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Riley is on the balcony playing his guitar when he hears a knock on the door, and when he goes to open it he finds that it is Bo and two other police officers. Bo tells him that he has a warrant to search the place. Once inside, Bo wants to know if Jen is there, and Riley tells him that she is not. Bo then asks if he knows where she is.

Elsewhere, a bartender gives Jen a drink; she gulps it down and then orders another.

Rex gives a man money and tells him that he knows what to do and to call him. The man starts to ask what to do if he finds anything, but Rex tells him that he "doesnít want no ifs." Rex tells him to find out what he wants to know and there will be a lot more where that came from. Natalie comes up, grabs him by the arm and asks him what he is getting himself into now.

John and Evangeline are kissing all the way back to the room. John opens the door and they go inside. Evangeline asks him if he is having a happy birthday, and he shrugs and tells her that it is all right as far as birthdays go. Evangeline asks him if there is anything else she can get for the birthday boy. She picks up a picture off the bedside table, sits down on the bed and asks him if he will tell her the story behind the picture. John looks at the picture and then tells her that he will tell her anything she wants to know.

Jessica confronts Julie and wants to know what Julie told Antonio. Julie denies telling Antonio anything or hitting on him. Julie wants to know what the big deal is, saying she thought that Jessica and Antonio had broken up. Jessica tells her that she just wants to make sure she doesnít tell Antonio that she had seen her at the bar. Julie tells her okay and then starts to walk off. Jessica offers to walk her to her car, but Julie declines the offer. Julie tells her that she will see her later and then leaves. Jessica says to herself, "Sooner than you think." Jessica is still standing there when a man walks up and reminds her that she blew him off at the bar the other night. At first Jessica pretends that she doesnít remember, but then she does remember. The man then grabs her and kisses her. Riley tells Bo that he doesnít know where Jen is. Bo tells him that it would be easier if she were there. Riley is sarcastic as he replies, "So she can see you going through our stuff?" Bo tells him that he knows this is rough on him and Jen, but it is no picnic for them either. Riley tells him that he doesnít know where Jen is, she just took off and she didnít come back. Bo again asks, "And you donít know where she is?" Riley tells him no. Riley points at the printer and tells him to just take it, that was what they had come after anyway. Bo informs him that they were going to have to go through everything else too. Bo tells the police officers to go ahead and look around, but take it easy. Bo then tells Riley to make some phone calls and see if he can find Jen. Bo walks away. Riley mumbles to himself to see if she has left town. Just then Daniel walks in the door and says, "Jen has left town?" Riley denies saying anything like that. Daniel tells the police officer to issue an APB on Jen Rapaport.

John tells Evangeline that the picture is of him and his brother, Michael, and it was taken in the back yard of their house in Atlantic City. It was taken with an old camera that he always carried around. It was the last one that was ever taken of them; their father was killed in the line of duty two days later. John is sad while telling her this. Evangeline thanks him for telling her and then she tells him that he was very cute. She asks if he has some more pictures, and he tells her that his Mom has them all. Evangeline gets up off the bed and tells him to stay right there and she will be right back.

Natalie and Rex are arguing over the man that she just saw Rex talking to. He assures her that he isnít doing anything wrong. Natalie then tells him that he just wants to hang around people that are. Rex tells her that Paul Cramer had done some business with him last summer and he just wanted him to sniff around and see if he could find anyone that might have smoked him. Natalie asks with a smile, "Anyone but Jen?" Rex tells her, "And me and you." She tells him to clean up his act. He asks her, "Is that before or after I steal Paul Cramerís file from Boís office?" Natalie is upset with him and tells him that she thought he was only going to have a peek. Natalie wants to put it back but he tells her that she canít tonight. They start to go into the bar when Antonio comes up and stops them. Rex leaves and goes into the bar. Natalie tries to make up an excuse, but Antonio tells her that this canít wait.

In the bar, the bartender has poured Jen another drink. Jen tells the bartender, "No one to call." Before she can drink the drink, Rex picks it up and drinks it. Rex tells her that she is here looking all foxy and trying to drown herself in a bottle of tequila.

Natalie asks Antonio if he is worried about Jessica. He tells her that he went by Land Fair the other night and found lipstick on her bedroom mirror and clothes all over the bed. Natalie asks him how this could be, since their Mom has security all over the place. He then mentions the stalker again. Natalie tells him that sometimes her family keeps her in the dark about things. She tells Antonio that it might not be a man at all, it might be a woman.

Jessica is fighting the man off and jumps away from him. He tries to kiss her again and she slaps him. Retaliating, he slaps her on the face. She tells him that she didnít know he liked to play rough. She walks over to him and pretends she likes him, and then she knocks him to the ground. She then says, "So you donít want to play with me anymore?" He starts to get up and she tells him that if he gets up she will drop him. He tells her she is certifiable and runs off. She then says to herself, "One down, one to go."

Natalie tells Antonio that it doesnít add up: the notes, the clothes, the lipstick.... Antonio then asks, "Who?" Natalie tells him that maybe it is someone jealous of him and Jess. Antonio wants to know who. Natalie mentions Ticoís foster sister, Sonia. Antonio tells her that he has already checked that out and it isnít her. Natalie tells him she doesnít know. Antonio tells her that he has never seen a stalker like this.

Jessica gets into a limousine. The driver asks her if she found what she was looking for tonight. She tells him that it has been a very eventful evening.

Rex assures Jen that he is not hitting on her. He asks her if she and Riley had had a fight, and she tells him that he wouldnít understand. Rex coaxes her into telling him what was bothering her. She tells him that the letter he had gotten paying him off for hiding the gun was found by the police on her computer. Rex asks how that happened, and she tells him that she doesnít know. She thinks she is going to jail for Paul Cramerís murder. Rex tells her that whoever killed Paul had access to her computer. She tells him that the police think that is her and even Daniel thinks she killed Paul. She also tells him that Riley tried to destroy the printer by throwing it out the window. She says she doesnít want Riley to defend her, he is a good person, he isnít.... She stops the sentence in mid-air and Rex finishes it for her: Riley isnít like her and him.

Rex tells his dad that Jen isnít going to be gone overnight or her Mom would have told him. He defends Jen to his father and vows she wouldnít have left town. Daniel doesnít believe him. Riley asks his dad for a little more time and Daniel agrees to give him until tomorrow, but then the APB will have to go out. Bo and the police officers come out of the bedroom carrying a box, and he tells Riley that they will have to take these down to the police station. Riley leaves and meets up with Paige in the hall.

Bo wants to know what Daniel is doing there. Daniel tells him that it is his sonís apartment. Daniel assures him that he wants to make sure everything is done by the book. Bo tells him that he will let him know when they are ready to make an arrest, but until then he needs to back off.

Evangeline comes back to the apartment and takes a picture of John. John doesnít necessarily want his picture taken. He gets up off the couch and tries to take the camera away from her, but she continues taking pictures. She then proceeds to take a couple of pictures of him and her. After she has taken the last picture he wants her to give him the camera. She then taunts him and holds back the camera. He knocks her down on the bed and kisses her, and while he is kissing her he takes the camera away from her. She tells him he is a complicated guy as she massages his shoulders. He assures her that he doesnít want to keep things from her. Then she wants to know why he had kept from her that Natalie was working at the police station. He tells her that it was due to certain circumstances. He tells her that Natalie has her friends and her family and she doesnít need him for anything. Evangeline then asks if he needs her for anything. John tells her that he has got her. Evangeline wants to know if that is enough for him.

John wants to know why Evangeline cries at movies. She tells him it's because they are sad. She tells him she cries because she can, she doesnít have to deal with the circumstances. They then start talking about boxing and begin playfully boxing on the bed.

Riley wants to know why Paige is there. She tells him that she and Bo were out when the search warrant came in. She tells Riley that he and Jen are perfect for each other. She asks him if he loves her, and says if he does then he has to fight for her. She also tells him that when you find someone you really love you do anything to stay with them.

Daniel and Bo are still arguing, and Daniel tells him that he canít tell him what to do. Bo tells him that it is better for his son if he just backs off and lets the police handle it. Bo tells him that he is paranoid. Daniel denies it. Daniel tells Bo that what this is really all about is him marrying Nora.

Jessica is fixing her makeup and the driver wants to know if she is all right. Jessica tells him that he should have seen the other guy. The driver wants to know if she wants him to take her to the hospital. She tells him that she can take care of herself.

Natalie wants to know if Antonio wants her to talk to Jessica. Antonio tells her that Jessica made it perfectly clear that she doesnít want him protecting her. Natalie tells him that if she sees anything weird going on then she will tell him. Antonio thanks her. He gets up to leave and asks her if she all right. She tells him yes and says family helps. He tells her that if she ever needs to talk, he is her man.

Rex asks Jen if she is going home to Riley, and she tells him no. She tells him that she canít stay there. He tells her that he is not Riley and she wouldnít want him to be. They both agree that they have had some good times together. Natalie comes up and tells Jen to stop jerking her brother around. Natalie wants to know why she isnít at home with Riley. Jen starts to leave, but Natalie tells her that she isnít through.

John is rubbing Evangelineís back and telling her that he hasnít had a party like that since he was the age he was in that picture. He reminds her that she said she wanted to know him and says he would tell her more, if he knew. He tells her that the last few years he has been lost in his work, ever since his fiancee died. He says he thought that things were beginning to change, and he had thought they never would. He tells her that if he ever spoke those words again, he would say them to her. He starts to tell her that he thinks that he is falling but then he realizes that she isnít listening to him. Looking down, he sees that she has gone to sleep. He brushes back her hair and kisses her on the cheek.

Jen tells Natalie to get off her back, she was sitting at the bar by herself when Rex came up. Natalie tells her that she didnít see her push him away. Natalie tells her that she has a great guy who loves her and she is stringing Rex along. Rex finds his voice and tells Natalie to cut Jen some slack. Natalie is upset with Rex because he is defending Jen and he wonít listen to her. Natalie tells her that she used to feel sorry for her when Paul was harassing her, but now she is facing a murder rap, and what is she doing getting tanked and trying to have sex with Rex? Natalie asks her what her problem is. Jen then tells her that just because she is alone, donít try to take it out on her. Natalie tells Rex Jen can send him a postcard from Statesville. Rex tells Jen not to listen to Natalie. Jen leaves the bar. Natalie tells Rex to let her go. Rex holds up his fists and tells Natalie that Jen is headed right for the cops.

At the apartment, the police are still going through Jen and Rileyís things. Bo tells Daniel that he was just trying to give him some advice about his son, but Daniel refuses to accept the advice. Daniel tells Bo that he gets Nora. Bo interrupts and tells him that he will lose his son, but if that is what he wants.... Paige and Riley come in, and Bo kisses her on the cheek and tells her that he is sorry this has taken so long. A policeman comes up to him and hands him a chain, and on it are the initials "P.C.". Bo tells them they must stand for Paul Cramer. Riley is upset at the news and turns his back. Daniel tells him that he is sorry. Riley tells him to save it. Daniel and the two police officers leave the apartment. Bo tells Riley to find Jen before his father does.

The driver arrives at the house with Jessica. She starts to get out of the limo and sees that one of the guards is outside the door, smoking. She takes her hair down and resorts to another plan to hide what she is doing.

Rex and Natalie are still arguing over Jen, and he tells her to stop playing big sister. Natalie tells him that he may be going to prison because of her, and then Rex tells her that Jen may be going to prison because of her.

Bo and Paige come into the diner, and he tells her that Colson went too far tonight. She tells him that she feels sorry for Riley because he is torn right down the middle between his father and Jen. Bo mentions to her that he had seen the look on Rileyís face. Paige tells him that Riley is trying so hard to believe in her. Natalie and Rex are listening to every word that is being said.

Jen comes home and finds out that the place has been ransacked. Riley wants to know where she has been. Jen tells him that she has just been around. She says she can see the police were there. Riley tells her that they took the printer and Cramerís bracelet. Jen tells him that she should have thrown that away and asks what happens now. Riley tells her that the commissioner and his dad were looking everywhere for evidence. She asks him what is going to happen with her and him.

Jess walks up to the door and begins talking to the guard. He tells her that he thought she was inside in bed. She tells him that she got a tip on this super story for the Banner. He asks her if she ran into any trouble with that stalker and she tells him that she was careful. She tells him to make sure no one disturbs her and goes inside. She looks into the mirror and says that she would like to thank the academy and all the little people who got her to where she is. She laughs and goes upstairs.

Antonio walks up to the guard and wants to go inside to see Jessica, but the guard wonít let him. The guard tells him that she is not to be disturbed by anyone.

Bo thanks Paige for putting up with him tonight. Paige understands. Bo then mentions the things that Daniel said about Nora. Paige tells him that that doesnít matter, she knows who he wants to be with. He kisses her and they begin to dance.

Jen tries to explain to Riley about why she just walked out and hadnít called. He asks her if she has been drinking, and she tells him that a waiter spilled a drink on her. She says she thought about drinking, but she had something to eat instead. She tells him she wouldnít do something like that because she made a promise to him. She admits as she hugs him that she is scared, more scared than she has been in her whole life. She asks him if he believes her and he tells her absolutely. He assures her they are going to get through this and they are going to find evidence that she is innocent.

Natalie is talking to Rex and he tells her that she owes him one for talking to McBain. She tells him that she has got to get those files back to Bo before he misses them. After all, she is working for him now. Rex tells her that he will go and get them now. Natalie tells him that she is already worried about Jessica, and now she has to worry about him. He wants to know what is going on with Jessica. She tells him that things are going on and they are only going to get worse.

The phone rings and John hurries to answer it before it wakes Evangeline. He asks, "What do you have?" and the person on the other end tells him that there was a car accident. He writes down all the information and says he is on his way. After he hangs up he looks at the name on the page and it is Julie, who is involved in the accident.

The guard still wonít let Antonio in to see Jessica. He calls her on his cell phone and tells her that he is outside and the guard has told him that she isnít taking any messages. Jessica looks at her cell phone and sees that Antonio has called her again. She then says, "Antonio, how can you be so pathetic? One more message that Jessica wonít get." She looks in the mirror and sees the scar that the man left when he hit her. She says, "No pain, no gain," as she smiles at herself in the mirror.

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