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The scene of Julieís accident:

John is looking over the skid marks and tells Officer Vince to get the crime scene investigators down there, he wants pictures of the scene blown up and enhanced. Vince is a bit confused as to why John would request all of this for an accident. He thinks it is pretty clear that the girl was drunk and lost control of her car. John thinks it may be more than an accident. As Vince goes off to get some traffic cones to block off the lane, John calls Michael. He asks him to get a tox report from the coroner on Julieís case. Michael is confused as to why John doesnít just call the coroner himself. John explains that he wants to keep this quiet for now. Michael learns that Julieís parents have been told and is concerned that Marcie will hear about the accident on the news. John tells him that the newspapers havenít gotten a hold of the news yet. Michael agrees to meet John at his office with the autopsy results. Vince returns with the cones and John shows him something he has collected in an evidence bag. Vince canít make out what it is. John tells him that it is pieces of the tire. The problem is that he found these pieces of the tire way behind where the skid marks are. He thinks this proves there was a blow-out and wants to know what caused it.

Ultra Violet:

Natalie comes in and quickly grabs Rex away from Roxy, saying she needs to talk to him. She wants to know when he is going to return the papers that he took from Boís desk. Rex promises that he will put them back soon. Natalie reminds him that she could lose her job if Bo finds out she covered for him. Roxy canít stand being left out of the conversation and butts in, wanting to know what Rex has done now. Nat tells her to stay out of it. Roxy tells her that Rex is only trying to help her and Natalie nab John McBain. Natalie isnít pleased to hear this and reminds them both that John is now with Evangeline, and she and John are just friends. She doesnít want to be with John and is frustrated that Rex and Roxy canít get that through their thick skulls. Roxy tells her that is because she isnít telling them the truth. Everyone thinks that Nat and John belong together. Rex confirms this. Natalie gives up and pushes Rex away from Roxy again, trying to get an answer out of him about when he is going to return the papers. He tells her that he will have to break into Boís office again to return them. Natalie offers to put the papers back herself, but Rex doesnít want to get her more involved than she already is. Roxy interrupts again, telling them that she is bored trying to eavesdrop, she wants to know what they are whispering about. Nat tells her not to worry about it. She also informs Roxy that she wants her to tell John that it was Roxy and not Natalie who planned Johnís birthday party. Roxy tells her that she will tell John, but Natalie has to do something for her first.

Police Station:

In Boís office, he shows Evangeline, Nora and Daniel proof that the letter that was in Jenís printer couldnít possibly have been printed on her printer. Evangeline is very happy to hear that they will not be charging Jen at this time. She quickly excuses herself so she can go and tell Jen. Daniel is obviously frustrated that Bo is going to let Jen walk. The two exchange words again before Daniel storms out of the office. Nora starts to go after him, but Bo stops her. He wants to talk to her for a minute privately. After Bo closes the door, he tries to get Nora to tell him her true feelings on this case. Nora is obviously not comfortable going against her fiancť's thoughts. She tells Bo that Daniel is just frustrated and only wants the same thing that Bo wants: for the case to be solved and the murderer prosecuted. Bo gets her to agree with him that the two of them have always respected each other professionally, no matter how much personal stuff they have been through. He asks Nora to step back and look at Daniel, not as the man she is engaged to, but as her boss. Nora agrees to try to get Daniel to back off and just let Bo do his job. Bo thanks her as she leaves the office. Daniel is in the squad room on the phone with someone when Nora comes out of Boís office. He is very happy to tell her that he has gotten the political appointment he wanted. Nora is thrilled for him. She knows this is what he has wanted for a long time. Bo comes out of his office just in time to hear Daniel excitedly telling Nora that he wants to move the wedding date up. He will be taking his new position in a month, and he wants her to be his wife when he does. Bo walks back into his office and shuts the door. Nora balks at this at first and tries to calm Daniel down. He softens her up when he tells her that he has been waiting all of his life to marry her and he doesnít want to wait any longer. Rex starts to come into the room to return the papers when he sees Nora and Daniel. He quickly ducks back out of the room without anyone seeing him. Nora finally agrees to marry Daniel in two weeks. Once Daniel gets her to say okay he starts to head out, saying he has to be in court. Nora stops him and asks him to back off the Cramer case and let Bo do his job. Daniel reluctantly agrees before he leaves. Nora wonders what she has gotten herself into before also leaving. Bo sits at his desk and goes over the list of suspects again. R.J. and Kevin are shown as two suspects who have not been cleared yet.

Michael comes to Johnís office with the autopsy results that John had asked for. He confirms that Julie wasnít on drugs and only had enough alcohol in her system to show that she maybe had one glass of wine over the course of an hour. John thanks Michael for the information as the two move the conversation to their private lives. Michael tells John that he is worried about how Marcie is going to take this news. John inquires as to how the two of them are doing. Michael tells him that they are doing the Ďfriendí thing but admits that he doesnít quite know what that means. Michael shows an amused John a few pictures that he took on his phone of the birthday party before taking off to find Marcie. John calls the lab and makes it clear that he is anxious to see the enhanced photos of the crime scene. As he is looking through his drawer he finds a napkin that Evangeline wrote ĎI love youí on. Once the photos arrive John gets busy going over them very carefully. He calls Vince in and reminds him that he needs the report on the condition of the tires today. Bo pays John a visit and admits to him that he is totally stumped on the Cramer case. They discuss the case a bit, with Bo deciding that he just needs to step back and start over. He needs to look at the whole thing from a different point of view.

As Bo heads back to his office, he catches Rex returning the papers to the file. Bo asks him what he is doing with police property and escorts Rex into his office. Rex tells Bo that Natalie had no idea he had the papers. He admits that they didnít help him because it was all old news. Bo threatens him with charges but says he could overlook them if Rex will help him out. He wants to know who knew about the letter that Rex got besides the police. Rex tells him no one. Bo wonders who knew that Rex needed money back then and also knew how he felt about Jen. Rex doesnít know. Bo tells him to think long and hard about it.

Riley and Jenís new place:

Marcie arrives with flowers in hand to see the new place. Jen quickly fills her in on what has been going on with the printer. Marcie sobers them all up when she points out that if someone was using Jenís printer, it must be someone they all know. Evangeline arrives to give Jen the good news about the printer. They are all pleased to hear this. Evangeline admits that it does look like someone is trying to frame Jen. She asks if any of them have any idea who it could be. Riley immediately thinks it is Rex. Jen and Marcie both tell him that he is wrong, Rex wouldnít set Jen up. Riley thinks that he would, just so he could come in and rescue her at the last minute.


Marcie, Riley and Jen come in to have a bite to eat. They run into Daniel, who has stopped to get something to go. He congratulates Jen on the news that she has been cleared as a suspect. He tells them also of his new wedding date. Riley is a bit surprised that it is going to happen so soon but is happy for his father. Daniel tells them that he hopes the two of them can get back to a normal life now and be happy before he takes off. As the three of them talk about how nice it is for Jen to be cleared, Michael comes in and gives them the bad news about Julie. Marcie is devastated as she realizes that Julieís accident coming on the heels of Hudsonís accident is following her book. She tries to tell Michael this, but Michael just thinks she is upset that Julie has died. He promises Marcie that he will be there for her no matter what she needs.

Silver Moon:

Nora is nervously looking at the collection of wedding dresses when Evangeline rushes in and asks if she heard the message on her phone correctly. Nora confirms that she is getting married in two weeks. She has called Evangeline to meet her here because she wants her maid of honor to help her pick out her wedding dress. Evangeline is thrilled for her friend and gladly accepts the offer to be the maid of honor. Nora runs off to try on one of the dresses that the staff has put in the changing room for her. Evangeline goes through some of the dresses still hanging on the racks. Outside, Roxy and Natalie arrive with Roxy explaining to Natalie that she wants to take her shopping to find some more sexy clothes for her to wear to work, so she can catch Johnís attention. When they enter the boutique, they see Evangeline picking out one dress that she thinks is perfect. Evangeline turns to see them and says hello. Natalie is obviously uncomfortable and rushes out, telling Roxy that she has to get back to work. Nora comes out in one of the dresses. She heard Roxyís voice and wonders where she is. Evangeline tells her that Natalie and Roxy rushed in and then rushed right back out. Nora asks how Evangeline feels about Natalie working so close with John. Evangeline tells her that she isnít worried about it. She thinks she and John are getting close enough that it doesnít matter. The two turn the conversation back to the dresses and both return to the dressing room to find the perfect dress. Once the dress is picked out and the purchase is made, they stop outside the boutique to chat a bit. Evangeline admits to Nora that she doesnít understand how she is so excited, since she would be scared to death. Nora admits that she is scared, but she is also sure that Daniel is the one she should be with. Evangeline tells her friend that she knows John has something to work out, and she canít even think about marriage until he does just that.


Kelly finds Kevin at the gravesite of their son. She asks if he told Todd about Asa. He tells her that he did, and he knows that if anyone can get something out of Asa, it will be Todd. Kelly thinks that Blair is worried about her children. Kevin is sure that Blair will come home soon. Kelly wonders if their own son knew that they loved him. Kevin knows that he did. Kelly tells him that she stopped by Paulís grave and noticed that it has not been taken care of. She feels bad that she canít bring herself to grieve for him even though he was her brother. Kevin tells her it is understandable after all that Paul did to them. Kelly tries to take some of the blame off of Paul, since he only did what she begged him to do. Kevin excuses that because she was out of her head with grief over losing her baby. When Kelly mentions that she wishes they would find out who killed her brother, Kevin tells her that the police will never figure it out. Kelly wonders why he would say that. Kevin explains that they have already arrested half the town for the murder and still canít figure it out. Kelly gets a bit suspicious as she remembers all that was going on around the time Paul was killed. Kevin is shocked when Kelly asks if he was the one to kill her brother. He wonders how they went from knowing each other so well that they could complete each others sentences to knowing each other so little that Kelly could actually think he could be a murderer. Kelly thinks that maybe they never really knew each other at all. She explains that she thinks maybe they were just playing roles when they were married. She was playing the role of a good and dedicated wife, he was playing the role of a politician. Kevin thinks maybe she is right. He holds out his hand and introduces himself as Kevin Buchanan. Kelly plays along and introduces herself as Kelly Cramer. She tells him that she would like to get to know him better as the two shake hands.

Police Station:

John sits at the desk in the squad room going over some files. Natalie literally drags Roxy into the room so she can tell John about the party. Roxy admits to John that she is the one who planned the party, not Natalie. She tells him she did it so she could get him and Natalie closer. John tells her that he and Natalie are just friends, and they are both comfortable with that. Roxy lets it drop that Natalie was shocked to see Evangeline looking at wedding dresses. Natalie shoves her away as Vince shows up, with perfect timing, to hand John the report on the condition of the tires on Julieís car. John looks at the report and realizes that it proves his theory: the front passenger tire had a bullet in it. Julie was murdered.

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