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Evangeline’s apartment

John is reading Marcie’s book, “The Killing Club,” to Evangeline. He stops abruptly, and Evangeline wants to know why. John tells her that the description of the character’s death in the book is similar to the way that Hudson died. He gets up and begins walking the floor. Evangeline also notices the similarities between the character’s death in the book and the death of Marcie’s friend.

Marcie is trying to convince Michael that the character’s death in the book is similar to Julie's death in the car crash. Michael points out that Hudson’s and Julie’s death’s were accidents. Marcie asks, “What if they weren’t accidents?”

Nora is at her desk working when someone comes up behind her, carrying a knife. Nora notices the knife and screams and grabs her chest. She tells Daniel that he looks like a killer. He makes up some excuse that he was going to mix up a chopped salad. She pushes the knife aside, puts her arms around his waist and kisses him. While they are kissing, he is holding the knife extremely close to Nora’s back.

Todd rushes into Blair’s room at the institute, but he finds that she is not there and wants to know where she is. Dr. Cornwall assures him that she was just there. Todd demands to know what he has done with her.

Holding the keys in her hand, Blair roams around the institute.

Nora turns around and points at the knife, telling Daniel it is a “mood killer." Daniel lays the knife down on the desk and assures her that there will be no knives on their wedding night. He then asks about her wedding dress. Nora is happy and tells him that she has found the most beautiful dress, and she can’t wait for him to see it. He wants to see it right now, but Nora refuses to let him. He wonders why she won’t let him see it, and she tells him that it is bad luck for him to see the dress. She informs him that her track record isn’t all that good, and she doesn’t want to risk it. She assures him that this just seems right. Daniel looks at Nora and tells her that she has changed him. He goes on to assure her that whatever he does, he does for them. He also tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life making her happy. Nora is about to cry, and she tells him that no one has ever said that to her before, and she thought that no one ever would. They begin kissing.


Rex and Jennifer come into Rodi’s and sit down at a table near the door. Rex orders them both a drink, and then he wants to know what is wrong. Jennifer tells him that she is going to Statesville Prison. Rex wants to know if she has done away with the deposit slips. Jennifer is hesitant when she tells him that she wanted to, but Rex wouldn’t agree to it. She explains to him that Riley wants to find out who planted the deposit slips in their apartment. Rex assures her that this makes her look pretty bad, and Jennifer agrees. Rex hugs her and tells her that he won’t let anything bad happen. Jennifer looks around and sees Michael and Marcie, and she tells Rex that she just can’t deal with them now.

Michael tells Marcie that he wasn’t supposed to say anything, but John had been asking a lot of questions about the crash. Marcie tells him that John was suspicious that people were being killed like characters in her book. Marcie says she would blame herself if there is a copycat out there. She says that if she hadn’t written the book maybe Julie and Hudson would still be alive. Michael tries to reassure her, but with no luck. Marcie thinks that it is too strange to be just coincidence. Michael tells Marcie that maybe they should talk to his brother.

Evangeline and John are discussing the similarities between the death of the first character in Marcie’s book and the way that Hudson Prescott died. It seems as though the character in Marcie’s book fell over a gas can and then down some stairs, and that is the same way Hudson died. John reads another excerpt out of the book, and they both realize that the character had been deliberately tripped, leading to his death. Evangeline wonders if that is what happened to Hudson Prescott.

Todd is again asking the doctor where Blair is. Bo asks Dr. Cornwall to give him a description of the man who brought Blair in. When Dr. Cornwall describes him, Bo tells him that that is his father, Asa Buchanan. Dr. Cornwall tells them that he had told him the woman was his daughter. Todd breaks in and accuses him of lying. Bo orders Dr. Cornwall to have security search for a woman named Blair Cramer.
Dr. Cornwall goes to make the call, and then the nurse comes running up and informs him that her keys are missing.

Blair is roaming the halls of the institution. Hearing voices approaching, she quickly hides behind a counter in one of the rooms. She sneaks into a room that has a window. Raising the window, she looks out but realizes that it is too high to jump.

Nora’s house

Nora and Daniel are kissing when they hear a knock on the door. Riley is there, and he wants their help. He explains to them that someone is trying to set it up to look like Jennifer killed Paul Cramer. They want to know why he is there. Riley is reluctant to tell them and starts to leave. Nora stops him, and they both want to know what is wrong. Riley tells them that he has found, in Jen’s things, some deposit slips and bank account records in Paul Cramer’s name. Riley insists that someone is trying to set her up. Daniel privately remembers going to their apartment and hiding the deposit slips in the picture album.

Marcie and Michael want to know why Jennifer is there with Rex. Rex tells them that they had had a fight. Marcie immediately wants to know what the fight was about, since Jennifer loves Riley so much. Rex butts in, and Marcie tells him to leave Jennifer alone. Rex turns the tables and wants to know what Marcie is doing there with Michael. Marcie is defensive and informs him that they are just friends. Rex agrees, saying, "Just like me and Jen."

Bo is questioning the nurse about the lost keys, and they come to the conclusion that Blair has stolen the keys. They rush off to find her.

Blair backs away from the window and goes over to the door so she can listen to what that the orderlies are saying. Once she knows they are gone, she softly closes the door. Walking back over to the window, she climbs out onto the ledge.

Todd questions the orderlies as to Blair’s whereabouts, but they tell him that they have not seen her. They go to search for her in a different direction, not knowing that she is out on the ledge.

Blair is out on the ledge, telling herself not to look down. Todd comes back and looks through the crack in the door. He yells out Blair’s name. Dr. Cornwall comes up and quiets him down. Bo asks Dr. Cornwall if Blair could have gotten out of the building with those keys. Dr. Cornwall tells him yes. Bo decides then that they should check the grounds. After they leave, Todd once again looks through the opening in the door, but he follows Bo and Dr. Cornwall.

John is reading to Evangeline about the car crash in Marcie’s book. They compare the character’s car crash in the book to Julie Tanaka’s. John affirms that Julie’s death was no accident; her tire had been shot out.

Riley wants to know who would point the finger at Jennifer. Daniel, trying to get his mind off of it, instructs him to sit down. Riley and Daniel both agree that the deposit slips have to have been brought in after the police had searched the place. Nora goes to get them something to drink, and Riley tells Daniel that those deposit slips were not Jen’s. Daniel tells him to keep an open mind. Riley again insists that those deposit slips were not Jen’s. Daniel informs him that the evidence is mounting up against Jen. Riley maintains that Jen is no murderer. Daniel points out to him that people that you love sometimes have a darker side; they have secrets, secrets that they don’t want you to know, but that doesn’t make them bad people. He also tells Riley that sometimes good people do bad things when they have to. Nora is standing there listening and taking it all in. She comes up beside Daniel and tells Riley that she has never thought of Jen as a killer. She suggests that they have a look at the deposit slips. Daniel wants to know if he brought the deposit slips with him. Riley informs him that he left them with Jen. Daniel is upset and asks Riley how he could have been so stupid.

Marcie tells Rex that she and Michael were together because they were discussing something. Michael informs Rex that what is between him and Marcie is between him and Marcie. Marcie suggests that Jen be careful. Rex reassures them that she will be all right with him. Marcie and Michael walk off, and Marcie wonders if she should have said something to Jen. They leave the bar.

Rex tells Jen that Marcie needs to “chill.” Jennifer assures him that Marcie just cares about her. Rex counters, "And I don’t?" Jennifer has the deposit slips in her purse, and she shows them to Rex.

Blair is still hanging on to the ledge. Bo orders Todd not to pull anything on his own. He orders Todd to stay in the area. Todd looks up and sees Blair on the ledge.

Daniel wants to know what Riley meant by leaving the deposit slips with Jen, they needed them for evidence. Riley tells him that he should have listened to Jen and not even have come there for help. Daniel points out that if Jen had been innocent of the crime she would have gone to the authorities, but she hadn’t. Nora butts in and tells Daniel that she has known Jen a long time, and when she gets scared she has a tendency to run. Daniel asks Riley if he remembers the amount on any of the deposit slips. Daniel promises to make some phone calls and find out what he can. Riley just pleads with him to help Jen. Nora doesn’t believe that Jen killed Paul Cramer. She hugs Riley. Daniel comes back into the room and informs Nora and Riley that he has gotten confirmation that Jen deposited large amounts of money into Paul Cramer’s account. Daniel also tells them that there were three large withdrawals of money in amounts of $25,000 made from Jen’s account. He thinks that since Jen had the deposit slips in her possession, she probably killed Paul Cramer.

Jen is upset when she sees Rex burning the deposit slips in an ashtray on the table. Jennifer assures Rex that she loves Riley. Rex is disgusted and tells her that Riley is serving her up on a silver platter to the police. Rex and Jennifer just look at each other.

John and Evangeline are reading “The Killing Club” together when they hear the doorbell ring. It's Marcie and Michael. John informs Marcie that he was just going to call her about the book. Michael encourages Marcie to tell him what she thinks. Marcie explains to John about the characters and how they died. John tells her that Julie’s death was no accident, someone shot her tire out. Marcie is upset and says to Michael, "So it’s real."

Blair is still trying to hang on to the ledge. Todd tries to yell up at her. Dr. Cornwall comes out and wants to know where the Commissioner is. Todd informs him that he is down by the gate awaiting back-up. Todd goes back inside the building.

Marcie is questioning John about the first character in her book and how he died. John confirms that Hudson had been found in the basement of his place. Evangeline tries to comfort Marcie, saying they are only acting on theory and it might not amount to anything. Marcie still insists that there has to be something to it or John would be asking questions.

Riley still doesn’t believe that Jen is guilty. Daniel offers his support and Riley thanks him, sarcastically. Riley leaves to go talk to Jen. Nora believes that Jen is being framed. Daniel believes that Riley is setting himself up. Daniel wonders who could be doing this to Jen.

Rex and Jen watch the last of the deposit slips burn and then she gets up, telling him she should be going. Rex assures Jen that Riley’s help will land her in Statesville. Rex wants her to go with him, but she tells him she can’t. Jen tells Rex that she loves Riley, and she leaves. Rex vows to help her anyway.

Todd comes back upstairs and meets up with the two orderlies. They want to know why he is there, and he informs them that he is helping to look for the missing patient. After a brief confrontation, he pretends as though he is leaving the building, and then he turns on them. He first knocks one orderly out, and then the other.
Todd goes inside the room and locks the door behind him. He looks out the window and sees Blair standing there, terrified. He then sees how high she is off the ground.

John leaves, but before he does he instructs Michael to take Marcie home. He tells them to sleep on it, and he will call them in the morning. Michael decides that they are going to stay there with Evangeline until John comes back. They begin to have second thoughts about staying, but Evangeline talks them into it. Marcie is upset and tells Michael and Evangeline that if someone is copying her book, more people are going to die.

Daniel is trying to persuade Nora that Jen killed Paul Cramer and she needs to accept it. Nora replies that Jen has been like a daughter to her. Nora tells Daniel to imagine falling in love with someone, sharing your life with them, and never knowing them.

Bo comes back to the building and finds that Todd is gone. Bo looks around but never once does he look up. Todd is watching Bo, as well as Blair, who is standing but a few feet away from him. Todd wants to reach out to her but remains reluctant to do so.

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