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Jen and Rex are outside of Jen’s, Rex asks her is she’s sure about moving in with Riley. Jen tells a hurt Rex that she loves Riley, but that Rex has really been there for her, and it’s been nice. He tells her that he’ll do anything for her, and she says he has done so much. Riley comes outside, holding the letter he found and asks Jen what exactly Rex did for her, and what it has cost her?

In Bo’s office, he is on the phone with the Mayor’s office, and they are harassing him about the Paul Cramer murder case. He hangs up and asks Officer Hensen to bring all the files from the case to his office. He tells him that the Mayor has made this case their first priority. David walks into the office and asks Bo where that leaves Blair. Paul is already dead, Blair may not be. Bo tells David that he doesn’t need anyone telling him how to do his job. David tells Bo that he wants to help.

At La Boulet, Dorian checks her answering machine, and finds there are no calls. Kelly enters the living room and tells Dorian that she has called all hospitals and clinics, and there were no patients with Blair’s description. Dorian wonders what Margaret did to Blair since she blew up the cabin that Todd was in. Kelly reminds her that Blair was still alive when she got in touch with the police,, and she tells her that Blair wouldn’t give up.

Inside the trunk, Blair moves around, attempting to make noise so that she can be heard.

In Kevin’s car, Todd tries to pressure Kevin into looking for Blair. When Kevin refuses to take Todd’s directions, Todd pulls the wheel, saying he won’t go back without Blair, he knows she’s close. Kevin asks how he knows that. Todd says the walkie-talkies couldn’t have had much range. Kevin attempts to call Bo, but his phone has no signal. Kevin finally gives in and tells Todd to just tell him where to go.

David tells Bo that he has access to a national database. Bo tells David that they have it covered, that they have pictures in every train station, airport and bus depot within a 100 mile radius. When Paige shows up, Bo tells David to go home and take care of Dorian. After David leaves, Bo and Paige kiss, and she tells him he needs aback rub. Bo tells her that it won’t be tonight because he Is bogged down with work. Paige tells him that she actually didn’t come by to see him, she came by to see Nora.

Nora is at home, when Daniel arrives bearing a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. She tells Daniel that she got Jen and Riley a chocolate fondue set as a moving present. Daniel sighs and goes to hang his coat up in the closet. Nora mentions he doesn’t look very happy about them moving in together. Daniel tells her that Riley and him had another argument about Jen being on the suspect list. Nora tells Daniel that Jen is innocent

Riley pulls out the letter and shows it to Jen, reading it aloud. Rex tells him the note is old, fro =m when he first bough Ultra violet. Riley asks what the secret was that Rex was keeping. Rex tells him to leave Jen alone. Riley explains that someone paid Rex 10 grand to hide the murder weapon, and he’s disagreeing with his Dad, and Jen accuses him of still believing that she killed Paul.

Nora arranges her flowers in a vase, while Daniel tells her that Jen is unstable, and there are witnesses who saw her threaten Paul for posting Lindsay’s sex tape, plus she had the funds to pay Cramer off. Nora thinks that Daniel already investigated the bank transfer and it didn’t pan out like they had hoped.

Paige tells Bo that she saw Nora’s lab results and decided to drop them off to her. Bo asks if Nora’s sick, Paige tells him no, it’s just blood work for her marriage license, and she was looking for an excuse to come and see him. Paige starts to leave, and Bo tells her to wait, he needs her help with something.

Dorian asks Kelly if she thinks that Jack can understand what’s going on. Kelly tells her she doesn’t think so, but she knows he misses his Mom and Dad. Dorian informs Kelly that Blair attached a letter to her will stating that Kelly get guardianship of the children in the event of her passing. Kelly asks Dorian why she was looking for Blair’s will, and Dorian says that they need to be prepared. David enters the room, and tells her he has what the doctor ordered. Kelly leaves the room, and goes into the hallway, picking up a picture of her, Blair and Dorian. She puts the picture down when she hears Jack comes downstairs holding his frog and a book. Kelly offers to read to him.

Kevin asks Todd if he sees anything familiar, Todd says he is just looking for places that Margaret may have stashed her car. Kevin tells him that there is a 10-15 mile radius in every direction, and then tells him that Todd owes him. Todd asks what he wants.

Bo asks Paige how long Blair could survive locked up in the trunk, Paige says the cold is better than the heat, but without food, water and proper ventilation, not long.

David took files containing pictures of Blair and Dorian to prove to Dorian that Cramer women can overcome anything. There are flashbacks of some of Dorian’s escapades. David tells her that Blair will be just fine.

Kevin tells Todd that he wants his son back. Todd tells him that they can’t even find Blair. Kevin tells Todd that he was so worried about sticking it to him that he lost his self -respect, his wife and his son, so Todd wins. Todd tells him, no, he quit first, Kevin wins, and Todd owes him. Todd tells Kevin to stop, he sees somewhere Blair might be.

Nora and Daniel discuss Bo’s feelings towards their marriage, Daniel’s cell phone rings. Nora tells Daniel that she doesn’t want their relationship to stand in the way of his political career. Daniel tells her that he won’t have much of a political career unless there is a conviction in the Paul Cramer murder case.

Riley tells Jen that he never believed she was capable of killing anyone, he’s just upset that she has this big secret with Rex. Jen admits that she was paying Rex because she was sleeping with him when she was with Joe. Riley points out that everything in her past that’s she’s ashamed of is tied to Rex. Rex points out that he’s the only one who didn’t ask jer to change, Jen asks him to leave, and he does. Jen tells him that Rex means nothing to her. Riley says that he must mean something since she kept the note so long.

Kevin and Todd drive on because Blair was not at the warehouse they stopped at. Todd tells Kevin about how Margaret had shot him twice, but didn’t want him dead, she only wanted to ruin his life with Blair.

Officer Hensen drops off the Cramer files to Bo. Paige excuses herself to go drop off Nora’s file on her desk. Bo opens the file and scans a piece of paper, calling the bank and says he has questions about the last few deposits made.

Kelly asks Jack if he wants some warm milk, and even offers to put chocolate in it, even though Blair doesn’t let him. Kelly tells him that’s what Aunt’s are for. Jack asks Kelly when Ace is coming back because he misses him. He then asks if Kelly will have another little boy. Kelly distracts him by shooing him into the kitchen for the chocolate milk.

Davis has a romantic dinner set-up, and Dorian tells him that she’s sorry he went to so much trouble, but she’s not hungry. Davis makes up this ridiculous story about how he was a foster child, and his foster family forced him to wear a hair net and work in their restaurant, and he only leaned how to cook one meal. Dorian cuts him off, informing him that it’s funny how that it’s also her favorite meal from the Palace.

At Margaret’s car, the security guard tells the wrecker man tot ake the car before someone asks questions. The wrecker man tells him that he will have it demolished by morning.

Kevin and Todd discuss Ace, and Todd remarks that it’s strange to hear things like that coming from Kevin. He then yells look out, and you hear squealing tires.

Bo learns that although a computer virus wiped out the banks files, they still have records of a $75,000 deposit made to Paul Cramer’s account, and can trace where it came from. Bo tells them he will be in touch with them soon and hangs up the phone. He then wonders what the hell is wrong with Daniel.

Jen tells Riley that she didn’t keep the letter for any reason, it just got buried in junk. She rips it up and shows him that it’s gone.

Dorian tells David he’s really sweet, but wonders why they haven’t heard from her. David tells her that he wishes there was more he could do.

You hear Blair’s voice telling Todd that if he’s going to find her, it’s got to be now.

Kevin tells Todd that they need to stop with the search, they have no choice. Todd says the hell they don’t.

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