girls while Tess rolls her eyes and looks as if she canít stand all the lovey dovey stuff. The girls convince their mother to go up and try to get some sleep. After they promise to wake Viki in an hour, she agrees and leaves to go upstairs and nap. Natalie tells Jessica that she has a late shift at the police station and needs to get going. First though, she asks if Jessica wants to tell her what is going on with her. Tess claims that everything is fine. Natalie tells her that her Ďtwin radarí is telling her something different. Tess again claims that everything is alright and tells her sister not to worry. Natalie gives up and takes off for work. Tess picks up a picture of Jessica, Natalie and Viki and comments that she wonít have to worry about anything very soon.

Wingdale Institute:

Bo finally looks up and notices what is going on above him. He immediately calls for a rescue team as he nervously watches Todd try to talk Blair into coming back inside. Blair is convinced that she has now lost her mind and that Todd isnít really there. Todd tries to convince her that it really is him. He didnít die. He is fine and wants her to just take his hand and he will take her home to their children. Blair wants to believe him, but just doesnít trust her own mind right now. She dreamed so often lately of Todd coming to her rescue. On the ground, Bo is getting anxious as they wait for the rescue team to get there with the air bags. An officer tells him that he isnít sure the air bags would do any good if Blair falls from that high up. Todd continues to try to persuade Blair. Finally Blair starts to believe that maybe it really is Todd and attempts to take a step closer to him. Even though Todd tells her not to look down, she does anyway and almost slips when she sees how far up she is. When Bo sees this, he rushes back inside and up to the locked door where Todd and Blair are. Todd manages to calm Blair down again, but she is now too scared to try to move closer to him. Todd decides to join her on the ledge and help her to come back in. Bo bangs on the door and demands that Todd not go out on the ledge. He yells that Todd will mess everything up again. Todd of course, ignores him and climbs out on the ledge anyway. Once on the ledge with Blair, he convinces her to grab his hand. She is scared to death. As she tries to take a step towards Todd, she tells him that she is getting very dizzy.

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