OLTL Update Thursday 3/10/05

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/10/05



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Nigel, Todd, Duke, Adriana, Kelly, Dorian, and Kevin are all at Asa's mansion, arguing about what Asa's motives are for helping Blair and about manning the phones.  They see that Asa has taken a call in the other room and try to find out what's up, but Nigel keeps them out.  Asa talks to Eddie the homeless junkie.  Eddie  is only concerned about getting the million dollars that Asa has offered.  Asa asks him what Blair's wearing, so Eddie leaves the phone in the clinic and goes outside to look at Blair's clothes (she's still in his shopping cart, unconscious).  He describes them, but Asa says he could have gotten that information off the flyers they sent out.  Eddie tells Asa to meet him under a certain freeway bridge if he wants to get Blair back.  Todd comes in at the last minute and tries to get Eddie to talk to him, but he hangs up.  They all question Asa about what the guy said.  Asa thinks for a moment.  He has a fantasy.  They are all answering phones (all with southern accents, LOL!!) and getting more discouraged, then Blair walks in, wearing a gorgeous sparkly dress and looking fabulous.  They question her, dumbfounded.  Asa walks in with his ten gallon hat, beaming, and they all thank him for rescuing Blair.  Everyone is very grateful and admiring Asa for being a hero.  Back to reality, he tells them that the person he talked to was not a good lead.  He leaves, telling Kevin that he is going to a meeting as he thinks to himself that he will be rescuing Blair and show them all what a hero he can be. They all get on the phone lines and answer the calls.  Adriana gets upset when one caller tells her that Blair is dead.  Duke comforts her.  She musters up the courage to answer more phones.  Dorian wants to leave, but Todd warns her that she has to stay until they find Blair.  She ignores him but the phone rings, so she picks it up.  It's David, and she tells him what's been happening.

Eddie comes out of the clinic and scares off some kids that have noticed Blair.  He takes her back to his "house" under the bridge.  Asa shows up with a briefcase.  He asks to take a closer look at Blair, but Eddie won't let him get too close.  He hands Eddie the suitcase, but it's empty.  Asa takes out a gun and points it at Eddie.  He gloats that he is smarter than Eddie, and that's why he's rich but Eddie is living on the streets.  He runs Eddie off (you know that is going to come back to bite Asa in the ass!).  Asa sits down and talks to Blair about how he is going to save her.  He starts thinking and we see flashbacks of all the times that Blair was mean to him.  He suddenly decides he has a better way to deal with Blair.

Antonio walks Jessica home after John's birthday party.  Inside Llanfair, he helps her off with her jacket.  Their faces are very near, so they kiss.  Viki comes downstairs right then and apologizes for interrupting.  She goes to the other room, telling them to go on and ignore her.  They say goodnight and Antonio leaves.  Jessica follows her mom into the other room.  They talk about how Jessica and Antonio seem to be doing well, maybe getting back together.  Jess asks if there's been any news about Blair, then she heads for bed.  Outside the room, she gets a strange expression on her face.  Next we see she is all dressed up in a sexy outfit again and sneaking out the door.  Viki hears her and calls from the other room.  Jess lies that she's just getting a snack, but she sneaks out the front door instead.  She goes to that same club she was at the other night.  Robert, that she had claimed not to know), is there (the one she had the one-night stand with).  He gives her a hard time for ignoring him.  She claims that Antonio is not her boyfriend.  He asks her to go with him again, but she tells him it was a one-time thing and she wants to move on.  He stomps off as she smiles. 

Lindsay and R.J. go to Carlotta's diner.  She orders R.J. out.  Lindsay objects, since she has been a good customer.  Carlotta says that Lindsay can stay but R.J. is not welcome there because of his trying to get custody of Jamie away from Antonio.  At first R.J. tries to pretend it's because of race, that Lindsay, a white lady, can stay, but he, the black man, has to go.  Carlotta scolds him for that implication, saying she loves her African American grandchild.  They get into an argument about Antonio and Jamie.  At one point, R.J. accuses Antonio of abandoning Jamie, so Carlotta defends him.  R.J. triumphantly pulls out a tape recorder and says that Carlotta's comments will be useful in court since she admitted that Antonio abandoned Jamie.  They argue some more.  R.J. and Lindsay finally go to leave but run into Antonio as he is coming in.  He gets angry but does not attack R.J.  Carlotta apologizes to Antonio for her comments to R.J.  He tells her it's okay and asks her exactly what she said.  He hopes that she and Jessica will be his greatest assets at the trial.

Michael walks Marcie home, too.  They flirt outside and talk about their "friendship".  It is awkward but also sweet.  They go inside to prepare Hudson's memorial.  The minor characters from the Love House are there, Julie, Mark, and Nick; they are looking at pictures taken from when they all were there in the Love House.  Marcie fills them in on her plans for the memorial, mentioning that Hudson's family is having one, but she wants to have her own.  They agree to help her out and talk about Hudson for a minute.  Michael and the other guys go out to get beer and pizza, leaving Julie and Marcie alone.  They chat about Michael.  Marcie is confused about her feelings for him, saying that things with Al seemed easier in many ways.  Julie makes a joke about how she wanted to date Michael, so Marcie looks stricken.  Julie teases her for being jealous and forces Marcie to admit that she still loves Michael.  The guys come back later. Julie gets a phone call and has to leave because her boss at work is having a little get-together at a bar.  Michael is suspicious about what Marcie and Julie were talking about, but Marcie is coy.  Michael says that he, too, has to leave because he has early rounds in the morning.  He and Marcie have a sweet goodbye and she is all smiles and sighs as she closes the door after him.

R.J. and Lindsay go to the same club where Jessica is.  He is checking it out because it is giving Ultraviolet some competition.  They see Jessica and can't believe it is her because she is all tarted up and a guy has his hands on her.  R.J. says this is his lucky night.  He and Lindsay leave without Jess seeing them.  Julie comes in for her party and is astonished to see Jessica there.

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