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The scene opens with Antonio, Robert and Jessie. Antonio asks,” who are you?” “Answer me.” Robert tells him to take it easy, man. My name is Robert. Antonio then asks him,” what do you want?” Robert tells him that he had just run into a friend at a bar outside of town. Jessie then steps in and tells him that she has never seen him before in her life. Robert tells her that he sure has seen a lot of her. Antonio grabs him by the shirt and says,” you had better think about what you just said.” Jessie tries to separate them and she tells Antonio that he is obviously mistaken. Antonio then lets him go. Robert then tells Antonio that he doesn’t know what Jessie has told him but she was with him last night.

Nora is ordering a cake and she tells the woman behind the counter could she write, ”Congratulations Jen and Riley across the top?” She turns around when John speaks to her. John orders a cup of coffee and Nora asks, ”caffeine” and John says something like that. She then sniffs his clothes and asks, ”why do you smell like smoke?” He tells her that he has been working the fire over on Lovell Road.” She asks him if that is the one where the grad school student died?” He tells her yes. Nora asks him if he thinks it was foul play?” John tells her until they know otherwise. The waitress then brings the coffee and he thanks her and Nora tells him that the coffee is on her. John says, ”on you?” Nora says yes, the big spender that I am. John starts to leave and he stops by the counter to put sugar in his coffee when Rex confronts him and asks him when he has seen Natalie? John tells him here and there. Rex tells him that he is really proud of her holding it together like she has. John nods his head and says, ”Good.” Rex then gets up and follows and tells him that it couldn’t have been easy saying good-bye to her husband all over again. John says, ”spit it out, Rex!” “What is this?” “What has this got to do with me?” Rex tells him that he doesn’t him screwing it up for Natalie again. He wants John to stay away from Natalie.

Evangeline turns the doorknob and opens the door. She sees Natalie behind the counter. She smiles and says, ”Natalie!” “What are you doing here?” Natalie tells her that Roxie had an after hour hair emergency. Evangeline just smiles. Natalie asks, ”you here to see John”? Evangeline tells her that he is working that she just came by to leave him something. Natalie says, ”well,why don’t you just take it on up to his room. You do have a key?” Evangeline says, ”no, actually I don’t. ”Natalie mumbles under her breath that she knew that John wasn’t going to take her advice. Evangeline exclaims, ”advice.” Exactly what advice was that?

At the police station Todd is talking to Bo and he says, ”so you didn’t find a body in the wreckage?” Bo says that Blair was not in the trunk of Margaret’s car when it was crushed. Dorian exclaims, ”of course she wasn’t. David then asks, ”if she wasn’t in that car, then where was she?”

Riley opens the door and comes in carrying a box and he exclaims that that was the last of them. Jen tells him that it was going to take years to unpack all this stuff. He takes Jen in his arms and gives her a kiss. They are still kissing when there is a knock at the door. He goes to open it and they find Rex’s father, Daniel standing there and Riley wants to know what he wants. Daniel tells them that he just came by to wish them well and Riley tells him that they do not want his good wishes. Jen wants to know if they are having some kind of fight or something? Jen tells them that somebody had better tell her what was going on? Riley says, ”well,I’ll tell you. My Dad thinks you are a murderer.”

Nora says, ”that is perfect,” as she closes the lid on the cake. She leaves and Rex and John open the door for her. Rex tells John Natalie is his sister and he doesn’t want to see her hurt. John tells him that he won’t hurt her. Rex tells him that he wouldn’t mean to. He says that Natalie is tough but underneath it all she is barely holding it together. Rex tells him if Natalie comes to him for help to just turn the other way.

Evangeline wants to know what advice that she gave to John. Natalie tries to avoid the conversation but then she tells her that she went to the police station to see her Uncle Bo and asked him for a job. Evangeline states, ”you’re wanting a job at the police station?” Natalie tells her that Bo was telling her about a job at City Hall and as she was leaving she overheard some other police officers giving him a hard time about their relationship. Natalie told John that she had found that John had given her a key to his apartment and I told him that he was a jerk for not telling you to keep it. Evangeline asks Natalie why did she care whether she had a key to John’s apartment or not. Natalie tells her that she wants her and John to work out. Natalie tells her that they really belong together. Evangeline doesn’t want to believe her. Natalie says, ”what is your problem?” Evangeline says, ”you tell me.” Natalie tells her that if she knows that John is committed to their relationship and she pauses in mid sentence and she tells her that she was a smart girl, figure it out.

Bo tells Todd that if he knew where Blair was he would tell him. Todd said that she was out there somewhere and he had to go and find her. Dorian and David told him that they were going to go with him. Bo tells them that she may not be alive. Bo tells Todd that just because they didn’t find Blair’s body didn’t mean that she was still alive.

In a pile of garbage you can Blair and she is unconscious.

At the diner Jessica is telling that she was at Capricorn awhile back and if she had offended him. He tells her that he had seen her at a bar outside of town and that was last night. She tells him that he was mistaken that she was home all last night. Robert says, ”whatever”, and then leaves. Antonio motions toward a table for Jessica to sit down. He asks her if the guy doesn’t look familiar. Jessica tells him that she is positive that he doesn’t look familiar. A man appears at the table and hands Antonio a piece of paper that he is to appear in court on the date specified. He told him if he failed to appear in court then sole custody will be awarded to Mr. Gannon. Antonio tells Jessica that he doesn’t know why R.J. is going through with this.

Rex tells Natalie at Capricorn that he isn’t any closer to finding the killer of Paul Cramer. Natalie tells him that she doesn’t know why her Uncle Bo gave him the go ahead to look into this Murder on his own. Natalie tells him about her conversation with Evangeline and Rex tells her that he had a conversation with John about her.

Evangeline is waiting for John when he gets home and she demands why he would share intimate details about their relationship with Natalie. Evangeline tells him that Natalie had told her that she had given him advice on how to handle her. John wants to know what she is talking about and Evangeline tells him, ”the key thing.” John tells her that was a good thing because now Natalie knew that they were a couple. Evangeline still wants to argue and she tells him that if he thinks Natalie is over him then he is blind. John and Natalie go up to his room and he thinks that Natalie is trying to help. Evangeline tells him that Natalie is trying to hide her feelings for him, feelings that didn’t go away even when her husband came home. John tells her why don’t she?

Riley is still fussing with his Dad over thinking that Jen had killed Paul Cramer. Nora walks up behind him and asks where he was the night before that she had waited at Capricorn forever for him. Jen and Riley invite them in. Daniel gives them their gift. Daniel and Riley talk and then they share a hug as Nora and Jen come back into the room.

Dorian still says that if Blair isn’t in the trunk of the car then she must still be alive. Bo tells them that he must go on the evidence that he has. Bo tells them that a survey of the trunk turned up a significant amount of blood. He tells them that he has officers combing the area.

You still see Blair lying unconscious. Then you see someone’s feet walking.

Daniel and Nora begin to help Jen and Riley set up their apartment. Daniel goes white when he starts to pull the computer out of the box. They all want to know why. Daniel tells them that the note that Rex got about Paul Cramer’s murder was typed on the paper that comes with that computer.

Dorian asks if Margaret does have Blair then they should offer a reward for information leading to the whereabouts but before she can finish Todd interrupts and asks for a map of the junkyard. Todd tells Bo that Margaret could have Blair right now.

Robert is still watching Jessica and Antonio talking at their table. Antonio asks how can he prove to the judge that he is a good father. Jessica tells him again to use the Santi money to get his daughter back but he won’t agree.

Evangeline are still talking. Evangeline tells him that he is the only man that she wants and he tells her to prove it. Then they share a shower. He picks her up and carries her into the shower.

Rex and Natalie sit down at a table and they are still talking about her wanting John and him still wanting Jen. She tells him that John and Evangeline are a couple. Then Natalie remembers a card game she shared with John and that she still loves him.
Rex tells her not to give up on John and neither was he.

Rex and Natalie are still talking and Natalie tells him to just forget about Jen. Natalie tells him that Jen has made her choice.

Daniel and Riley are fussing and Daniel tells them that he has to take the printer in for investigation. They are fighting over the printer and it falls to the floor and breaks. A piece of paper falls to the floor and Nora reads it.

John and Evangeline have finished their shower and she tells him that she has a hundred things to do and why does he put up with her. The phone rings and it is Antonio for Evangeline and he tells her that he has been served with a court summons and she tells him to meet her at her office.

Robert comes up to the table and ask Jessica, ”if he could ask her a question. ”about your boyfriend does he know what a wild one you are. Jessica tries to blow her off but he tells her that she wasn’t that drunk when they left the bar but that her secret was safe with him. Robert sits down at the table and asks her what does he have to do to remind her. Antonio watches them through the window and he comes up and tells Robert that if he ever catches him near her again. Then they leave the diner.

John tells Evangeline that she aroused feelings in him that he thought he would never feel again. Then they kiss.

Natalie tells Rex that if he wants to live in hopes that he will get back together with Jen to go ahead.

Nora reads the note and Daniel thinks that Jen is still the killer.

Dorian is going through some papers at the police station and Daniel brings her a cup of coffee. Bo comes up and hands him Blair’s wedding band. The phone rings and the forensic expert tells Bo that the lock on the trunk on Margaret’s car had been forced open from the inside.

A man walks up and pushes back the hair from Blair’s face.

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