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The scene opens with Vicki, Dorian and Kelly. Kevin comes in carrying a tray of coffee. He sets the tray down on the table and hands Dorian the newspaper. She states matter-of-factly, "oh, this is just great." The headline on the newspaper reads, "Sun Publisher, Todd Manning survives harrowing ordeal. Dorian continues to rant and rave that this is all Todd's fault that Blair wouldn't be missing if it hadn't been for him. Vicki just rubs her eyes and tells Dorian that this wasn't the place for this that there would be plenty of time to blame Todd afterwards. Just then a reporter squeezes by Kevin and asks Dorian, "your niece, Blair Cramer has been missing for a few days, is there any chance that she is still alive?"

David takes Starr home but she tells him that she would rather be at the police station. David tells her that she doesn't want food out of an old rusty machine and she tells him that she is not hungry. That she doesn't want to do anything until her Mom and Dad are found and she turns and walks into the living room and sits down on the couch. David turns on the TV and a reporter is talking to Dorian and asking her, "who is going to raise Starr and Jack Manning if their Mother is found dead? Dorian tells him, "my niece is very much alive".

Matthew is watching TV and he also sees the reporter interviewing Dorian. Nora comes downstairs and sees what he is watching and she immediately turns the TV off. He looks up at her and asks, "Is Starr's Mom really dead"

David turns the TV off, Starr gets up from the couch and wants to go back to the police station but David won't let her. She tries to pull away but David holds her as she begins to cry.

Dorian tells the reporter that  "Blair will be raising her children once she comes home." There is a disturbance and the police runs the reporter out of the squad room. Vicki asks Dorian if she is o.k. and she tells her that she doesn't need her help as well as Kevin's. Just then Vicki turns and she sees Todd and Bo come into the squad room. Dorian immediately wants to know about Blair. Bo tells her that they were too late. Dorian asks again, "What does that mean?" that you were too late. Todd tells her that Blair is dead.

Dorian says matter-of-factly, "Blair can't be dead." You must be out of your mind. What would make you say something like that?" Todd tells her because its true. Dorian tells him he's lying as usual. Vicki tries to console her but Dorian won't hear of it and she demands to know where Blair is. Bo tells her that they had located the car that Blair was locked in but it was too late. Dorian still gets hysterical and demands what he is talking about. Dorian then says if Blair is dead then she wants to see the body. Bo again tries to explain to Dorian but she still won't hear of it and wants to know what happened. Todd then grows angry and tells them all that Blair was in the trunk of the car and it was placed in a smasher and she was crushed to death.

Asa is in the living room of his house and he has just looked at the newspaper and found out that Todd Manning and he makes a fuss of it when Nigel brings in the coffee tray. He turns on the TV. and they are giving a special report that Blair has been found dead. He is overjoyed at the news and says that the she-devil is dead. Isn't that just great. He then turns around and Adriana and Duke are standing there listening to him. He then doesn't know what to do.

David has brought Starr some orange juice but she refuses it. She tells him that nothing will make her feel better until her parents are found. He tells her that that will happen soon.

Vicki asks Bo if he is sure that Blair was inside the car. Bo tells her, "it was crushed!" and they can't retrieve the body was a couple of hours. Dorian still doesn't believe that Blair is dead. Todd tells them that he wishes he was dead instead of Blair and Dorian asks, "then why aren't you?" Kelly is about to cry over the news and Kevin notices a change in her. Dorian again tells Todd that this is all his fault.

Vicki wants to believe that Blair is alive. Bo assures them that the police are still looking. Kelly tries to comfort Dorian but she brushes her off and tells her to leave her alone. Kelly picks up her coat and leaves the squad room and is confronted with a reporter who asks her, "how does she feel about her cousin being crushed?" Kevin comes up and pushes the reporter up against the wall. The reporter then tries to ask Kevin questions and Kevin walks away.

Vicki tries to console Todd but he tells her that he wants to see his children. She tells him where they are. But about that time Dorian comes up and says that Todd will not see Starr nor will he tell her that her Mother is dead." Vicki tells her that this is Todd's decision.

Nora tries to tell Matthew that sometimes reporters jump to conclusions. He wants to call his Dad and Nora finally agrees to call him. When she gets Bo on the phone she can tell something is wrong and she tells him that Matthew is not going to let this go and he tells her that he will be right over.

Duke jumps on Asa for the things that he said in front of Adriana about her cousin Blair being dead. Adriana then asks them if it is really true and they assure her it is. Duke tries to apologize for what his grandfather said but she won't listen. Duke tells Asa to apologize but she won't listen to him knowing full well that Asa hated her family. Duke agrees to take Adriana home. After Adriana leaves the room Duke that he ought to be ashamed of himself.

Dorian still won't agree to let Todd see Starr but Vicki says that it is Todd's decision. She then calls David and tells him that Todd is going home and to take Starr to the apartment.

Starr wants to know what is going on when David hangs up the phone and he tells her to pack her clothes that he is taking her home.

Kevin follows Kelly to the cemetery. She tells him to leave her alone. He tells he can't that she needs someone with her and she tells him that she has someone with her, her son.

Matthew comes running down the stairs to see Bo and he asks right away if they have found Blair? Bo tells him that the case is still open. That they won't know anything for a couple of hours. Bo tells him that he's proud of him. Matthew asks him again," Is Starr's Mom dead?" Bo tells him that they believe she is.

Dorian arrives home and she picks up a picture of Blair that is on the table. Vicki takes Todd home and as Todd comes in the room he looks around. Todd asks Vicki, "how am I going to tell my daughter that her Mother is dead?" Vicki tries to get him to wait awhile before he tells her. He tells Vicki that he talked to Blair and she was begging him for help and that he had let her down. He walks over to the staircase and then the door opens and Starr comes in with David and she immediately runs into Todd's arms. Then Starr looks around and wants to know where her Mom is?

Todd takes her over to the sofa and tells her that her Mother is dead. Starr doesn't want to believe him and tells him that this is all his fault. That they were going to be a family but he ruined everything. She tells him that she hates him and that she wishes he was dead.

Adriana comes in and tells Dorian that she's sorry about Blair but Dorian assures her that Blair is alive. Dorian then tries to get in touch with Kelly to apologize but she cannot reach her.

Kevin and Kelly are at their babies' gravesite. They talk about their lost child. Kelly tells him to tell the child good-bye. Kevin keeps kneeling at the grave talking to the child.

Kevin apologizes to Kelly and tells her that he is sorry that he wasn't there for her. Kevin asks her if she can ever forgive him. She tells him that that is not the question, "can you ever forgive me?' she asks.

Dorian and Adriana are still talking about Kelly when David walks in. Adriana leaves the room and David hugs Dorian as she begins to cry.

Asa tells Nigel that he didn't know that the girl was standing there. Nigel leaves and Duke walks in and confronts Asa again about what he said to Adriana.

Vicki tries to console Todd but he still blames himself for Blair's death.

Matthew is still talking to his Mom and Dad and he agrees to buy Starr a present to get her mind off her Mother.

Todd is sitting alone when Starr comes downstairs and apologizes to him and tells him that she's sorry.

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