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One Life to Live Update Monday 3/7/05



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John and Evangeline are in bed when he gets a phone call.  She says that she can tell from his face who the caller was.  He assumes she meant Natalie, but he tells her that isn't who it was.  She quickly asserts that it was the LPD calling him, which she can tell from the look on his face.  He gets dressed.  She apologizes for giving him a hard time a few weeks ago.  She respects him for going with his gut about the Cristian case.  She tells him that she trusts him.  He has a flashback to Cristian telling him that he is the real one and not to tell Natalie.   He says that he needs to talk to her about Cristian. Evangeline reminds John of what happened and says that they are all safer with the fake Cris in jail.  He kisses her and tells her that what he had to tell was not important.  She looks puzzled and he leaves.

At the coffee place Hallowed Grounds, Natalie and Rex chat and have coffee.  He tries to get her to take the job at the LPD.   She knows that he just wants to use her to help him find out who killed Paul so he can get the DA off Jen's case.  He denies it and gives her a speech about how she should prove to everyone that she really is starting a new life.  They talk about Cristian and John a bit.  Finally, she agrees that Rex is right; she will take the job, if it still available.  She tells him in no uncertain terms that she will not grant him any favors.

Nora, Daniel, and Riley wonder how the note got into Jen's printer (it is part of the note that got sent to Rex about loaning him the money).  Jen swears she's never seen it before.  Daniel wants to take it to be examined, but Riley grabs his arm and tells him that he will need a warrant.  Jen doesn't care what Daniel does because she's innocent, but Riley keeps telling her to be quiet.  He points out that she has to think of Daniel as the DA and not as his father.  Daniel asks Riley if they can speak outside, so they go.  Jen is very upset.  Nora advises her not to speak without her lawyer.  Outside, Daniel protests when Riley accuses him of going after his girlfriend.  He swears that this is not easy for him and he just has to do his job.  They argue some more.  Inside, Jen tells Nora that anyone could have had access to her printer while they were at the Love House.  Nora questions her a bit.  Jen asks Nora if she really thinks she could have shot anyone after her father was shot and killed.  Daniel and Riley return.  Daniel apologizes for the way things turned out but says he will get that warrant.  Things seems tense between Riley and Jen as Daniel and Nora leave. 

Jen tells Riley that she never saw that letter and she hopes he believes her.  He does and he takes the printer, threatening to throw it out the window.  She stops him, saying that it will be destroying evidence.  He argues that it will only be Daniel and Nora's words against theirs, but she points out that the jury will be more likely to believe the DA and ADA.  She tells Riley that she was worried that his being with her would change him into Rex.  He is offended by that and they argue.  She says she has to protect him the same way he wanted to protect her, then she leaves.

David, Todd, and Dorian are in Bo's office at the LPD.  They argue about the search and whose fault it is that Blair is missing.  Todd wants to go out to find Blair himself.  He tells Bo that he won't go home and he wants to help.  Bo tells him the best way he can help is go home and to take care of his children.  Todd leaves.

Natalie drops by Bo's office while he is on the phone.  She asks him if the job as personal assistant is still available and that she will take it.  He is happy but tells her that he has to follow a lead on Blair.  He tells her to go see the human resources person to get information about the job, then he tells Dorian and David about his lead.  They are overjoyed. 

Dorian is glad that they won't have to listen to Todd playing martyr any more.  David says that Todd's gone through hell and that he feels sympathy for him, which annoys Dorian.  They discuss Margaret and what would happen to David if he ever did something like that to Dorian.  Dorian vows that Todd and Viki will never terrorize their family again.

Rex drops by with a plant for Natalie's new job.  He sees her keys and covers them with a folder.  They chat about her new job and then Rex steals her keys while she is away from her desk.  He breaks into Bo's office and then hides when he hears someone outside.  He steals some papers.  Natalie chats with John, who is outside Bo's office, wondering why it's locked.  She tells him about her new job.  She wonders if it was a bad idea, but he tells her to take the job if she wants it.  She is not so sure that Evangeline will be happy about it, but he assures her that it won't be an issue.  They shake hands as he welcomes her to the LPD.  She sees Rex through the window behind John, so she covers for him.  John has a file to take into Bo's office, so she offers to take it in for him.  Rex opens the door and she takes the keys back while yelling at him.  They go back to the coffee place.  She chews him out for using her.  She states that from now on, her job is off-limits to him.  He kisses her and calls her his hero.  He thanks her because he found what he's looking for.

Starr sneaks downstairs during the night with her backpack, about to leave out the front door, but Viki catches her.  Starr wants to be with her dad.  They argue and Starr yells a lot.  Viki insists that Starr listen to her for five minutes, so they sit down.  Viki is proud of Starr for keeping the family together while her parents were missing.  She points out that Todd never thinks about the consequences.  Starr protests.  Viki asks her to think about what would happen if Margaret is still out there and kidnapped Starr.  Jack comes down and asks about where his parents are.  Starr says she was about to leave, but he begs her not to go and hugs her tightly.  She sighs that she won't leave.

Todd comes rushing into the apartment and starts going through the desk. Viki comes rushing downstairs. Todd tells her that Blair was not in the car when it was crushed.  Todd He finds some pictures of Blair and then tells her matter-of-factly that he is going to find her. Viki then tells him to let the police find her. Todd wonít listen to her and tells her again that he is going to find her. Viki throws out her arms and tells him that she is not going to let him go.  They argue.  She tells him that he needs to be with his children.  Starr comes out, so Todd tells her that Blair was not in the car.  Starr is very happy.  Todd prevents her from leaving and tells her to go up to sleep so she will be rested when Blair returns.  They hug.  Starr says she won't be able to sleep but she will go lie down.  Viki is pleased but when Todd leaves anyway, she is a bit frustrated.

Blair lies in a bunch of garbage.  A homeless junkie, Eddie, finds her and ties a rag around her arm (not sure why).  He strokes her and then picks her up.  He says they will have a sweet time as he puts her in his shopping cart and takes her to his "home".  He takes her to an alley.  He admires her jewelry and then steals it.  He talks to Blair, even though she is still unconscious.  He makes some comments that lead us to believe that he might want to molest her.  Then he has a conversation with himself about whether she is dead or not, and then how he can help her.  He can't think straight but decides that selling her ring will help him get his head on right.  He leaves, saying he has to look out for number one.  Blair looks deathly pale.

Dorian and David are in bed, drinking champagne and playing cards. Dorian tells David that the police had followed up on that lead and didnít find anything. They began talking about keeping Todd away from Blair.  She giggles about how she framed Viki for stealing money at the university.

Nora and Daniel enter the squad room and go through the evidence, talking about Jen. Nora tells him that she doesnít believe that Jen killed Paul. Nora says offhandedly that she thinks there is as much chance that Jen killed Paul as that she or Daniel killed him (is that a guilty look in Daniel's eye?).  Daniel fills Bo in about what happened with Jen and how he has to get a warrant to search his own son's apartment.  Bo looks surprised and sympathetic.

John goes back to his apartment and climbs into bed with Evangeline. She asks him if anything had happened at the station, but he replies, "Nothing important".

Starr comes downstairs and pulls out the family portrait from the edge of the stairs (the one that Blair slashed up when she was angry at Todd leaving her).  Todd returns, so Starr explains that Blair was just angry when she did this.  She says that Blair never gave up hope.  Todd suggests they hang it up so that Blair will see it when she comes back.

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