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One Life to Live Update Monday 3/21/05



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Antonio and Jessica meet at the Palace.  He is still worried about how she got the bruise on her face.  Evangeline comes up and asks them if they've seen John, who was supposed to meet her there.  They haven't seen him.  Evangeline phones to try to find him, with no luck.  Antonio orders champagne and chats with Jessica about how weird it feels to have money now.  He is going to use it to fight R.J., but he tells her that he also wants to use it to help people.  He wants her to help with that idea, and she is all for it.  Michael comes by, looking for Marcie, who was supposed to meet him there.  He lets slip to them about Julie's death.  Antonio thinks it's weird since he ran into Julie in the park last night and she wanted to tell him something.  Jessica is really shaken up by Julie's death because she was so young.  Antonio is very sympathetic.  Jessica remarks that he is acting like the old Antonio now, more hopeful and open.  She points out that this it the man she fell in love with.  Antonio gets a phone call and has to take it outside.  Meanwhile, Jessica changes into her alter and jokes about Antonio.  She chugs all of the champagne on the table and then steals Antonio's credit card number, making insulting comments about how he's boring.  She leaves him a note, saying she had to leave.

John and Natalie are locked in the evidence room together, thanks to Roxy.  Neither of them are happy to be stuck there.  Natalie happens to see the evidence bag of Cristian's personal effects, including his journal.  She gets very upset and talks about how she felt about that.  She gets very emotional.  John has a flashback to Cris begging him not to tell Natalie that he's the real Cristian.  John tries to be sympathetic without giving anything away.  Natalie ends up crying, so he takes her in his arms.  She cries on his shoulder a bit.  He seems about to kiss her when they are interrupted.  A uniformed cop comes in and gets embarrassed that he seems to be interrupting something personal.  They thank him for rescuing them, explaining that they got locked in.  He knows that the door does that and is used to propping it open.  John makes sure Natalie is okay before he leaves.  He gets a phone call.  She watches him leave.

Dorian is visiting Viki when she gets a phone call about the problems with her checking account.  Dorian pretends to be shocked about the incident.  Dorian tells Viki that Adriana wanted her to come over and apologize, to put their feud behind them.  Viki agrees that's a good idea.  Dorian seems about to spill the beans to Viki about the fake check when Viki gets another phone call.  Bo tells Viki that he will fix that problem.  Dorian is incensed that Bo would just take Viki's word that she didn't do anything improper.  She starts insulting Viki again.  Viki doesn't understand why Dorian is so angry, especially when she was about to apologize.  Viki tries to get Dorian to make up after all, but Dorian is too angry.  She insults Viki by saying that if anyone did accuse her of anything illegal, she could just say that one of her alters came out and did the deed, like she did when she murdered her father.  Dorian leaves in a huff while Viki looks very hurt and angry.

Kevin tries to speak with Asa about his lie the other night when he snuck out.  Asa claims he is on his way to another meeting, but Kevin doesn't believe him.  Kevin also accuses Asa of getting a call about Blair's whereabouts, but Asa denies it.  Todd and Starr arrive, so Kevin leaves.  Todd pretends that he believes Asa's story about wanting to help Blair and that he had to prove it to Starr.  They ask Asa if he knows where Blair is, but he insists that he doesn't.  Todd and Starr act like they believe that Asa has turned over a new leaf.  Starr gets Asa's attention while Todd looks through some of his personal effects.  Asa sees Todd doing that and calls him on it.  They cover and pretend to believe Asa.  Starr even asks for a hug, but that's too much for Asa.  Todd lists some of the terrible things he and Blair have done to Asa in the past and mentions that Asa would never miss a chance to get revenge on someone who's wronged him.  He reminds Asa of what he did to Carlo years ago.  Todd and Starr leave; outside, he tells her that their plan worked.  Asa yells at someone on his staff on the phone, for telling Kevin that he didn't have a meeting the other night.  After he hangs up, he is faced with Todd, pointing a gun at him.  Todd demands to know where Blair is and threatens to shoot Asa if he doesn't fess up.

Blair is in a mental institution (looks a little too sparse to be believable, more like a jail cell).  The doctor tells the nurse that Blair has completely lost it and might have to stay there forever.  Blair keeps trying to tell the doctor and the nurse who she is and that Asa is her ex-husband, not her concerned father.  Her tale sounds so outlandish that they don't believe her.  The nurse visits Blair, and she seems very sympathetic when Blair tries to get through to her as one mother to another.  Later, the doctor stops by again and talks to Blair.  He knows about her family's past mental history, thanks to Asa.  Blair is forced to admit that it is true.  Blair accuses him of working for Asa, but that just makes him think that she is paranoid.  Blair gets very upset when they leave her again.  The doctor warns the nurse that she is too emotionally involved.  Blair swears revenge on Asa.  The nurse returns, to Blair asks her to call Dorian for her.  She asks the nurse to remember what she's read in the papers lately about Todd being kept in a cabin by Margaret.  The nurse seems sympathetic.

Evangeline meets with her old professor, Professor Nolan, but John does not arrive as planned.  She is disappointed that John did not show or even call.  Her professor chats with her about how difficult it must be for her and John to have a good personal life when their jobs often put them at opposite sides.  Evangeline drowns her sorrows at the bar.  Michael comes up and says hello.  She complains about John but then says she probably shouldn't say those things to John's brother.  Evangeline doesn't feel well but isn't sure if it's from John or from being sick.  She is a bit dizzy, so Michael feels her forehead.  He can tell she has a fever, so he insists on helping her home.  John is walking in just then but gets a phone call that he has to help out with a hostage situation.  He goes up to Michael and Evangeline, admits he screwed up, promises to explain later, and then leaves (although he does add that she looks pretty).  Later, John phones Evangeline but gets Michael.  Michael is sitting on Evangeline's bed.  She is in the bed, looking groggy.  John wonders why Michael is answering her phone.  Michael jokes that he is in bed with Evangeline.  He says he has stolen John's girlfriend and they are going to have a crazy night in bed together.  Michael and Evangeline have a laugh about that as he hangs up.  John gets very annoyed.

Kevin runs into Kelly and Adriana sitting together.  Kevin tells them about Viki's problems with the bank.  He wonders if Dorian is behind it, but Adriana says that she doesn't think Dorian did it.  She explains that Dorian is supposed to be over at Viki's right now, apologizing.  Later, Kelly and Kevin drop by to see Viki.  Kevin tells Viki that the bank has the check with her signature on it, so he wonders where that came from.  Viki is sure that she didn't write it.  Kelly and Kevin both think that Dorian might have been the one to have forged it.  Viki explains to them about Dorian's earlier visit.  She is incensed at Dorian and says that she is not going to take this from her.

Dorian walks into her kitchen at home, on the phone and with an armload of groceries.  She talks to David about how they are going to take care of Viki. Adriana overhears her and is very angry that Dorian did not make up with Viki as she promised.  Dorian goes on and on at length about how the Buchanans are hurting her family and she has to protect them.  She mentions that she has made sacrifices over the years in order to protect them.  Adriana gets very angry and points out that Dorian was not helping her when she dumped her with strangers and didn't tell her who she really was.

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