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One Life to Live Update Monday 2/28/05



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The show opens with Bo and Kelly at the police station. They have just left Bo's office when Kevin walks in with Todd leaning on his arm. Kelly exclaims, "Oh. my God, Todd!" as she runs over to him and gives
him a hug and exclaims again, "Oh, my God!" Bo follows close behind and can't hardly believe his eyes. Kelly exclaims again, "we thought you were" but her words drifted off. Bo comes up behind Kelly and says, "we have had all our best men out there looking for you. How did you get out of that cabin alive?" Todd remarks, "I don't know." Kelly looks at Kevin and asks, "You found Todd"? Kevin says, "It's just God's luck." Bo then remarks that Vicki has been going crazy with worry and that Kevin needed to call her and Kevin told him that he had. Kelly moves aside and Bo comes to Todd's side as he leans against the desk. Todd makes a fuss and tells Bo that they have to go find Blair. Bo tells him that he has all his best men and let them handle it but Todd tells him he screwed up and he was going and he couldn't stop him. Todd then just about falls and Bo and Kevin catch him.

Lindsey is sitting at the bar in Capricorn with her elbows propped up under her chin and then she looks at her watch and gets up to leave. She turns around and meets up with R.J. R.J asks her is she leaving and she tells him that she was beginning to believe that he had stood her up. He tells her that he is sorry that he kept her waiting but he had something to take care of. She asked him was anything wrong and he tells her no and then he orders a bottle of their very best. Are we celebrating? Lindsey asks and R.J. tells her that he was waging a battle on winning a war.

Jessica shows up at Antonio's door and with a smile he opens the door. Jessica tells him that she really shouldn't be here but he tells her that it will only be for a couple of minutes. Jessica then objects and tells him that they should go somewhere else that this was their home. He pleads with her to come in and she reluctantly agrees for just a moment. Antonio steps aside and then Jessica sees Jamie playing on the floor. She hurries inside and Antonio shuts the door behind her. Jessica kneels down on the floor and starts playing with Jamie. She turns around and gives Antonio a smile.

Meanwhile back at the police station Todd has sat down at the desk and leans his head over on the desk. Kelly asks him if he is o.k. Kelly reassures Todd that Bo has an idea where Blair was. Todd insists that he is going but Bo tells him that he can't stand up much less go but Todd again says that he is going. Bo wants to call an ambulance for Todd but he refuses. Just then one of the other police officers tells Bo that he has some leads on the parking garage. Kelly walks over to Kevin and tells him that she can't believe that he found Todd. Kevin informs her that he saved Todd's life that he had found him lying beside the road. And what was he going to do leave him there. Kelly says were you really leaving town and he tells her that he was going up to the lodge that he needed some time alone,. He told her that she was the reason that Little Ace was with the Chandler's that she might be able to live with it but he sure can't. Just then Vicki rushes into the room and when she sees Todd she caps her hands over her mouth. Todd asks, I bet you didn't think you'd see me again and Vicki told him not to even joke about it. Behind Vicki, Dorian and David came into the room and they wanted to know who called her and she told them that Vicki did. David says that they wanted to see the bad news for themselves. Dorian rushes over to Todd and demands "Where is she!" Todd tells her that they will find her. Dorian threatens him if anything happens to her.

Blair is still in the trunk of the car and she's praying and pounding her fists, please stop as they hook the car up to a wrecker to take it to a junkyard.

Jessica and Antonio are sharing a tender moment with Jamie and they are regretting a lot of things that had happened in the past and how much Jessica had missed Jamie.

Lindsey and R.J. are sharing a booth and a drink and R.J is trying to get her to go home with him but she reminds him of what went on went she went to his apartment before. Again Lindsey questions R.J about what they are celebrating and still he doesn't seem to want to tell her. They are discussing Jamie when Nora comes up behind them and listens to some of their conversation.

Meanwhile back at the police station Vicki tells Todd that he is not going out on the search for Blair and he tells her he is going. Dorian resents that Vicki is so worried about Todd when they should be worried about Blair. Bo comes out of his office and tells them he has come to a dead end but Todd wants him to check out the leads.

Back at the garage one of the men thinks he hears something and he mentions it to the other man but Blair is getting so weak that can't hardly holler but then she remembers that she has to get out of there for her children's sake. She starts to yell again. Turning she notices the hole that has been made in the back headlight.

At the police station Bo tells them that there isn't any leads but then he is handed a list of addresses. Everyone wants to go with him but he tells them no. Todd insists that the is going and Bo threatens to arrest him but Kevin talks him into letting Todd go.

Adriana and Drew enter the bar and find a booth. They begin sharing different interests and Adriana tells him that she will do anything as long as she can do it with him.

Nora is talking to Lindsey and R.J. and Lindsey asks Nora if she can't do anything else but bother her. The conversation leads to Daniel and him suspecting Jen of killing Paul Cramer. Nora informs them that she believes that Jen is innocent. Nora tells R.J. that he should know about pinning a murder on someone else. Lindsey leaves the table and then R.J. and Nora walk over to the bar. They begin discussing Lindsey and his ex, Liz and how much different they are.

Antonio and Jessica are playing with Jamie when there is a knock at the door. Antonio opens the door and there stands two officers with some papers that R.J. is suing for full custody of Jamie and he was to hand her over.

Nora and R.J. are still discussing Lindsey and Liz when Lindsey rejoins and reclaims her date. Antonio turns Jamie over to the police. Antonio leaves the apartment with Jessica behind.

Dorian and Kelly are talking at the police station. They get into a confrontation with Vicki and then Dorian walks off and Vicki starts talking to Kevin about Todd. He mentions to Vicki about some things that Todd has told him how Margaret had treated him. Vicki wants to know but Kevin won't tell.

Todd and Bo demand information on where the car is but the garage attendant denies knowing anything. The car is on its way to a wrecking yard where it is to be crushed. After seeing the hole in the taillight Blair tries to force a rod through the hole.

Adriana and Drew are talking about Adriana's mom and her memories of her when she was little and then begins to relive memories of his Mom.

Nora is trying to reach Daniel on her cellphone but can't reach him. Just then Antonio rushes into the room and slugs R.J. R.J. throws up to Jessica that she was married to the head of the Santi family. They continue to argue and R.J. threatens to file assault charges against Antonio and filing for full custody of Jamie.

The car has arrived at the junkyard and is unhooked. Blair can hear the sound of the crusher crushing another car and she begins to cry out for help.

Todd assaults the garage attendant about the whereabouts of the car. He then tells Bo and Todd that it is headed for the junkyard.

Jessica and Antonio arrive back at the apartment and she tries to reassure him that he can get a lawyer and get Jamie back that he can use the Santi money to get an attorney. They share a kiss but Jessica pulls away and leaves the apartment.

R.J. and Lindsey are still arguing over Jamie. Lindsey tells him to share custody with Antonio but he flatly refuses. Nora still tries to reach Daniel.

Drew takes Adriana home and they share a kiss.

Bo and Todd are on their way to the junkyard.

At the police station Kevin and Kelly argue over Ace and he tells her that he will never forgive her. Dorian and Vicki argue and Dorian blames Vicki for the whole situation.

Blair is still fighting for her life as the sounds of the police sirens near. She can still hear the cars being
crushed and she is pleading for help.

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