OLTL Update Tuesday 3/8/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/8/05



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Nora and Daniel are shocked when Matthew shows up while they are having sex. Nora talks to Matthew and Matthew tells his mom that he doesn't have a problem with her marrying Daniel, if that would make her happy. He says that he would rather his parents be divorced and get along, than married and fighting.

Michael shows up at John's place, with a birthday cupcake and a present. But John is not excited about his birthday, and does not want a big celebration. Michael asks him about Evangeline, and John tells him that she doesn't know about John's birthday, and he doesn't want her to know.

Evangeline and Antonio brainstorm ideas to win the custody battle against R.J. Antonio realizes that Evangeline wants to win because of personal reasons also, and questions her about it. Evangeline tells him that it will only help them, not hurt them in the case.

Jessica approaches R.J. and Jamie and tells R.J. that his determination to take Jamie away from Antonio will not be rewarded, and that someday Jamie will hate him for it. Evangeline also approaches R.J. and R.J. says that the only reason she took the case is because of their past relationship, but Evangeline denies it.

Matthew invites Bo over after Nora leaves, and talks to him about Daniel. He does not want Bo and Daniel to hate each other and be fighting all the time.

Natalie finds out about John's birthday, and when John comes to the station she confronts him about it and gives him a "birthday hug". Evangeline walks into the police station and sees them hugging. After calling the police station earlier and hearing Natalie on the phone, she once again questions John's motives.

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