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John is telling a police officer that he wants any information he can obtain on Julieís contacts in Lanview: her teachers, her friends, any boyfriends, he wants anything he can find. The officer is puzzled and asks John, "All this because of an accident?" John tells him that this wasnít just an accident, this was a homicide.

Natalie is still upset with Roxanne. She is accusing Roxanne of having told John that she freaked out when she saw Evangeline trying on wedding dresses. Roxanne asks, "Well, didnít you?" Natalie goes on to tell her that that wasnít the point. Natalie is upset and she tells Roxanne that telling John that made her look as if she were interested. Roxanne then asks her, "Well, arenít you?" Natalie asks Roxanne to do her a favor and not to talk to John anymore about her, and better yet donít even talk to John at all. Roxanne just smiles. Natalie goes on to inform her that she doesnít know how she is going to face John. Roxanne tells her she had better figure it out pretty soon as she looks over Natalieís shoulder. Natalie looks around and sees John standing right behind her, talking to the police officer. John and Natalie just look at each other.


Evangeline and Nora come into Rodiís and are both relieved that the shopping spree is over. Evangeline tells her that the wedding dress they picked out is beautiful. Evangeline is frantic that they have so much to do still, like picking out the wedding location, the flowers, the caterers, the invitations.... She exclaims to Nora, "How are we going to get all that done in just two weeks?" Nora tells her that maybe they donít have to and suggests that maybe they are rushing this. Evangeline asks her if she is having second thoughts. Nora insists that she loves Daniel, but she confesses to Evangeline that she doesnít know Daniel very well. She also wonders if she is making a terrible mistake.

Jen and Rileyís apartment

A man is in their apartment planting incriminating evidence against Jen inside of a picture album. When they show his face it is Daniel Colson. Daniel tells himself that Riley will have to understand that Jen has to take the fall for him. Outside of the apartment, Riley and Jennifer are walking up to the door. They are talking and wondering what happened to Julie, she had been so happy. Jennifer says to him that there is a dark cloud hanging over them that wonít go away.

In Dorianís kitchen

Dorian is busy polishing the silverware. David comes in and says that, for someone who doesnít know how to boil water, she sure is spending an awful lot of time in the kitchen. He also informs her that that is the third time in the past two days that she has polished the silver. Dorian insists to him that she just canít sit around not doing anything. She also insists that she canít sit around waiting for them to find Blair, waiting for Todd to drop off the face of the earth and also waiting for Vicki to get what she deserves. Adriana, hearing what Dorian has just said, comes into the kitchen to ask, "And just what is that, Mother?" Dorian insists to Adriana that she and David were just talking. Adriana rebukes it and informs her mother that, no, they were not. Adriana explains to her that she is treating her like she was twelve years old and insists that she is planning something against Vicki, and she would like to know what it is. Dorian just smiles and doesnít give her an answer.

Toddís living room at the penthouse

Todd is loading a gun. Vicki comes in and informs him that Jack is finally asleep. Todd is relieved and tells her that Jack has had a hard time sleeping at home. Starr then wants to know what he is going to do about it. Todd informs her that they are going to stay right there and let the police handle it. Starr sarcastically asks him, "Since when do you trust the police?" Todd, trying to ease her mind, tells her that the police have more research tools than they do, and they will just have to trust the police to find Blair. Starr is upset and leaves the room. Vicki, not buying what Todd has just said, wants to know why Todd isnít out looking for Blair.

In a padded room, Blair is waking up and doesnít know where she is. She asks, "What is this place?"

Rodiís Bar

Evangeline wants to know where all this is coming from. Nora insists again that she does love Daniel, but she asks, "How do you really know someone until you have lived with him and gotten to know all his little habits that you hadnít really noticed before?" Evangeline wants to know if Nora is talking about Daniel getting to know her or Nora getting to know Daniel. Nora insists that Daniel doesnít really know her and that she had been trying to put her best foot forward. Nora wonders what will happen if she screws it up with Daniel the same way that she screwed it up with Bo.

The Police Station

Roxanne is talking to John, and he asks her if she runs the Love Shack. Roxanne admits that she does. He then asks her if she knew Julie Tanaka. Roxanne is sympathetic and says, "Poor kid." John wants to know if she had any enemies.

Boís office

Bo is still questioning Rex. He tells Rex to shut up and listen. Bo then goes over the facts of the case with him. Bo confirms that someone had sent the letter to him, that he had had him hide the weapon because they knew that he would protect Jennifer Rappaport. Rex starts to say something but then hushes. He also confirms that whoever had this done had a lot of money. Bo tells Rex that he wants him to come up with a list of anyone who fits that description. Rex asks if they can just forget about what he's done once he cooperates. Bo insists that he just get the list. Rex informs him that he can do better than that; he already has a line on someone who might have been involved in Paulís death. Bo then insists that he bring all the information back to him.

John has cornered Natalie in the squad room and asks her what is going on. She tries to leave, but he steps in front of her. John tells her that he gets the feeling she has been trying to avoid him. Natalie and John just look at each other.

Bo is looking at pictures of R.J., Lindsey and Rex. He is wondering where his missing information is.

Jen and Rileyís apartment

When Daniel hears Jen and Riley coming in the door, he quickly goes to hide. Jen is feeling guilty that she is so worried about her own problems when there are more things happening that are worse. Riley assures her that facing a murder rap is nothing petty. Riley reassures her that he is glad she has been cleared of the printer mix-up. Riley promises her they are going to find whoever killed Paul. Daniel is listening to every word they are saying. Jennifer tells Riley that she doesnít want to think about that now, and she heads off for the shower. Riley joins her. They both pass by Daniel without seeing him. Daniel makes his escape.

Dorianís kitchen

Adriana is still insisting that she wants to know what Dorian has against Vicki. Dorian tries to blow her off by telling her that Vicki is the bane of her existence. Adriana accuses her of patronizing her. Dorian denies doing this. David butts in and agrees with Adriana. Dorian insists to Adriana that Vicki is the one responsible for hurting her and her entire family. Adriana wants to know what Vicki has done to her. Dorian proceeds to tell her that Vicki had gotten her fired from her job at the hospital, and, most of all, she was the one who had talked Blair into going back to Todd. She insists to Adriana that she can sympathize with Vicki if she wants to, but she is going to make her pay for what she has done to her and her family. Adriana then asks her if anything that Vicki had done was so unforgivable as what she had done by denying her daughter and making her believe that she was an orphan. Was anything so unforgivable as what she had done to her?

Todd is talking to Vicki and is informing her that when he was in that cabin he told himself that when he got home he was going to do things differently. Vicki replies that that is a nice vision, but she doesnít buy it. Vicki again insists that Blair is out there, and she needs to be found. Todd tells her that, as much as he hates to admit it, he canít find her. Starr is listening to every word that is being said, but she doesnít believe him.

Blair is pounding on the door for someone to come to help her. She grows frustrated and sits down on the bed. She is surprised when the door opens and a nurse comes in. The nurse apologizes to Blair for not being there when she woke up. She assumes Blair must be terrified. Blair begs her to tell her that she is not in the place that Asa Buchanan had her put in. The nurse looks startled and denies knowing about it. The nurse, trying to soothe her, assures her that she will find her some new clothes. Blair insists that she doesnít want any new clothes, she just wants out of there. The nurse tries to get her to lie down and says the doctor will be in soon. Blair again insists that she needs to get home. The nurse assures her that Wingdale is her home now. Blair wants to know what Wingdale is. The nurse informs her that Wingdale is a place for the emotionally disturbed. Blair realizes then that Asa has placed her in a mental institution.

Natalie assures John that she is feeling embarrassed by the fact that Roxanne had thrown him a surprise birthday party and then laid it on her. John tells her that he knows she wasnít the one who planned the party. Natalie then offers her congratulations. John wants to know what that is for. She asks him if they have set a date, but John doesnít follow her. Natalie then fills him in about how he was standing right there when Roxanne told him they had seen Evangeline trying on wedding dresses. John, curiously, wants to know where she heard that. He assures her that he is not getting married. Natalie is relieved at the news. A police officer comes up and gives John a list of Julie Tanakaís classes, and also tells him that a list of her classmates is there. John gets up from sitting on the edge of the desk and starts to walk away. He looks back over his shoulder and asks Natalie if they are all right. Natalie assures him that they are.

Rex tells Roxanne that he is surprised by the way she is looking after Natalie. Rex says that it is almost maternal. Roxanne assures him that Vicki has a lot going on right now, and she is just looking after Natalie. She goes on to tell him that her money is on Johnny McBain. Rex tries to convince Roxanne to leave the situation alone. Roxanne looks around the room and sees Evangeline and Nora talking at a table a short distance away. Roxanne assures Rex that it would be better if Evangeline werenít around.

Evangeline tries to console Nora, saying that she is not doomed to repeat the past. Nora tries to convince Evangeline that Daniel is nothing like Bo. She assures Evangeline that a lie, no matter what the situation, is disastrous. She goes on to tell Evangeline that Daniel always tells her the truth. Evangeline tells her that she is coming down with a severe case of cold feet. Nora tells her that she canít believe she is marrying Daniel Colson, he was such a jerk when she first met him. Roxanne moves from a seat at the bar to a seat right behind Evangeline. She is informing Nora that she and John had started off in that basement, and she smiles when she tells her that they were lovers, and now she is in love with him.

Rex joins Roxanne at the table, but she makes up the excuse that she needs to be maternal and leaves the bar. On her way out, she passes Daniel Colson. Nora spies Daniel from across the room. She leaves the table to go hug and kiss him.
Evangeline finishes her drink and tells Nora that she has a few things to take care of. Nora agrees about the flowers, the invitations, etc. Daniel assures her that he wants her to be his wife as soon as possible as he hugs her tightly. Nora wants to know where he has been, and he tells her that he has been working. Nora rebukes his response. She tells him that she had called his office and he wasnít there.

Riley apologizes to Jen for trying to destroy evidence that could have been used against her. He tells her that deep down inside he knew she was innocent. They kiss. She tells him that she is not completely innocent as she begins to unbutton his shirt.

Bo joins Todd in the sunroom at Vickiís house. Todd wants to know if there is any news. Bo tells him there isnít. Starr comes in and wants to know what kind of police department he is running. She is upset when she tells him that Margaret is still out there and they havenít found her mom.  Todd tries to calm her down, but she demands to know what has gotten into him. Starr leaves the room and Vicki follows her. Todd asks Bo if there is any information on Asaís hotline. Bo informs him that the only reason his pa "had done what he done" was to get back into the good graces of the family, he didnít really want to find Blair. Todd wants to know why he is telling him that. Bo assures him that his pa is "a grumpy old man who wants to make her pay for what she done to him."  They both agree that Asa wants Todd to go after him. Todd tells him that he has nothing to fear from him.

Blair canít believe that Asa had her put in a place like this. The nurse mentions a doctor, and Blair insists that she doesnít need one. The doctor comes in and the nurse introduces him to Blair. Blair tries to explain the circumstances to the doctor and asks him if he can help her. The doctor assures her that he believes he can.

The doctor assures Blair that she will get the best treatment possible. He also tells her that her father has taken care of everything. Blair tells him that her father is dead. The doctor explains that this young woman was in a disastrous love situation and she blamed her father for it.  Blair again tries to tell the doctor that she has no father. The old man he is referring to is her ex-husband, who had drugged her and brought her here. The doctor assures her that her father told him her happy family didnít exist. Blair tries to escape, but the doctor catches her before she can.

Bo informs Todd that he isnít buying the kinder, gentler Todd. Todd tells him that he doesnít care what he thinks. He demands that Bo go out there and try to find his wife. Bo leaves and he passes Starr on his way out. Todd sees Starr standing outside the door and tells her that she doesnít listen very well. Starr demands to know what is wrong with him. She accuses him of just sitting there and not doing anything because he just doesnít care. He asks her if she has ever known him to just sit down and do nothing. Starr is relieved by what this, and she tells him that she knew he was just pretending. She then wants to know what he is going to do.

Bo wants to know how Vicki is doing. She tells him that she is just fine, adding that it is hard on everyone that Blair is missing.

Dorian confesses to Adriana that she doesnít know what to tell her. They sit down at the table, and David brings them something to drink. Dorian tells her that she thought she understood why she had had to give her up. Dorian tries to explain to her that her father, Manuel Santi, was a very volatile man, and that it would have been dangerous for her to be brought up in his home. Adriana then wonders why she hadnít thought of some way to take her with her. Adriana tells her that she has forgiven her for what she did to her, so why canít Dorian forgive Vicki for whatever she did to her. Adriana leaves the kitchen. Dorian struggles to fight back the tears. David asks if she is all right, and she tells him that she feels as though Adriana had stabbed her in her heart. David tries to console her and tells her that this war has to come to an end. Dorian tells him that she though he supported her in bringing Vicki down. David tells her that no matter what she does, it will not make her happy.

Riley is standing looking out the window, and then he sits down on the table and picks up the photograph album.

David asks Nora if she can keep a secret, and he leads her to believe that he was playing hooky with some friends of his. She starts to leave, but he grabs her around the waist and tells her that he loves her. She tells him that she loves him too. He assures her that whatever he is doing is for them.

Jen arrives at the bar where Rex is. Rex wants to know if she is giving Riley some space. She tells him that he wouldnít understand.

Bo has put up all the pictures of the suspects on the wall. John comes in to join in. Bo starts going on and on about how he is losing his mind. He isnít any closer to finding Paulís killer or finding Blair. Bo asks John whatís up. John mentions Julie Tanaka. John tells Bo that he thinks Julie was murdered. Bo assures him that when he finds the motive, he will find the murderer.

John leaves Boís office and runs into Evangeline. He wants to know what she is doing there, and she tells him that Daniel and Nora have moved up their wedding date. Evangeline tells him she is the maid of honor and has helped Nora pick out her wedding dress. John mumbles to himself, "So that explains it." Evangeline wants to know what he is talking about, and he makes up some excuse about how that would be the reason why she would be flying around town. She also invites him to dinner with her that night, because a man is going to be in town who is like a father to her. John agrees to the dinner and Evangeline leaves. Roxanne comes bursting into the squad room and tells John that she has remembered a vital piece of information about Julie. John immediately wants to know what the information is. Roxanne informs him that she had this thing about food. He tells her that he doesnít know if that really matters, but if she remembers anything else to let him know. A police officer walks up and John wants to know where the tire is that came off of Julieís car. John leaves her standing there. Natalie comes in and wonders what she is doing there. Roxanne tells her that she had better be glad she was there, because Bo wants Natalie to meet him in Squad Room 6. Natalie immediately goes to meet him.

Roxanne locks Natalie and John up together. Natalie knocks on the door but then realizes that she is locked in.

Bo wants to know where Natalie is. Nora and Daniel assure him they donít know. Danielís phone rings and he goes to answer it. Nora tells Bo that he looks awful. Bo tells her thanks, it's good he can count on his ex to make him feel better. Bo tells Nora that he just keeps going around and around on this Paul Cramer murder. He goes into his office and looks at the suspects. He says to himself, "Find the motive, then you will find the murderer." Daniel leaves the police station.

Jennifer wants to know what Rex wants from her, besides the obvious. Rex tells her that he is meeting a guy who might supply information about Paulís murder that will get her off the hook.

At the apartment, Riley has found the information in the photo album that Daniel planted there.

Vicki joins Todd and Starr in the sun room; she is wondering what they are up to. Todd explains to her that he has told Starr she is going to have to be more trusting of people. Todd tells her that he is going to the apartment, and Starr says she is going with him. They leave the sun room. Dorian comes in and starts off, complaining that every minute Todd is there walking around, Blair is out there missing. Vicki cuts her off and asks her if she has come there just to argue. Dorian assures her that she has come there to talk to her. The phone rings and Vicki goes to answer it. The caller tells her some disturbing news. When Vicki hangs up, Dorian wants to know what is going on. Vicki tells her that that was the chairman of the board, and she is being investigated for misappropriation of funds. Dorian looks as though she doesnít know a thing.

Starr tells Todd that they are finding her mother together.

Blair is arguing with the doctor and telling him to leave her alone. The nurse enters the room and Blair wants to know how long she will have to stay there. The doctor tells her that it depends on her treatments. After they leave, the doctor confides to the nurse that he doubts she will ever leave there.

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