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One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/15/05



By Suzanne
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Evangeline arrives late at the gym, where she is supposed to meet John.  She wants him to show her how to box the heavy bag.  He is not in a very good mood and not chatty (even for him).  She worries that she fell asleep on him last night and asks if he's upset, but he assures her that he's not.  She asks him to stop lifting weights and talk to her, but he wants to finish his last set first.  He tells her that he just had a bad morning.  A little later, she asks him about it.  He says there were some screwups at the LPD but doesn't elaborate.  They both agree that last night was great.  She realizes that she should just get out of his way because he's not being communicative.  He says she doesn't have to do that, but she takes a rain check on the bag.  He promises to call her later.  John punches the bag.  She helps Antonio with his boxing gloves.  She notes that the tough guys take out their problems on the bag rather than talking.  She starts to talk to him about his custody case, but he tells her that if he wants to win against R.J., he has to fight dirty like he does.  She isn't sure what he means, so he tells her about R.J. taping Carlotta.  He wants to be prepared for anything.  She assures him that R.J. can't use the tape in court and that they will win custody of Jamie.  She gets out her own boxing gloves and decides to hit the bag anyway.  At first, she punches kind of daintily, but then she gets into it.  She wails on the bag as John watches.  He helps her to do it better.  She tells him that it felt very good.  He admits that he is working on his problem of shutting her out.  She admits that she needs to learn not to push.  He confides that Julie was killed in a car accident.  He mentions that she is the second  young person whose parents he had to tell about their death in the past few weeks.  She sympathizes about how terrible that is.  They both agree that hitting the bag helps.  They flirt and joke around; he says she looks sexy hitting the bag.

Blair wakes up in the hospital, saying Todd's name.  She looks around at the room and wonders where she is.

Jessica is awakened by a phone call from Antonio. He tells her that he tried to see her last night but was told she wasn't seeing anyone.  She says groggily that she was just tired.  Antonio says that he just wanted to check in on her and thanks her for dinner last night.  She looks confused and gets even more so when she sees the bruise on her face in the mirror.  Viki calls for her, so she quickly hangs up with Antonio and tries to hide the bruise with makeup and hair.  Viki is suspicious when Jess won't look at her, so she brushes her hair back and sees the bruise.  She wonders what happened.  Jess gives her a lame excuse about how she hit the door in the middle of the night when she woke up.  Viki doesn't look like she buys it, but she keeps mum.  Antonio phones again and asks if Jessica's okay.  She snaps at him that everyone is asking her that.  He wants to stop by, but she hurriedly tells him that it's not a good day today, and then she hangs up.  She takes a shower, and when she comes out, Antonio is waiting for her.  She is angry.  He explains that he just wanted to make sure she is okay.  He sees the bruise and demands to know what happened and who did that to her.

Dorian tries to make pancakes in her new kitchen.  She has flour and batter everywhere.  David comes in and is astounded to see her there.  She explains that the new cook didn't show up, and she wanted pancakes.  He laughs and hugs her.  Things are a real mess, so she wonders if he's disappointed that she can't cook.  He assures her that he's not.  She worries, but he tries to get her to relax.  Throughout these scenes, she gets angrier and angrier, and he keeps making jokes and trying to distract her.  She says that Todd and the other Buchanans are trying to ruin her life.  David makes the pancakes while Dorian rants and raves about Asa and Bo.  She cuts apples and waves her knife around.  She then goes on about Viki and says she is a curse on this house.  Adriana comes in just as Dorian is saying all this; she stops and eavesdrops.  Dorian continues to rant about Duke dating Adriana (saying she's very angry about that), and how Kelly and Kevin seem to be getting close again.  David mentions that thanks to Dorian, they will all be getting what's coming to them.  She agrees that she will ruin their lives. Adriana leaves, upset and suspicious.  Todd eats the pancakes, but Dorian has lost her appetite.  She keeps going on about Kevin, Duke, Viki et al.  She says viciously that she should have whacked Viki when Viki said she was disappointed in her.  David wonders why Dorian is so upset today.  She says that they woke up this morning and still don't know where Blair is, but now they know where Todd is (it really rankles her that he is alive when Blair is still missing).  David offers her coffee, too.  Dorian confesses that she has all this anger but doesn't know where to put it.  She declares that the Buchanans must be stopped.  He's not sure he wants to sign up for all this.  He worries that she is crossing a line and playing the victim.  He adds that her being a victim is not attractive.  She assures him that she won't be a victim because she will make them all pay, even though she doesn't know how yet.  He is still not sure he can agree.  She gets angry and tells him to leave her house.  He says he has two choices, leave her or wait for her mood to go away.  He chooses the second one because she will end up in bed with him.  She laughs, her anger diffused.  They hug and she says she knows that she can count on him.  He assures her that he is the one person that she can always count on.  He tells her to "rant, rave, but remember" (that she can count on him), and she agrees.  She gets on her knees grandly and begs his forgiveness.  He laughs and jokes around, then they hug.

At Asa's mansion, Adriana rants to Duke about Dorian and Viki's feuding.  Duke points out that they have a lot of history.  She worries about herself and Duke being put in the middle of their battle.  He says that he can't help her with that, so she takes it the wrong way and gets angry.  He just tells her that he can't be objective because of his loyalties to his own family, and he can't tell her how to feel. She is still angry but a bit mollified.

Kelly visits Kevin at Asa's to ask why he and Todd were talking about Marty.  She wants to know what he has learned about Margaret and Todd.  Kevin gets annoyed about her prying.  He says they were just talking about finding Blair, and he wonders why she is concerned about Todd.  He says that he knows they got close when he was "being a jerk with Blair".  She gets mad that he can dismiss that painful time in such a way.  They argue and then he apologizes.  He tells her sweetly that he doesn't see what went wrong with them, only what went right.  He strokes her arm as he says this.  She thanks him for helping to find Blair, so he tells her that it did it because of her.  Adriana enters the room with Duke, still ranting about Dorian's vengeance against the Buchanans.  Kevin wants to know what Dorian is up to, but Adriana tells him tartly to ask her himself.  She and Duke go out again, and Kelly says she has to leave, too.  Kevin mentions again that Asa was acting strangely yesterday when he went out for his board meeting.  Nigel comes in as he says this and tells them that Asa didn't have a board meeting.  Nigel keeps his schedule, so he would know.  Kevin smiles and says he must have misunderstood.  After Nigel leaves, he tells Kelly that he heard Asa very clearly; he wonders what he is up to.

Todd, Starr, and Jack are in Todd's office at work.  He is on the phone with someone while the kids keep themselves busy.  Bo arrives and tells them that they still haven't found Blair yet.  Starr yells at him, but Todd calms her down and gets her to take Jack to the cafeteria.  She gripes as she leaves.  Bo tries to be sympathetic to what Todd is going through, but Todd doesn't want to hear it.  He is annoyed and frustrated, and Bo does understand that.  Bo again assures him that they are doing everything they can.  Todd chews out Bo for not finding him when he was missing, saying that they would have found Blair by now.  Todd is sarcastic that he should be grateful to Kevin for rescuing him and might as well thank Margaret for what she did to him, too.  He has a flashback of her threatening him and Blair.  Bo says that he knows that Todd is going through Hell; he gets suspicious that Todd is holding back some information.  Todd sidesteps his questions.  Bo points out that Todd can testify against her when they catch her and she goes to trial.  Todd yells that he never will do that.  Bo looks surprised at his outburst.  Todd has another flashback, of having sex with Margaret; then he says he will deal with Margaret in his own way.  Starr returns, looking glumly out the window.  Bo tells her quietly that he's doing everything he can to find Blair, then he leaves.  She and Todd hug, and she cries.  She is annoyed at herself for crying because she knows that he's sad enough as it is.  He assures her that he still has hope.  She vents that the people on her website boards are saying weird stuff about what might have happened to Blair.  He says that when people are unhappy, they treat others badly.  He admits that he has done that in the past, but now he knows that he can be a better person because of her and her mom.  She says she can be a better daughter, too, but he disagrees and says they are lucky to have her.  He tells her again that they will get Blair back.  They hug and she feels a bit better.  She goes to get Jack.  Todd gets angry and throws stuff off his desk.  His private eye comes in and tells him that he found something of Blair's.

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