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The scene opens with a bed and clothes thrown all over it. You then see a woman's hands coming down and zipping up her high topped boots and straightens them at the top. She then slips on a black dress and smoothes it down with her hands. She applies her red lipstick and smoothes it down with her fingers before licking her lips. She kisses the mirror, picks up her purse and leaves the room.

The scene switches to the diner with Carlotta changing the sign on the door to closed. She walks back over to the counter when she hears a knock on the door and turning around she sees that it is Antonio. Opening the door she tells him that it is late. Antonio tells her that he knows but he was hoping that she was there. She tells him that she was just closing up. He tells her that he needs to talk to you. She asks him is anything wrong. He tells her that he was wondering if he was more like his brother than he thought. Carlotta says, "like your brother.? She tells him in some ways he is like Christian in that he has a good heart." Antonio tells her that he is not talking about Christian but about Tico.

Dorian and Vicki are pacing the floor at the police station and they are trying to be cordial to each other. The phone rings and David answers it. He says hello and then he tells the person on the other end that he is at the police station in the squad room.

Kelly catches up with Kevin and she wants him to listen to her and to just hear her out. Kelly tells him that she is saying this not for her sake but for his. Kevin makes fun of her and tells her that she is always thinking about herself and this was all about her. Kelly tells him that he can say what he wants but she carried their child for nine months and then she buried him. She tells him that he needs to say good-bye to his son.

Dorian grabs up her jacket out of Vicki's lap and tells her that she hates it when she has that fake air of concern. Dorian tells her that since her brother was found alive that she didn't care whether Blair was found dead or not. Vicki grabs her head and exclaims, "oh, my God." "That this is all venomous nonsense." David then interrupts them both and tells them that they have a problem. Dorian immediately thinks that it is Blair. David tells them, "not Blair, but a minnie edition." Vicki wants to know who David was talking to when Starr comes up beside David. She tells them that she thought that she would call the one person who would tell her where her parents were. She then looks at them and asks, "well", "where are they."

The police sirens nears the junkyard where the car is that is holding Blair in the trunk. As soon as the car stops, Todd gets out and rushes over to the gate with Bo close behind. They both find the gate locked. Bo instructs one of the other policeman to find the night watchman. Bo yells at Todd but Todd just keeps on going trying to find a way into the junkyard.

Bo calls for every available unit to come to the junkyard. Todd approaches the wire fence and begins climbing over the fence. Once inside, he goes in search of Blair.

Blair instructs Starr to stop. "Don't tell me that you came here by yourself." Starr says, "o.k. I won't". Dorian tells Vicki to let her handle this, and then she asks Starr, "How did she get there? and Starr asks her, "what does it matter?" Dorian then tells her that she wants the truth and Starr tells her, "I took a cab."

Bo gets bolt cutters and cuts the lock off the door. He instructs the other officers to look for Blair and bring Todd to him. Todd continues to look for Blair. He enters a building and looks down a long hallway of automobile parts.

Carlotta tells Antonio to stop comparing himself to Tico . "You and that man have nothing in common but blood." He tells her that the money from the Santi fortune had come through. He goes on to tell her that R.J. had him served with papers suing for full custody of Jaime. Carlotta tells him that R.J. can't do that. and not to let R.J. intimidate him.

Jessica comes into the bar and sits down on a barstool. She asks the bartender if she is wearing out her welcome and he tells her no, that that seat would always be reserved for her.

Todd runs down the long corridor and he comes upon the night watchman. He then demands to know what the man knows about the car that was brought in earlier that night. But the night watchman gives him the runaround. Todd picks up a glass of water and pours it on the man.

Outside, the crane operator is turning around and he begins to pick up the car. Blair is crying for him to help her.

A man approaches Jessica at the bar and wants to buy her a drink, but she tells him, that she buys her own drinks. He continues to try to "pick her up" but she gives him the brush-off. After he leaves,she notices a man at the other end of the bar.

Antonio and Carlotta are standing at the counter talking about the Santi money and how it makes him feels dirty and that he doesn't want anything to do with it when Adriana and Duke enter the diner and stand there listening to them.

Kevin and Kelly are still arguing over the baby she lost and she tells Kevin that they should have a funeral for him. But Kevin is still cruel and he tells her that that conversation could be the eulogy and them walking out the door could be the funeral and they could just move on.

Vicki assures Starr that her Daddy is alive. Starr is overjoyed but she can't understand why he hasn't contacted her.

Todd is still confronting the watchman about the car. Outside, the crane picks up the car and sets it under the compactor.

Duke tells Antonio that he understands about him getting into with R.J. Carlotta then confronts Antonio about the argument and again she tells him that he should use the Santi fortune to gain custody of his daughter.

Jessica talks to the man at the end of the bar. Jessica tells him that she likes married men who doesn't like to talk at all.

Kelly and Kevin continue to fight and she slaps him.

Todd asks where the compactor is and he goes in search of it, but then two police officers grab him and take him back to Bo.

Bo is still arguing with Todd, but then he decides to let him go in search for Blair. Todd begins the search once again.

Carlotta tells Antonio to marry Jessica and he will stand a better chance of winning custody of his daughter.

Jessica is still coming on to the man in the bar. He introduces himself as Robert. But she won't tell him who she is.

Vicki calls Antonio and tells him to go and check on Jessica and he tells her that he will.

They continue to look for Blair as the crane begins its descent downward.

Antonio enters Jessica's bedroom and find that she's not there but he sees the lipstick imprint on the mirror.

Dorian tells David to take Starr home. Kevin and Kelly come to Vicki and Dorian's side to await word about Blair.

Todd finds the car under the crane and he sees that the car is crushed flat, but then he sees the yellow walkie-talkie on the ground and it also is crushed. He then knows that Blair has been crushed inside the car. He begins to cry and he notices blood oozing down the side of the car.

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