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One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/2/05



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The show opens at the police station, where Kevin brings coffee for Dorian, Vikki, and Kelly, who are all anxiously awaiting news about Blair. Dorian picks up The Sun, which has a story about Todd's survival. She becomes angry, saying that "they failed to mention that Todd is the one who got Blair into this mess!" Shortly after, a television reporter with a camera crew comes up to Dorian, questioning her about Blair.

The scene then switches to Dorian's home, with David and Starr just getting home. "I don't want to be here. I want to be at the police station until my parents get back", Starr says. David attempts to cheer her up, but Starr is too upset, not wanting to do anything until her parents return. David thinks that watching some TV may help Starr, so he turns on the television, only to find Dorian on the news. "Who is going to raise Starr and Jack Manning if their parents are found dead?" the reporter asks. Starr looks very worried.

Matthew is at Nora's home, watching Dorian on TV. Nora walks in and sees what he is watching, and quickly turns it off. Matthew turns to her and asks, "Is it true? Is Starr's mom really dead?"

David turns off the TV at Dorian's house, and tells Starr that her mom will be fine. Starr doesn't believe him, and wants to go to the police station. David says that she can't, and as she persists, near tears, David hugs her.

At the police station Kevin interrupt's the reporter's questioning of Dorian, but Dorian tells Kevin it is alright. Dorian tells the reporter that Blair "will raise her children when she comes home". Police see the reporter and kick him out. Todd then arrives at the police station with Bo. Dorian asks about Blair, and then, realizing that Todd is upset, asks what happened. Bo tells Kevin, Kelly, Vikki, and Dorian, who are all gathered around him, that they were "too late". Dorian asks what he means, and Todd tells her that Blair is dead. Accusing him of lying, Dorian says, "Blair can't be dead!". Vikki tells Dorian that they should just let Bo and Todd explain, but Dorian yells at her to shut up and questions Bo further. Bo tells her that they found the car, but it was too late. Dorian once again is confused by what he is saying. Dorian asks where the body is, still not believing that Blair is dead. As Bo tries to calmly explain everything, Todd becomes angry and tells them about the car compacter yelling, "She was crushed to death!"

The scene changes to the Buchanan mansion, and Asa is reading the paper. He becomes angry that Todd is still alive, so he turns on the TV, on which a reporter is saying that Blair is dead. Asa becomes happy, saying terrible things about Blair, just as Duke and Adriana walk in, shocked.

David tries to distract Starr, though Starr can tell. Starr asks if she can turn the TV back on, but David thinks it is not a good idea.

Vikki asks Bo if he is sure that Blair was in the car when it was crushed, and Dorian says that until the body is found Blair will not be considered dead. Bo tells them that there is a possibility that Blair is still alive, but also that evidence suggests she is not. Kelly is upset, and leaves police station. On her way out the reporter asks Kelly about Blair, but Kevin stops the reporter by throwing him against the wall. Kelly and Kevin leave, and the reporter is once again thrown out by the police. Todd tells Vikki that he wants to see his kids, but Dorian says she will not let him.

At the Buchanan mansion Duke yells at Asa for saying what he did about Blair. Adriana asks if it is true that Blair is dead, and Nigel tells her that it appears so, and that he's sorry. Duke asks Asa to apologize, but Adriana does not want any apology, so Duke leaves with Adriana.

Bo leaves the police station to check on Matthew, and Vikki and Dorian argue about whether or not Todd should see Jack and Starr. Dorian gets frustrated and leaves, so Vikki calls David and asks him to take Starr to her home.

Kelly runs to graveyard, but Kevin followed her. He says he understands and that he loved Blair too. Kelly tells Kevin to leave, but Kevin says he won't leave her alone. But Kelly says that she is not alone she is with her son. She then looks to a headstone that reads "Kevin Riley Buchanan Jr."

Bo went to Nora's, and Matthew asks him about Blair. Bo tells him that the case is not closed yet, and that it is confusing. Matthew presses for more information, and Bo tells him that they believe that Blair is dead.

Vikki takes Todd to his home to wait for Starr. Todd tells Vikki he does not know what to say to Starr. Vikki tells him that he does not have to tell her yet, because Blair could still be alive. But Todd is convinced she is dead. Starr arrives home and sees Todd. She runs to him and hugs him, telling him she never gave up on him, then asks where her mother is. Todd then sits her down, and tells her that Blair is dead.

Adriana comes home and sees Dorian hugging a picture of Dorian, Blair, and Addie. Adriana apologizes for not being there, but Dorian is in denial, saying that Blair is fine.

At the graveyard Kelly tells Kevin that it is her fault that their baby died, but Kevin tells her it is not her fault at all. Kevin says he likes the name, and that he doesn't know what to say. Kelly tells him to say goodbye to his son, and Kevin does.

Starr yells at Todd, and at first thinks he is lying about Blair. Then she blames Todd for her mother's death. Todd tries to hug and console her, but she pushes him away, and runs up the stairs yelling that she hates him and wishes he were dead.

Kevin apologizes to Kelly for not being with her when she had their son, and when he died. He says he is sorry for so many things, and that he made so many mistakes. He asks for Kelly's forgiveness, and Kelly asks if he can forgive her.

Vikki tells Todd that Starr did not mean what she said, but Todd tells Vikki that Starr was right, and that he is responsible. He says that it is his fault that Blair is dead. Todd asks Vikki to leave, because he wants to be alone. He sits alone for a while, then looks up to see that Starr had come down. Starr apologizes to Todd, while hugging him, crying.

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