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Bo is in his office at the police station. Natalie opens the door and comes in with a chart in her hand. Immediately Bo wants to know what she is doing there so late. Natalie informs him that she is trying to get caught up. Bo wants to know what has happened. Natalie smiles and says that it is kind of embarrassing. She goes on to inform him that she had been locked in the evidence room. She tells him that it is a long story and then she offers her help. Bo refuses and tells her that there isn't anything to help with. Natalie follows him back to his desk and asks who Ted is. John pokes his head through the doorway and informs Bo that the hostage situation is over and they have the suspect in custody. Natalie offers to leave so they can talk, but John tells them he is going to file his report and then he is going home. After John leaves, Bo tells Natalie that he is glad she and John have worked out their situation. Natalie assures him that they have. Bo then wants to know, if they have worked it out, why did she look as though she wished the floor would open up and swallow her.

Evangeline's apartment

Evangeline is on the phone telling her professor that it was great to see him, and maybe next time he is in town he can actually meet John. She fusses when Michael wants to take her temperature again, and she tells him that she hates that thermometer. He informs her that the fever is broken. She tells him that her immune system was compromised because of her frustration with his brother. Evangeline wants to know what is going on between him and Marcie.


Marcie sits down on one of the barstools. The bartender wants to know if she is there to meet some of her friends, but she tells him that she just wants to sit there and think a little. The bartender then recognizes her as the author of a book. He asks what the name of the book is and what it is about. Marcie reluctantly tells him that it is about killing.

Dorian has just poured herself a drink when she hears a loud pounding on the door. The noise startles her to the extent that she drops the glass, and it shatters all over the floor. She turns around and sees Vicki looking at her through the glass in the door.

Wingdale Institution

Blair is trying her best to get out of the straightjacket that the doctor has had put on her. She lies back in frustration and there are tears in her eyes.

Todd has arrived at the institution. After stepping off the elevator, he sees the doctor at the nurses' station. Grabbing the doctor by the shirt, he demands to know where Blair is.

Someone shows a bartender a picture of Julie. The bartender says yes, he does remember her, she had been in there a few times.  He also says that Julie was a real friendly girl and offers his condolences at her death.

Evangeline is growing impatient that John hasn't called her or come by. Michael informs Evangeline that breaking up is a hard thing to do, but it was mutual. He also informs her that he and Marcie have different goals. Evangeline wants to know if it is getting any easier. Michael informs her that it is actually getting harder.
Michael notices that he has a call on his cell phone and that the ringer had been turned off. Evangeline gets to feeling sick again and rushes to the bathroom. John is puzzled over the call. He sits down in the chair and begins dialing the number.

Natalie is telling Bo that she and John are just friends and she is fine with that. Bo assures her that that is good. Natalie lets him know that even when they were locked up together, they were just friends. Natalie goes on to inform him that it was Roxanne who had locked them up. She tells him that this is her problem and she is going to get back to work. He insists that she go home. John leaves his report concerning the hostage situation on top of the filing cabinet. He then apologizes to Natalie about what happened in the evidence room.

The doctor demands to know who Todd is. Todd informs him that Asa Buchanan sent him there, and he again asks where his wife is. Dr. Cornwell refuses to tell him and advises him to come back tomorrow with some identification. Todd then confronts the nurse and asks her where his wife is. She is frightened of Todd and doesn't want to answer. Dr. Cornwell orders him to leave her alone, saying she doesn't know anything.
Todd goes on that his wife had been tortured by Asa Buchanan. Todd is furious and demands that the doctor take him to his wife. Dr. Cornwell insists that Asa is family. Todd shouts that he is family, too. The nurse starts to call security but Todd grabs the phone away from her. He pulls a gun on them and orders Dr. Cornwell to tell him where his wife is or he is going to kill him.

Blair is once again trying to get out of the straightjacket, but with no luck. She says to herself that they can't keep her from her babies.

John and Natalie are talking about being locked up together. He informs her that, obviously, he does still care for her, but Natalie asks him not to go there. Natalie tells him to go home to Evangeline, she will probably be glad to see him. John informs her that he doesn't think so.

Evangeline comes out of the bathroom and Michael immediately wants to know how she is. She assures him that she will live and then she tells him to go home. She tells him that all she wants to do is sleep, and if she gets worse she has a phone. Michael agrees to leave, telling her that he had had a call from Marcie. She tells him to go. He gives her instructions to drink plenty of fluids and to take more aspirin. After Michael leaves, Evangeline collapses into a chair.

Dorian sarcastically thanks Vicki for scaring her half to death. Vicki informs her that her problems haven't even started. Dorian starts talking about Blair coming home to her family and not to Vicki's. Vicki asks her if that is all she cares about. Vicki accuses Dorian of stealing a checkbook and forging her signature. Vicki informs Dorian that she did do it, and she was going to make her pay.

Blair is sitting in the corner of her room, sorry that she ever doubted Todd and that she couldn't get to him.

Todd is once again demanding to know where his wife is and says he is not going to be too late this time to save Blair. Dr. Cornwell tries to calm him down and convince him to put the gun down. Dr. Cornwell suggests that they call the police. The nurse dials the number, and Todd talks to Bo. He proceeds to give Bo directions to Wingdale. He also informs Bo that he has a gun on a doctor and a nurse because they wouldn't take him to Blair. Bo is angry with Todd and orders him not to do anything. He leaves his office in a hurry.

Dr. Cornwell wants confirmation that that was the Commissioner and assures Todd that he is not going to violate a patient's rights.

Marcie is trying to call Michael when he appears beside her.

John goes to see Evangeline, but she won't let him come in. She informs him that she is sick and it might be catching. He pleads with her to open the door. When she opens the door he tells her that she looks pretty good to him. She tells him that she has a stomach bug and Michael had been taking care of her. John is glad that Michael was there. Evangeline wants to know where John was at dinner time. John tells her that he had been trapped in one of the evidence rooms with Natalie.

Roxanne comes to the police station to see Natalie, but Natalie won't talk to her. Natalie then gives in and tells Roxie that she placed her and John in a very awkward situation. Roxie asks her for all the sexy details. Natalie insists that what Roxie did was very embarrassing for her. Natalie assures Roxie that she did not kiss John, she is not in love with him, and her heart does not go pitter-pat when she sees him. Natalie goes on to assure her that she is not talking to her anymore. Roxie says to herself that the little lady doth protest too much.

Vicki accuses Dorian of trying to set her up. Dorian insists that she doesn't care about anything except Blair. Vicki assures Dorian that she was the one who forged her signature on the check, and she will go to prison for doing it. Vicki also informs her that she gave the police a statement earlier in the day to that effect. Dorian doesn't quite want to believe it.

Todd is asking the doctor and nurse if Blair received any kind of treatment while she has been there. Todd then asks them if Blair told them that she had been kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a car. Before he can say anything else, a guard hits him in the head.

John assures Evangeline that he was coming to meet her, but then Roxie locked him and Natalie in one of the evidence rooms. Evangeline wants to know what happened. John assures her that nothing happened, they just talked about Christian. John admits that he screwed up, but then when he did call Michael answered the phone. Evangeline tells him that Michael was very helpful. She also tells him that she doesn't feel good about the fact that he was locked in a room with a girl who had always come between them. She confesses that she is not secure about his feelings for her. Before she can say anything else, she has to go to the bathroom again.

Roxie assures Natalie that she needs to be honest with herself concerning her feelings for John. She wants Natalie to admit that she loves John. She also tells her that every time John looks at her he wants to undress her. Roxie tells Natalie that John has the hots for her and nothing is going to change that. Natalie wants to know how she knows that and whether John told her about his feelings. Natalie then demands to know why Roxie is always meddling in her business. Roxie tells her that if she didn't have her head in the sand she wouldn't have to meddle. Natalie informs her that John missed an important date with his girlfriend, and now everything is ruined. Natalie insists that Christian is the love of her life and she is still grieving him. Roxie tells her that she would like to slap some sense into her head. Natalie isn't buying any of this. Roxie offers to tell Bo that she was the one responsible for locking her and John in the evidence room. Natalie assures her that Bo has more important things to worry about than her being locked in the evidence room with John.

Bo comes to Todd's rescue. Bo wants an explanation of what happened. Todd comes to and tells Bo that the doctor knows where Blair is, but he won't tell him. Bo then begins questioning the doctor about where Blair is. Bo shows the doctor a picture of Blair, and then Todd demands that the doctor take him to her.

Blair is on the floor trying to get out of the straightjacket when the nurse comes in. Blair immediately begins begging the nurse to help her get out of there and go to her children.

Marcie is upset over Julie's death.

Evangeline lies down on the couch and asks John  to read Marcie's book to her.

Dorian is furious with Vicki over her accusing her of forging her signature on the checks. Vicki assures Dorian that she has lost the ability to cope. Dorian insists to Vicki that all she cares about is Blair and her safety. Vicki wants to know how Blair will react when she comes home and finds out what Dorian has done.

Todd is, as ever, demanding to know where Blair is. The doctor finally agrees to tell him Blair's room number. They all go to her together.

Marcie is telling Michael that Hudson and Julie died just like characters in her book. She is afraid that there may be a copycat.

Dorian insists that Blair is going to come home. Vicki agrees and tells her that when she does, Dorian is going to lose everything she has, including her family, when she goes to prison.

Todd unlocks the door to Blair's room and finds that the room is empty.

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