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Jessica is having a drink at the Xanadu bar when Julie walks in and speaks to her. She asks Jessica what she is doing there. Jessica, annoyed at her question, wants to know what difference it makes to her. Julie tells her that she is just surprised to see her. Julie also tells her that she is meeting her new boss there. Jessica is rude to Julie and then acts kind of strange. Julie asks after Jessica's family because she knows about Todd and Blair. Before Julie can say anything else, Jessicaís cell phone rings, and when she sees who it is, she doesnít answer it and instead just puts the phone back in her phone. Jessica looks at Jessica in a surprised way because of how she is acting.

Antonio tries to call Jessica, but when he doesnít get an answer, he just leaves her a message. He hangs up the phone and he is then joined by Adriana and Duke. He wants to know if they have found Blair, but they tell him "no". Adriana then tells him that Asa Buchanan has set up this hotline and that he was offering a $1,000.00 reward for anyone that finds her. Duke tells him that they have been answering phones for hours and that they needed to get out and get some air. Antonio asks if there is any word yet, but Adriana tells him there isn't. She hopes this whole nightmare will be over soon.

At Asa's mansion, Dorian sits at the desk, tapping her fingers on the phone, and then she tells Todd and David that this is useless, just sitting around and listening for the phone to ring. Todd tells her to leave. Dorian tells him that she wonít, that it would be just like him to find out some news about Blair and then not tell her. Todd tells her to stay or drop dead, that he just doesnít care. Just then, the phone rings, and Todd grabs it. Dorian begins to fuss that she was supposed to answer that phone. Todd is unable to hear what the person is saying, and then they hang up, so he hangs up the phone angrily. Dorian immediately wants to know what they said, but he tells her that he didnít know. He then asks her, "What if that had been the call?". Dorian, still angry, suggests that things would have been different if Kevin had rescued Blair instead of him. She goes on to call him a miserable excuse for a man, saying that he is standing there safe and sound, while Blair is out there heaven knows where.  Viki walks in just as Dorian is suggesting that Todd should be out there dead instead of Blair. Before she can say anything else, Viki tells her that this is between the twof of them, and she is not going to stand by and let her destroy everything that Todd and Blair have.

Blair is in a hospital somewhere. A nurse is standing by her bed while the doctor is writing on the chart, and Asa is standing there, looking down at her. He asks the doctor how is she doing. The doctor tells him that she is holding on by a thread, but is she is a fighter that she just might pull through.

Bo and Paige are still making love. Paige is happy to be all alone with him. Bo tells her that if he had one wish,  they would be off in a cabin somewhere. She reminds him that he is the police commissioner, so he couldnít get away. She then asks how Matthew is, and he tells her that he is just fine. He also tells her that he had a heart-to-heart talk with Matthew about what life would be like when Nora married Daniel. She wants to know how he took it, and he tells her "like a champ". She asks how Bo will be handling it, so he jokes that they decided that he could use some work in that area. He tells her that  he has to tell Matthew about Starr's mother possibly being dead. He then asks her how you explain something like that to a kid.

The doctor is still examining Blair, and when he leaves her bedside, Asa wants to know how she is doing. The doctor tells him that it will be touch and go for a few hours.

Dorian, Todd, Viki and David are in Asaís living room. Todd wishes Viki good luck and then leaves. Dorian then wants to know why Viki is there, and Viki tells her that she is there to help. Dorian again tells her that Todd is the reason that Blair is out there. Of course, Viki defends him and tells Dorian that he wishes that he was out there instead of Blair. Dorian tells her, So we are in agreement that he should be the one out there lost, dying or dead". David sees that the argument is heating up, so he comes up to offer a suggestion, but Viki tells him to stay out of it. David leaves. Dorian then asks Viki when was she going to face the fact that Todd was a heartless, soulless fiend who fouls everything and everyone he touches, and that includes Viki.

Antonio tells Adriana and Duke that R.J. is fighting for sole custody of Jamie and that he is using it against him that he is a Santi. Adriana tries her best to reassure him that R.J. will not gain custody of his daughter. Duke also offers his help, and Antonio thanks him.

Julie offers to call Jessica's family, since she is upset, but Jessica declines the help. Jessica lays all the blame on the fact that she has been going through so much lately, what with Blair missing, and now R.J. suing for custody of Jamie. She tells Julie that she just needed to get away and be by herself for awhile and clear her head. Jessica then apologizes to her for being so rude to her before. Jessica tells her that her family has so many other things to worry about. Jessica asks her not to tell anyone that she saw her at the bar.   Julie reluctantly agrees.

Bo has gotten a drink for Paige as he climbs back into the bed and tells her about how they found out he was Matthewís real dad. He tells her that Matthewís original dad was Sam Rappaport, that he was murdered, and in fact, it was Lindsay that killed him. He tells her that if Sam hadnít died, that he would never have known that Matthew was his son. He also tells her that since Matthew and Starr was so close that they thought it was only right to tell him that Blair might be dead. He tells her that he might have gone on forever, not knowing that he had another son.

Viki and Dorian keep arguing over Todd, and Viki wants to know if Dorian feels better now that she is talking badly about Todd. Viki tells her that she loves her brother as much as Dorian loves Blair.  Dorian tells her that they donít belong to the same species. Dorian then tells her that Todd is still a liar, that he has hurt Viki time and time again, and yet she still defends him. Viki owns up to the fact that Todd has hurt her unbearably and has made horrible mistakes, but she asks if we havenít all done things that we regret (especially Dorian). Dorian then reminds her that *she* never did rape anyone.

Todd and Kevin are still talking about Margaret; Todd wants to know if Kevin has any files on Margaret about people she might be in contact with. Kevin tells him that he had given Bo everything he had. Todd calls Margaret a lunatic. Kevin brings up again that Todd had had sex with Margaret. Todd says that he is just loving holding this over his head.

Paige tells Bo that she loves her job and that she had always wanted to be a doctor. She also tells him that her Mother had taught her to sew and that she would put holes in all her dolls, just so that she could stitch them back up. Bo jokes that itís a wonder that they didnít sent her to a shrink. Paige admits that nowadays they probably would. She tells him that her dream was to find herself a heart surgeon and have 2.3 children.  She did find the guy, but it didn't work out. Bo tells her that he is sorry. She tells him that her only regret was that she didn't take the time to have children.

The doctor asks Asa if they should take extraordinary measures to save Blair if something happens to her.  Asa can't decide, so he tells the doctor that if Blair takes a turn for the worse, then he is to call him and he would tell him what to do.  The doctor tells him that there wouldnít be time then. The doctor tells him that if Blair flat-lines and her brain loses oxygen, she could spend the rest of her life in a vegetative state.

Kevin tells Todd that he doesnít like knowing what Margaret did to him.   Todd wants him to do whatever it takes to keep that secret from coming out, but Kevin tells him that the secret is going to come out. Todd wants to know what he should do. Todd tells him sarcastically that he will take out an ad in the paper, and it will say that Margaret did to him what he did to Marty Sayebrook so many years ago. The ad will also state that he took a helpless, drunk girl and raped her. Todd tells him that he was always afraid that the man who did that to Marty would come out, but because of what Margaret did to him, that man is long gone. They keep arguing;  Kelly and David come downstairs to hear the end of it.  Kelly wants to know what Kevin has on Todd.

Viki and Dorian are still arguing over Todd; Viki realizes that Dorian's anger is from a crime that happened years ago. Dorian tells her that one canít outrun a crime like this. Viki points out that Blair has forgiven him. Dorian tells her that it will always be lying just underneath the surface. Viki denies this fact. Dorian tells her that Todd has the soul, mind and heart of a rapist. Viki is upset and tells her that in all the years that they had known each other, that Dorian had come through when things were rough. With everything they had been through,  they had been able to put their differences aside and get through it. Viki asks her what had happened to the woman that she had admired. Dorian is taken aback at the thought that Viki had admired her. Viki tells her that she would have trusted her with her life, but that she wouldnít anymore. She also tells Dorian that she had abandoned all her nobility, and she had lost her nerve. Dorian just looks at her, shocked.

Jessica, still pretending to be nice to cover how she acted earlier, continues talking to Julie, and she tells her how amazing her mom is. The bartender comes up and tries to hit on Jessica, but she gives him the brush off. Julie then tells her that she has to be going, that she is moving into a new apartment, and with a new job and all. Julie tells Jessica that one has to move on. Jessica agrees. Julie gets up to leave, so Jessica reminds her that she never saw her here. Julie tells her,  "If that is what you want". After she leaves, Jessica says to herself that this is definitely too close to home. The bartender wants to know where home is, and she tells him that it is none of his business. He then asks her what is she running from.

Paige and Bo are still talking, and Paige tells him that it is not too late for her to have children but that she would want it to have real stability, two parents who were really committed to each other. She tells him that everything is so good right now and that she is so happy, happier than she has been in a long time, and that is because of him. The phone rings, so she picks it up and hands it to Bo. He answers it and finds out that Asa has mysteriously disappeared. He tells them that he will be right there and he hangs up. Paige wants to know what is going on. He tells her that he had told his pa that everything had to go through the police department, but now he had mysteriously disappeared. Bo shows a look of concern and worry at where his pa has gone. He tells her he has to go over there.

Kevin asks Kelly and David if they have been eavesdropping, so David retorts that of course they were. Kelly wants to know what it is, but Todd tells her that it is just between him and Kevin. David asks Todd if he knows where Blair is, and Todd tells him to just go back and crawl into Dorianís lap. Todd walks away. Kelly talks to Kevin as David goes to check on Dorian and Viki. Kelly asks Kevin what is going on between him and Todd. Asa comes into the house just then and tells Kevin that his meeting was boring.  Kevin is surprised that Asa doesn't ask if they have any tips on Blair. Asa just looks at them.

David joins Dorian and Viki. Viki and Dorian are still fighting. Dorian wants to know why Viki would want her around there if she is losing it. They continue to fight, and Dorian tells David that Viki had said that she had lost her nerve. Dorian also throws up to her that she had gotten her fired at the hospital.  Viki tells her that she is disappointed at her. Viki tells her that she is on her own, then she picks up her coat and leaves. David and Dorian watch her leave.

Jessica is still talking to the bartender , complaining about her family, that sometimes she just wants to get out to breathe, that she isnít running from anything. She tells him that someone has been running her life and it is about to change.

Viki comes running in the door and answers the phone. It is Antonio, and he wants to know where Jessie is. Viki says she's still asleep.  Antonio is surprised to hear this but tells her to have Jessica call him when she sees her.

Duke and Adriana are talking when they arrive at her home.  They go into the kitchen, and she tells him that she is not all that great, but he insists that she is.  With the lights still off, they kiss. Dorian and David come in and find them kissing in the dark.  Dorian gives Adriana a disapproving look but looks too tired to say anything.

Asa tells Kevin that if anyone got any news on Blair, that he figured they would have called him out of the meeting. Bo and Paige come in about this time, and Bo chews Asa out for not going to the police if he got any leads.  Bo tells him that he canít allow him to run a vigilante task force. Asa tells him that from now on that he would have all the calls go through the police station. Asa tells them that he is tired of them putting him down. Paige asks is there anything that I can do. Bo tells her that she is doing it. Kevin, suspicious, asks Kelly if that didnít seem a little strange. Kelly just looks at him and then she walks off.  Todd comes downstairs and rejoins Kevin. They begin talking about Margaret.

Blair is waking up. The nurse pages a doctor to tell him about it.

Dorian and David interrupt Adriana kissing by turning on the light. David pours some wine for him and Dorian as the younger people go in the other room.  Dorian is upset about Viki and about Duke being there. They comfort themselves that soon people will know what they planned: that Viki looks like she is guilty of embezzling funds from the university fund into her newspaper account.

Kelly comes to see Viki. Kelly apologizes for what Dorian said and tells her that Dorian is upset over Blair. Viki tells her that she will not allow Dorian to go after her family.

Jessica has followed Julie and is watching her movements from behind a bush. Julie runs into Antonio and she begins to tell him something when his phone rings. Antonio walks away, so then Jessica comes up and wants to know what she had said to Antonio.

Bo got the calls rerouted to the police station. Paige asks him if they can go back to their place, and he tells her that he still wants to talk to his Pa. They kiss. Bo's phone rings.

Kevin tells Todd that he didnít make this happen, that Margaret did. Todd tells Kevin to pretend it never happened.  Kevin tells him that when Margaret is found, there will be a trial. If he is called as a witness, Kevin wonít lie for him.

Asa stands outside, talking to himself. He wonders what he will do with Blair now that he has her.

Blair starts to awaken, but the doctor gives her a shot, so she goes back to sleep.

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