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Paige is waiting in Boís office for him. When he comes in he tells her that the Sergeant had told him that something was wrong and he asks her, if she is alright. She tells him that she is fine that she just wants to report a crime, she has been robbed. Bo gives her a puzzling look.

Natalie gives John a hug and wishes him a happy birthday. Evangeline is watching the actions of both. Natalie tells him that she knows that he would hate if she had gotten him a present, cake or something. She also thanks him for being a terrific friend and that she just wanted to say thank you. Evangeline walks up, speaks to both of them and then she asks John was there any reason why he hadnít told her that it was his birthday.

Michael and Marcie are eating breakfast together. Marcie tells him that she should be going that he had to get to work, but he tells her that he has the night off. Michael goes on to tell her that it was Michaelís birthday but before he can finish, Roy interrupts and asks, was John having a party. Michael tells him yes, but then hesitates and Roxy tells him, well, he is now. Michael tries to stop her from having the party but she wonít listen. She leaves and Michael rejoins Marcie. Marcie then wants to know if there wasnít a party then why did he mention Johnís birthday. Michael tells her that he was looking for a reason for to stay.

Antonio and Jessie are together when Dorian walks in and asks, if they have seen Adriana? They tell her no. Jessie then asks, how are you and Adriana holding up? Dorian tells her sarcastically, how do you think we would be holding up?Ē Blair has been out there, for who knows how long, going through who knows what? How do you think we would feel? Jessie tells her that Blair is a fighter and that she is sure that Blair is going to get through this. Dorian thanks her as Kelly walks up and tells her that Adriana will not be joining them. Dorian wants to know why and Kelly tells her that she has a date with Duke.

Duke opens the door for Adriana as she walks in. He asks her if there has been any word on Blair. She tells him nothing that he doesnít already know. Duke then tells her that Asa is home and after the things that he had said about Blair that she didnít want to mess with him. Duke wants to take her for a walk but then the door opens and Asa tells Duke that Adriana is there to see him.

Todd is at his desk talking on the phone when Kevin walks in. Todd wants to know what he wants. Kevin tells him that he is there to offer his help. He is Lieutenant Governor and he can book some air time and make a plea to the public about information on Blair. I donít need your help, this will go to press in a couple of hours, he tells him as he turns the paper around and shows him the headline: The front of the paper shows a picture of Blair and that he is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to her whereabouts. Kevin then mentions that he had told him that he had slept with Margaret.  What do I do with that information? Kevin asks with a smile on his face.

The homeless takes Blair to a clinic in a shopping cart. Once inside, the nurse on duty tells him to get out of there that there wasnít anything wrong with him. The homeless man tries to tell her that it is not anything like that but she doesnít believe him and reminds him of the week before when she caught him trying to break into the pharmacy and that she wasnít going to help him anymore. He again tries to tell her that it wasnít for him but for someone else as he points outside.

Adriana tells Duke that Nigel had called and told her that Asa wanted to see her right away, that it was important. Nigel tells Adriana that Asa wants to make amends for his unfortunate remarks. Adriana tells them that it isnít necessary that Kevin has already apologized for him. Asa informs them that he can take care of his own dirty work. Duke wants to know what this is all about? Asa tells them that he is sick and tired of getting the cold shoulder from him and Kevin, now Cord and Clint has got wind of it and theyíre on the warpath, and Bo wonít even answer his phone calls. Asa tells them that he wants his family back. Adriana says, ďso youíre not really sorry at all!Ē Asa tells her, sorry? ďAre you kidding?Ē Adriana then tells him that whatever it was that made him so mad that he probably deserved it. Asa then begins to tell her that Blair married him, stole from him, cheated on him and then nearly killed him. Nigel steps in and reminds him that this meeting is about him making amends. Duke says, so you are going to say, youíre sorry. Asa tells him that he is going to do better than that, that he is going to bring Blair home--alive!

Roxy tells Dorian and Kelly if they need a pick-up, Foxy Roxy to the rescue. Kelly tells them that she doesnít think that she can sit through something like that now. Roxy then reminds them that she was the one that went to Bo with the big clue about Blair in the spooky parking garage. Dorian tells her that, yes, she did know and then she thanks her. Dorian also tells her that she knew that Roxy had led the police to the parking garage but that she didnít know that she had heard her. Roxy tells her that she was probably the last one to hear her. Dorian wants to know what she said. Roxy says in a loud voice, ďIím going to kill you and that she thought she meant her and she sounded as though she really meant it.

Todd denies sleeping with Margaret. But Kevin doesnít buy it. He tells Todd that when he found him by the side of the road that he was in no shape to lie. Todd again tells him that he did not sleep with Margaret. Kevin reminds him that he had told him that she had forced him to. Todd tells him that he canít deal with this right now. Kevin tells him that they have to deal with this. Kevin asks him why did Margaret hold him in that cabin for so long and what did she want? Kevin tells him that everyone is curious. Todd asks him has he told anyone and Kevin tells him no. Todd tells him to forget it but Kevin tells him that it is going to come out. Todd tells him not if he keeps his mouth shut. Kevin tells him that sooner or later Bo is going to want a statement. Todd gets angry and throws the newspaper onto the desk. Kevin asks him what is going to happen when Margaret shows up. Whatever happened Margaret is going to shout it from the rooftops. He tells him that one way or another that Blair was going to find out.

The nurse tells Eddie (the homeless man) to save his breath that no one needs help. That he is just waiting for them to go outside and then you are going to snatch some painkillers She tells him that that is enough that she is calling security. Eddie tells her that he thinks she is dying that he swears it on his Motherís eyes. Blair is still unconscious lying in the shopping cart.

Paige is talking to Bo and she tells him that he is robbing her of the pleasure of his company, that he has been working there for non-stop for 76 hours and that he needs to get out and get some rest. What he needs is some personalized attention. He tells her that that sounds good. She tells him to grab his coat and she will take care of everything else.

Roxy is on the phone and she is telling Natalie that it is John McBainís birthday and that she is going to throw him a surprise birthday party. Roxy goes over to Antonio and Jessie and tells them that Natalie is going to throw a surprise birthday party for Johnny.

Jessie asks Antonio if he knew that it was Johnís birthday and Antonio tells her, no, but that that wasnít something that came up at the firing range. Jessie tells him that it sounds like fun and how long had it been since they had done something fun.

Marcie asks Michael did they really need an excuse to spend time together. Michael tells her that he doesnít know the rules anymore. Marcie says neither did she. She tells him that she had wanted to talk to him when they had seen each other the other day. Roxy comes over and tells Michael that Natalie was going to throw a surprise birthday party for his brother. Michael tells Marcie that his brother doesnít like birthdays and that the best thing they could do was let him crawl into a hole for 24 hours.

John tells Evangeline that he wasnít a fan of birthdays and that he hadnít told anyone. Natalie tells them that she found out about it on the computer. Evangeline asks her what was she doing on the police computer and Natalie tells her that she works here now, that she thought John would have told her by now.

Bo and Paige come out of his office and tells Natalie that he is leaving for awhile, but that they can reach him on his cell phone if there is any news on Blair. Natalie excuses herself.

John tells her that it is no big thing about Natalie working there and then Evangeline asks, and what about your birthday? She is upset that she hasnít told her. John tells her to letís go and he would buy her a soda.

Todd tells Kevin that he doesnít care what Blair finds out as long as she comes home safe. Dorian comes in and asks, what truth about Margaret? Dorian tells Todd that everything is always about him while Blair is out there fighting for her life. Dorian wants to know what the secret is about Margaret?

The nurse is questioning Eddie about the woman and did he do anything to her. Eddie tells her nothing, that she really needs help. The nurse tells him that she will notify security and that they will check it out but that she wants him to stay right there and not try anything. Eddie goes out to see about Blair. He tells her that he should have dumped her in the river and be done with her.

Roxy is talking to Natalie and is telling her about the surprise birthday party and Natalie asks how could she have done something like this. Roxy tells her that it is Johnís birthday. Natalie tells her that she wonít be there and neither will John.
She tells Roxy to cancel it.

Evangeline and John are talking and he wants to know what made her angry. She tells him that it is a little bit of both. She tells him that she is his girlfriend. She tells him that it would please her to do something good for him on his birthday. All the gang come out and yells, Happy Birthday.Ē They bring the cake in as they sing, For Heís A Golly Good Fellow. John is thoroughly surprised.

Asa tells Nigel, Adriana and Duke that the meant it about bringing Blair home.

Dorian wants to know what the secret is and Todd tells her that there is no secret. Asa is having a press conference and he is telling the viewers that he is offering a $1,000,000 reward for information leading to the whereabouts of Blair Cramer.

Eddie is beating himself up and says that this is what he gets for trying to be a nice guy. Then he sees the news broadcast. Blair is outside in the shopping cart still unconscious.

Bo and Paige arrive at the apartment. Bo says that it has been a long time since they have been alone together. They kiss. The cell phone rings and Natalie tells him to turn on the TV. set. He sees Asa on TV. offering the reward. Asa tells that he has set up a 1-800 number to call for information. Nigel congratulates him. Adriana and Duke thank him. Bo calls him and tells him that if he wanted to offer a reward that he should have done it through the police station. Bo sends a police over to the house.

Eddie tries to remember the number so he can call and give them Blairís whereabouts. He tells Blair that she is going to make him a very rich man.

John blows out the candles on his birthday cake. They all wish him a happy birthday. Evangeline wants to know who arranged the party and Jessie tells them that it was Natalieís idea. Roxy did the inviting but it was Natalieís idea.

Roxy comes into the police station and wants to collect the $1,000,00 but the police wonít give it to her. Natalie gives her the third degree about throwing the birthday party for John. Roxy starts to leave and Natalie wants to know what happened.
Roxy tells her all about the party.

Bo is on the phone and he tells them that Mendez is on his way over to Asaís to oversee the phone lines but that he is to report to him. Bo and Paige kiss.

Dorian, Kelly and Kevin arrive at Asaís. There is a knock and it is Officer Mendez. They thank Asa for offering the reward. Todd arrives at the mansion. Todd asks Asa why is he doing this?

Eddie is still at the clinic and he is hunting for a phone. The nurse tells 2 minutes and then she is going to have thrown out.

Roxy and Natalie are still fighting over the party.

Evangeline and John are outside and she is remembering the night that John gave her the necklace. She writes something on a piece of paper and hands it to him. He kisses it and places it in his pocket.

Marcie and Michael are together and Marcie thanks him for inviting her. They make plans to spend time together.

Antonio wants to take Jessie home and she agrees. They leave as does Marcie and Michael.

Evangeline and John are sharing a piece of cake.

Bo and Paige are making love.

Asa tells them that he doesnít care about any of them. All he cares about is his family.

Nigel answers the phone and it is Eddie. He gives the phone to Asa. Eddie then tells him that he has the girl and where can he pick up the money.

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