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One Life to Live Update Friday 2/25/05



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 Jen and Marcie are at Rodi's, chatting.  Jen fills Marcie in on what happened with Riley and Rex.  She denies that she is falling for him again.  Hudson, their old friend from the Love House, arrives to chat to Marcie while Jen is away.   They catch up.  He is in grad school now.  He tells her that he got a new apartment (with Nick, the jock-guy from the Love House).  He chats with her about being a published author and invites her and the others to his place Sunday to watch the Oscars.  Hudson leaves her his address and then goes.

Also at Rodi's, Roxy, Natalie and Rex are talking.  Rex tells them what happened with Jen and Riley.  Natalie still thinks Rex should stay way from Jen and that she probably murdered Paul.  Rex doesn't believe that and wants to help her.  Natalie and Roxy agree that Jen is not worth his going to jail for again.  Rex wants to help Bo find the real killer.  They try to talk him out of it, but it does no good.  Rex runs into Jen and they bicker about Riley.  Later, Marcie tries to talk Jen out of hanging out any more with Rex, saying that she should tell him to get lost before he breaks her and Riley up.  Marcie autographs a copy of her book for a fan.  Jen and Marcie toast each other with sodas.  Jen catches Marcie day-dreaming about Michael.

Bo and John confer about the Paul Cramer investigation.  Bo wonders why Daniel didn't find the information about Paul's bank account when it took Bo only 20 minutes on the phone.  Natalie arrives, so Bo tries to get her to take Marcie's old job there.  She turns him down.  He has some coffee and tells her how proud he is of her, for all she's gone through losing her husband twice and being so strong.  She warns him that Rex wanted to help find Paul's killer, so he phones Rex to come down there.  Meanwhile, some police joke around about John giving Evangeline the key to his place.  He comes along so they give him a hard time, too.  Natalie walks in just at the end of this.  She asks if he and Evangeline are moving in together, so he tells her what happened.  She can't believe it and sets him straight about how clueless he was about the key.  He realizes that he screwed up, so she laughs at him.  Then she apologizes, saying it's none of her business.  He doesn't mind her being a friend. She leaves.  Rex arrives, so Bo tells him that he doesn't want him involved in the case.  Rex objects.  Bo wonders if Rex will be handle it, if Jen is the killer.  Rex maintains that she didn't do it.  They argue about it and then Bo warns Rex not to do anything illegal and to stay out of his way.  Rex agrees that he will come to Bo if he finds anything out.  Daniel arrives, so Bo asks him why he didn't find out that the bank account belonged to Paul Cramer, when it was so easy for Bo to find out.

Kelly is also at Rodi's, picking up some take-out.  She phones Kevin and leaves a message on his answering machine.  She warns him to be careful because of what's been going on with Margaret, Blair and Todd.  Roxy comes over and asks about Blair.  She gives Kelly sympathy about losing Ace and reminds her that she raised Natalie, not her natural daughter.  She hopes Kelly will meet up with Ace one day.  This makes Kelly feel better.  Roxy gets annoyed because her car is towed again.  Kelly asks her if she can give her a ride to where it has been towed, so Roxy tells her that it was towed last time to the Elm Street parking garage.  She fills Kelly in on the spooky threatening woman's voice she heard coming from the car, so Kelly asks her if the voice could have been coming from the trunk.  Roxy thinks she can remember what type of car it is, so Kelly makes her go with her to the police station in case it's Blair.  They arrive to fill Bo and Daniel in (letting Daniel off the hook so he doesn't have to answer Bo's question).

Michael gets a gift certificate for a fancy dinner from the nurses, to congratulate him for getting his job back.  They talk about his taking someone he cares about out to dinner.  He runs into Paige.  He praises some work he did but gently chastises him about standing around in the hallway, talking to nurses about his love life.  When she mentions Marcie, he tells her that he and Marcie are just friends.  She apologizes for thinking that they were still together.  He explains that their jobs became an issue between them and wonders if he should just focus on his work now.  Paige encourages him and hopes that he and Marcie can work things out.  Later, Michael recognizes a burn victim that was brought in to the ER.  He phones Marcie to tell her that Hudson was the burn victim, and that he died.  She can't believe it but tells Jen.  Michael is upset as he pulls the sheet over Hudson's face. (the first victim of the new serial killer?)

Evangeline visits Nora at her place, annoyed about John being clueless.  Nora immediately asks what Natalie has done now.  Evangeline protests that Natalie is not the problem.  She explains about what happened with the key.  Nora sits down with her and suggests that she stop over-analyzing everything in the relationship.  She tells Evangeline that she can't expect John to be anything other than what he is: a man.  She points out that John has already chosen her, so it's not a contest with Natalie.  Evangeline agrees and wonders why she's been acting so juvenile.  They share cookies.  Nora tells Evangeline that she thinks the best is yet to come for her and John.  Evangeline says she knows what she has to do now.    Later, Nora, all dressed up, looks in the mirror and speaks to Daniel, saying again that the best is yet to come.

Roxy goes back to Rodi's and tells Rex that she is buying drinks.  She feels very happy about having helped to save someone's life, just like the woman on "Alias".  She does some karate chops and kicks to punctuate her remarks.  Rex lets her know about the meeting he had with Bo.  Natalie arrives, since Rex phoned her.  Roxy tells Nat that she and Rex are helping out the police.  Natalie just wants to go home because she's exhausted.

Outside Rodi's, John tries to Evangeline his key, but she tells him, smiling, that she doesn't need it any more.  He gets a phone call to go to the hospital.  He asks if she's sure, and she says that she is.  They kiss and say, "See ya later".

Kevin and Todd argue in Kevin's car.  Kevin hauls Todd back to the car and has to dig the car out of the snow.  Todd is very impatient and just wants to find Blair.  Kevin wants to go home, but Todd insists that they keep looking for Blair.  Todd grabs the keys from Kevin, but Kevin gets them back.  They argue.  As Kevin starts the car, Kevin tells Todd that he used to act just like him, but he has learned that doing the right thing is what's important.  They argue some more.   They chat about Margaret, the note that she left for Blair, and the past.  Kevin says it's not Bo's fault that he believed that Todd wrote that note.  They talk about putting the past behind them.  Todd lets slip that he slept with Margaret, so Kevin can't believe it.  He laughs at Todd and makes fun of him.  Todd explains what happened.  Just as Bo and Kelly are leaving the police station to find Blair, Todd and Kevin arrive.  Todd, looking very disheveled, quips to Bo, "Sorry I'm late--traffic was a bitch".

The car that Blair is in is about to be towed.  When they lift the car up, Blair rolls and hits her head, which knocks her out for a bit.  The tow truck guy tells the garage guy that he will drop the car off at the compressor on his way home.  Blair yells through the tape on her mouth, "No!"  The cable snaps, so they have to get another one to tow her.  Blair frantically tries to saw through her bonds with something in the trunk.  She finally gets free just as they are towing the car.  She yells and screams, but they can't hear her over the noise.

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