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One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/23/05



By Suzanne
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R.J. asks Antonio to meet with him at the Palace.  Antonio is very impatient and suspicious.  R.J. is in a jolly mood and keeps hinting to Antonio that he knows "secrets" that he will use against Antonio in the custody case.  Antonio tells R.J. that his tape of Carlotta will not help him.  R.J. finally spills the beans that he saw Jessica at Xanadu giving lap dances to strangers and bad-mouthing Antonio.  Antonio doesn't believe him.  R.J. takes Antonio outside on the patio and gives him the place's business card; he tells him the bartender's name is Charlie.  R.J. laughs as he walks away.  Antonio phones the place and speaks with Charlie.  Charlie confirms that a blonde woman matching Antonio's description is there right now.

Jessica goes to Xanadu and flirts with the guys, including Charlie the bartender.  She tells him that she will probably want to find a new place to hang out because this one has been too popular with people she knows.  A cute Australian guy comes over and they start flirting.  He and Jessica dance and have drinks.  She makes remarks about her "ex", saying that he is paying for the drinks.  The bartender tells Jess about Antonio calling, so asks the Aussie guy if he's seen the VIP room.  They go there.  When Antonio arrives, Charlie denies that he has seen Jessica.  Antonio shows him a picture, but he claims that he was mixing her up with another regular customer.  Antonio is happy to hear that and leaves.  Jessica and the Aussie guy come out, having made out or whatever.  She suggests that they continue back at his hotel room.  Charley assures Jessica that he told Antonio that he didn't know her.  The Aussie guy introduces himself as Logan, and Jessica says that her name is "Tess".

Lindsay goes to the Palace but sees that R.J. is busy with Antonio, so she goes to wait in the bar.  Rex comes in and demands that she help him with helping Jen get out of trouble.  She doesn't know what's been going on, so he fills her in on about someone trying to frame Jen.

Riley finds some deposit slips with Paul Cramer's name on them.  Jen comes home, so she confronts her about them.  She hasn't seen the slips before and doesn't know how they got into her photo albums.  He believes her because she seems surprised.  She keeps wanting to look at them, but he won't let her because he doesn't want her to put her fingerprints on them.  He wants to call the police about someone planting them, but she stops him.  She isn't sure that is the right thing to do.  Lindsay and Rex arrive.  Lindsay inadvertently lets slip that Jen was out drinking the other night with Rex (when she lied to Riley that she wasn't).  Riley gets really annoyed and wants to discuss it, but Lindsay wants to talk about the more serious trouble that Jen is in.  They all argue and the deposit slips get passed around.  Riley wants Rex to stay out of it, but Rex doesn't want Jen to phone the police about the slips.  Jen is just worried that someone is framing her.  Jen gets Lindsay to leave, promising to call her later, so Lindsay leaves.  Jen then yells at Rex for getting into her business again.  She ends up grabbing the deposit slips away from him, which makes Riley groan because now her prints are on the slips.  Rex gets a phone call from his source about Paul, so he leaves but first asks Jen to promise him that she won't go to the cops.  Jen and Riley argue about her drinking the other night and lying to him about it.  She is sorry but doesn't have a good excuse.  He is very hurt and angry.  He goes to leave but assures her that he will be back.

Lindsay goes back to the Palace and sits down with R.J.  He wants to celebrate because of Antonio, but she is not in the mood.  She talks about Jen and how she hurt her by letting the info slip about her drinking with Rex.  She is in a mood to put herself down, but R.J. doesn't want her to.  R.J. promises to help Jen get out of trouble.  Lindsay stops him and tells him not to make their relationship about anything more than it always has been: they use each other.  He is taken aback by her cynicism.  She says that she knows that R.J. is just hanging out with her because it makes him look better to have a female companion when he is going after custody of Jamie.  She doesn't think she would be good for him or for Jamie because she always screws things up.  They discuss it until finally, R.J. kisses Lindsay to shut her up.  He assures her that he and Jamie are lucky to have her in their lives.  He jokes that she can use him for sex, but she replies that she's not there yet.  Antonio arrives and tells R.J. that he was wrong about Jessica being at Xanadu.  R.J. just laughs at him.  Antonio throws some money down and taunts R.J. that he can buy some more champagne.  After Antonio walks away, Lindsay says to R.J. that she guesses Antonio doesn't know that she saw Jessica at Xanadu, too.  R.J. is gleeful about the way things are turning out because he knows Antonio will learn the truth and it will devastate him.  Antonio phones Jessica to ask her to return his call when she gets it.

Daniel goes to Bo's office, where Bo has a whiteboard on the wall with pictures of all of the suspects and some other info.  Daniel gives Bo a hard time, saying that Jen is the only real suspect and Bo should arrest her now. They argue, as usual.  Nora overhears them and can't believe her ears.  Daniel thinks they should search Jen's place again now that she and Riley are unpacked.  Bo tells him to go ahead and get a search warrant and that he thinks the judge will laugh at Daniel.  Nora takes Daniel outside and yells at him for what he did.  He swears he is getting a lot of pressure from the mayor, but she thinks that he is trying to kowtow to the governor for reasons of ambition, not justice.  Or she wonders if it's for personal reasons (meaning his jealousy over her and Bo).  He claims that it's not either for personal or political reasons.  Daniel is very defensive.  Nora reminds him that he promised to back off of both Jen and Bo.  Daniel promises he will this time.  Later, they are joking around at the Palace as Daniel does some paperwork.  He asks her to sign a paper.  She looks at it and says she can't sign it and can't marry him because she doesn't even know who he is.  He looks shocked.

Meanwhile, Rex visits Bo's office.  He tells Bo that he has a lead on Paul's killer.  He tells Bo that he knows this guy that did some shady work with Paul.  The guy told him that he overheard Paul arguing with someone he was blackmailing named "Ted".  Paul warned Ted that he'd better get paid off, or else.  Bo is not too enthusiastic about Rex's evidence but promises to check it out.  He writes the name "Ted" on the whiteboard.  Meanwhile, Nora jokes to Daniel that she can't marry him because she didn't know his real first name.  She's looking at some sort of paper (marriage license?) and it says that Daniel's real first name is "Theodore".  He admits that it is his father's name and that he is sometimes called "Teddy" or "Teddy Bear".  She thinks it's really cute and teases him about it.  They kiss.

Blair is still in the mental hospital, "Wingdale Institute".  She argues with the nurse and tries to get out the door, but the doctor comes in with a big needle.  Blair pretends to calm down and be cooperative then.  She calmly says that she is Blair Cramer and that her fiancÚ Todd is dead.  She wants to see her children but was put there by Asa Buchanan, who is not her father.  The doctor tells her that they want to help her.  He is glad that she admits that her fiancÚ is dead.  He says it will take time for her to get over this.  She cries about Todd being dead.  They give her some medication and put her in a strait jacket because they are worried about her hurting herself.  After they leave, Blair spits out the pill they gave her and vows that she will get out of there.

Todd points a gun at Asa and threatens to shoot him if he doesn't tell him where Blair is.  Asa tries to deny that he knows where Blair is, but Todd keeps threatening him.  Todd counts down impatient until Asa admits that he has Blair stashed.  They threaten each other some more.  Asa remembers the awful things that Blair and Todd did to him.  They argue and Asa implies that Blair will be damaged by the time Todd finds her.  Todd keeps questioning Asa and pours him a drink.  He turns away slightly, so Asa throws the drink in Todd's face and tries to get the gun away.  They struggle and the gun goes off.  Thankfully, no one was hurt.  Asa laughs that Todd can't even shoot a man right.  There are more threats.  Asa finally spills that Blair is at Wingdale Institute.  Todd says as soon as he finds Blair, he will use Bo and the law to get back at Asa this time.  Asa is shocked because he thought Todd wanted a truce.  Todd vows more revenge and then leaves.  Asa gets on the phone and phone someone, telling them to get his jet ready.  He says he will go to the Caribbean to start with, and he might not return.

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