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The scene opens with Bo sitting at his desk, talking on the phone, and in his hand he is holding a missing person file of Blair Cramer. He is asking the person, who he is talking to what is the holdup? Bo says, that he knows that they have been working all night but so have they. He asks when they were going to get the cars out of the compactor?" He also tells them that he wants to know the minute that they recover the wreck. He tells them that he will be in his office. He tells them bye and he hangs up. He hears a knock on the door and he tells them to come in. Antonio opens the door and walks in. Bo says, Antonio. Antonio tells him that he knows that he has a full plate right now but that he has been looking for them all night and that he is worried out of his mind. Bo asks," who's missing?" Antonio tells him that Jessie has been gone all night.

Jessie wakes up in a different bed than her own. Vicki opens the door and comes in. Jessie, she says, hi, baby. "What are you doing here?" "Why are you in my bed?" Jessie turns over and pushes her hair back. I don't know, she says. I just woke up and here I am. Vicki asks her was she frightened or something?" Jessie tells her that last night was a complete blur to her. Vicki tells her that she did sleepwalk as a child. That it might have come back. That she had been going through an awful lot lately. Jessie asks her," would it come back now." That they had all been going through allot. That she didn't know how she did it. Vicki tells her that she has something to tell her. She tells Jessie that Todd is o.k. that he came back. He had been held captive by Margaret Cochran but that he was alright. But that Blair wasn't. That Blair had died. Jessie says that she was so sure that Blair would be alright. That Todd must be devastated. Vicki tells her that he is. Vicki also tells her that Dorian will not believe she is dead that she is still alive.

The scene switches to Dorian's living room and she is serving breakfast to Kelly, Adriana and David and she is telling them what all she has to eat for breakfast. She then walks over to the desk and she tells them that they have all got allot to do. She tells them that a private investigator will be there soon and someone will have to be there to talk to him. That someone needs to go the printers and pick up the posters. Adriana then asks what about the police. Dorian tells her so that they can mess it up. Dorian tells them that if they are going to find Blair that they are going to do it ourselves. She then apologizes to Kelly about snapping out at her at the police station. Kelly tells her that that was alright that what did she want them to do. Dorian tells them when they do find Blair that they were going to make sure that she never laid eyes on Todd Manning again.

Todd is lying on the sofa, dreaming about the compactor crushing the car. He cries out which wakes him up. Starr comes downstairs, hugs him and tells him that everything is alright.  Starr tells him that she had a dream that it was all a big mistake and that her Mom was coming home. But then she woke up and she knew that her Mom was never coming home. Todd tells her to name some things that she loved about her Mom but Starr tells him that she can't but then she started naming things that she loved about her and that she would tell her Mom that she wasn't a baby but Blair would tell her that she was her baby. Starr then asks," why did this have to happen?" I hate that Margaret person for doing this to us. Todd made a promise to Starr that no matter what that he would find Margaret and that he would make her pay for what she had done to them.

Kelly told Dorian, David and Adriana that they should think about just bringing Blair home rather than worrying about Todd. But Dorian wouldn't hear such a thing. That the best thing that happened to Blair was the day that Todd walked out on their wedding. Kelly reminded her that Todd had been kidnapped by Margaret. Dorian wants to believe that Todd and Margaret had it all arranged. Just then the doorbell rings and Dorian goes to answer it. It is her sister, Addie and a nun. She invites them in . The nun goes into the kitchen and Dorian takes Addie into the living room. She takes her coat off and they offer her something to eat. Addie then tells Dorian that she had had a bad dream about Blair. That she had had to take Blair to her own funeral. She then asks Dorian if Blair is alright and Dorian tells her that she is. Addie then tells her that she wants to see her.

Vicki tells Jessie that she feels so sorry for Dorian. That although they had had their differences that she wouldn't wish this on her worst enemy. Jessie just shakes her head and says, " poor Todd." She pauses a moment and says, "Starr." Vicki tells her that Todd had to tell Starr that her Mother was never coming home. Todd tried to be strong for Starr but it was killing him. Vicki says that they were so close to being reunited and for this to happen. She said that love is a precious thing and never take it for granted. She then asks, "if Jessie has talked to Antonio." Jessie tells her that they have allot going on right now. Just then Jack comes into the room and asks can he go home now? Vicki goes over to him and tells him yes for him to wait for her out in the hall. Jessie asks her if she is going to tell Jack about his Mom and she tells her no that it was left up to Todd. Vicki asks again if Jess is o.k. and Jessie tells her not to worry about her to worry about Todd. Jessie tells her that she has a headache. Vicki wants to get something for her to take but Jess refuses.

Bo asks Antonio how many times has he tried to contact Jessie and he tells him three or four times and he has even called her friends. Bo tells him to let them try her cell phone again before he files a missing person report. Bo dials the number and Jessie answers. Bo asks her if she is alright and she tells him, yes. Bo tells her that Antonio has been worried about her and Jessie tells him to let her take to Antonio. Antonio tells her that he was worried about her and she tells him that she was sorry that she worried him. Jessie tells him that she was home and he tells her no that he had come by and she was nowhere to be found. Jessie tells him that she hadn't slept in her room that she had slept in her Mom's. Antonio is puzzled but Jessie tells him that she used to sleepwalk and that must have been what happened. Antonio said that her room was really trashed and there was a lipstick stain on the mirror. This puzzles Jessie but she makes up the excuse that Starr had been over there and she must have done it. Jessie then asks if he has heard about Blair and he tells her he has. Antonio and Jessie agree to meet at the diner. Antonio hangs up and leaves Bo's office. He meets Bo outside the door and tells him that he is sorry and Bo says "well, as long as she is o.k.

Bo walks back inside his office and through the door walks Paige. Paige and Bo talk a few minutes and she urges him to take a break. He tells her that he should stay there until at least they recover Blair's body.

Addie still wants to know where Blair is and Dorian stalls to tell her. Addie asks again, why won't you tell me where Blair is?" David comes up with the excuse that she is at Disneyworld. Addie tells him that he's lying that Blair had promised to take her to Disneyworld and that she would never go without her. David tries to change it and say that she is at Disney Land. Addie tells them that they are all lying. Then she takes Dorian by the hand and asks her again where Blair is?

Starr asks Todd if he is going after Margaret? Starr tells him that she wants to kill Margaret right now. Todd tells her not to talk like that, that her Mother wouldn't want her to. Todd tells Starr that her Mother is always with them. Just then the door opens and Vicki brings Jack home. Immediately he wants to know where his Mom is. Vicki tells Todd that that is all he has been talking about. Jack again asks if his Mother is upstairs? Todd and Vicki doesn't know what to do so Starr steps in and takes his suitcase and tells him for them to go upstairs and she will show him some of her new video games. Jack asks, "why is she being so nice to him?"

Vicki and Todd begin to talk and Vicki asks him how he is?" Todd tells her that he can't believe that Blair is really gone. He said that they were going to be married and have a storybook ending. He also said that he was going to hunt down Margaret Cochran and kill her.

Antonio meets Jessie at the diner. She is looking at the headline about Todd. Antonio asks if she's alright and she tells him she's fine. She tells him that she found his note when she got dressed. He asks her about the sleepwalking and she tells him that she did it when she was a child. He tells her that there was another time when she wasn't where she was supposed to be and that this sleepwalking could be getting more serious and it may have happened more than once.

Kevin is talking to Duke and he tells him that he had to have time to sort things out. He tells him that he saw Kelly at the police station and then later at the cemetery. He said that she had the police station and he had followed her. He said that they had gotten into an argument at the police station and saw some things that they shouldn't have and then they had said good-bye to their son together. Kevin asks Duke how did Asa react to Blair being dead and Duke tells him that he had done everything except dance on her grave. Duke wants him to apologize to Adriana but Kevin tells him that Asa would never do that. After some more talking Kevin tells Duke that they were not going to let him get by with it.

Addie is still talking to Dorian about Blair and she makes Dorian sister swear that Blair is alright. Dorian sister swears. Addie then decides to leave and come back another time. After she leaves Dorian starts to cry and tells David that she lied to her sister.

Antonio wants Jessie to get some help about her sleepwalking but Jessie refuses. Antonio says that he worries when Jessie isn't where she is supposed to be. He reminds her again about the stalker and she tells him that she hadn't gotten any notes in a while. They are busy talking when "Robert" (her date from last night) comes into the diner. He is reminded of the evening he had spent with her.

Paige gives Bo a back massage and then they share a kiss. A police officer interrupts them and tells Bo that he has a phone call concerning Blair Cramer.

Vicki tries to convince Todd that revenge against Margaret Cochran isn't the answer. She reminds him who would raise his children if he went to prison for killing Margaret. She told him to work with the police . He agrees and leaves the apartment.

Dorian tells David that she lied to her sister. She begins to cry and she thinks then what if Blair really is dead. She asks too, What if she had failed her other girls?"

Adriana is talking to Kelly and she is telling her that she had promised to go to the police station with Dorian when they bring in Blair's body. Kelly tries to tell her that Dorian tries to protect everyone. That she had never seen Dorian like this. They are continuing to talk when the doorbell rings and it is Kevin and Duke. Kevin apologizes to Adriana about what Asa said to her.

Todd enters the police station and Dorian orders him to leave. Todd asks her if they have located Blair and she tells him that she doesn't know. Bo comes out of his office and Todd asks him if he has found Blair. Bo just looks at them.

Robert is talking to Jessie and telling her that he thought that he would never see her again. Jessie asks him, "do I know you?" Robert tells her that he had a great time with her. Just then Antonio comes up behind him and runs him off away from Jessie.

Adriana tells Kevin that he doesn't owe her an apology. Kelly wants to know what Asa said and Duke tells her. Kevin apologizes again and Adriana accepts.

Vicki is reading a story to Jack and Starr. Starr said that she misses her Mom and Vicki tells her that she knows she does.

At the police station, Bo takes Dorian, David and Todd into his office. Bo tells him that there was no body in the car when it was destroyed. Bo said that Blair wasn't in the car when it was destroyed.

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