OLTL Update Wednesday 3/16/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/16/05



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Antonio questions Jessica about how she got the bruise.  She tells him she can't remember; she just woke up with it.  They consider all the possibilities.  She wonders if she has been sleepwalking again, but thinks she would have awakened if she injured herself.  Jessica is very frightened and worried about her memory lapses.  He gets her some ice and asks her to remember what happened the previous night.  She only remembers going to bed after he left, but then she thinks she was in the park.  She doesn't know how she could have gotten there because it's not close by.  Antonio strongly suggests that she see a doctor, so she makes an appointment.  Viki visits to check in on how Jess is doing.  Antonio learns that Jessica lied to Viki about how she got the bruise.  Jessica confides that she doesn't want to put any undue stress on Viki's heart.

IN her office, Evangeline phones John to thank him for helping her out on the boxing at the gym.  She leaves a message on his machine that is very sweet.  Riley and Jen show up in her office.  Riley tells her that the police are trying to pin Paul Cramer's murder on Jen, so they need Evangeline's help.  Evangeline questions them about what evidence the police have and what has happened.  Riley and Jen tell her about the motive, the physical evidence, the warrant, the printer, and also mention that many people lived at the Love House where the printer was stored.  Riley points out that Rex was one of them, so he and Jen briefly argue about that.  Evangeline asks Jen to promise to tell her the truth about everything, so Jen does.  She promises that she is innocent of the charges, although Evangeline doesn't care as much about that as she does that Jen not give her any surprises.  Jen promises she won't.  Evangeline agrees to take the case and tells them that she has to go speak with Bo and Daniel about the case.   They all leave her office.   Jen realizes that someone wants to see her convicted of Paul's murder.  Later, Jen and Riley are at Rodi's.  She is very upset about someone wanting to frame her, and Riley can't console her.  They hug.

Nora chats with a cop named Eddie at the LPD, outside of Bo's office.  She goes in to Bo's office but finds Daniel there, snooping through Bo's desk.  She is shocked.  Daniel claims that he was just looking for a pen so he could leave Bo a note.  He borrows Nora's pen and writes the note, then shows it to her.  He apologizes to Bo for how he acted yesterday and states that they're both on the same side.  Nora is touched by his gesture.  They discuss again whether there is a case against Jen and how it will affect Riley.  Bo comes in, so Nora hands him Daniel's note.  Bo agrees and has a very upbeat attitude about the case.  He tells them that he thinks Jen is innocent and being framed.  Bo tells Daniel and Nora mysteriously that he has an experiment that will prove this.  Bo has Jen's printer, which has already been processed by the crime lab, attached to his computer.  He types something and then waits for it to print.  Meanwhile, Evangeline drops by.  Bo lets her know that they are in the middle of something but grants her a few minutes to speak with them.  Evangeline informs them that she is Jen's lawyer.  Nora is pleased to hear that.  Evangeline argues with Daniel for a minute about whether she will be able to get the printer excluded as evidence.  Bo's letter has printed.  It is a copy of the one Rex received.  He compares the two of them and proves that they are different, so they did not come from the same printer.

Todd's private eye is just about to tell Todd the evidence he found when Viki arrives in Todd's office.  The PI shows them that he found Blair's engagement ring.  He says that he found it at a nearby pawn shop, and he hands Todd the shop's card.  Todd grabs it and wants to head over there now, but Viki refuses to let him go.  She thinks Todd should phone the police.  The PI tells them that the ring was probably stolen, according to the pawn shop.  Viki says that if Todd goes, she'll go, and she'll phone Bo.  They go to the pawn shop, where Todd threatens the owner to give him information.  The man only tells them that a junkie sold it to him for $200.  Todd is frustrated when he can't find out anything else.  Viki stops him from threatening the owner further.  They discuss whether Margaret might have stolen the ring or where she might be now, then they argue some more. 

At home, Kevin phones someone that works for Asa to make sure that he had no board meeting on the previous night.  He and Kelly discuss why Asa would lie and what he is up to.  Kevin remembers that Asa got a call about Blair right before he left.  They deduce that Asa found a lead to Blair.  Kevin decides that the only way to get answers from Asa would be to sick Todd on him.

Viki is at home when Kelly drops by to ask if there's any news on Blair.  Viki fills her in on the visit to the pawn shop.  Kelly lets slip that maybe someone they know has Blair, which stuns Viki.  Kelly covers.  Viki tells Kelly how terrible Todd is doing because of Blair's disappearance.  Kelly worries about Viki's heart with all the stress.  Viki says that she is hopeful.  Kevin phones, looking for Todd, so Viki gets suspicious.  Kelly will only tell her that Kevin might have a lead on Blair.

Later, we see Todd alone in his office, phoning around to find the junkie.  Kevin drops by to tell Todd that he has some information that might be about Blair.  Todd is impatient as usual.  Kevin fills Todd in on Asa's lies.

Blair is in restraints at the hospital.  Asa comes in, so she starts questioning him about where Todd and her children are.  Asa is very stoic and doesn't tell her much, so she worries that Todd really is dead like Margaret told her.  She asks him to let her call Dorian, but he tells her that he won't.  He declares that it is payback time.  Blair can't believe that she is Asa's prisoner.  He tells Blair that it's been weeks since she went missing and that everyone has given her up for dead.  She doesn't believe Dorian would do that.  The doctor arrives, so Blair tries to get him on her side.  He lets her know that he is working for Asa.  Blair pleads with the doctor and offers to bribe him with much more than what Asa is paying him, but he ignores her.  Asa tells Blair that this is his own privately-funded institution. She begs Asa to let her go.  He tells her that she must apologize for every rotten thing she's ever done to him, and he adds that it must be a sincere apology.  Blair musters the strength to apologize and then she begs him some more.  Asa says that he has to think about it, then he leaves.  Blair cries and screams after him.  A nurse comes in to take some vital signs, so Blair works on her.  She asks for help, but the nurse completely ignores her.  Asa returns to tell Blair he's thought about it.  He doesn't think she's suffered enough.  She begs him some more and says she will do whatever he wants.  Asa gleefully calls the nurse in to give Blair her "medication".  Blair protests as she slips under again, while Asa smiles.

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