OLTL Update Wednesday 2/23/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/23/05



By Suzanne
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Michael visits John at the LPD to ask him out for a beer.   John can't because he's meeting Evangeline.  Michael teases John about screwing things up with her, so John wonders why he's acting that way.  Michael is down in the dumps about relationships because of Marcie.  John tells him a lame joke about a genie (that has to do with relationships being hard).  Michael is rueful because he once was going to ask Marcie to marry him.  He talks about how everything came between them, especially their jobs.  John says that work shouldn't come between people.  Michael figures they made problems about work because they were scared to get closer.  He thinks Marcie wants someone more worldly and sophisticated.  John and Michael joke around a bit.  Michael says he thinks she wants someone more supportive.  John asks him how he knows what Marcie wants and what it is that he wants.  Michael doesn't want to be alone and he wants someone to share his life wife.  He describes the ideal scenario with his partner.  John notes that it sounds like their mom and dad.

Marcie helps Riley and Jen pack their stuff so they can move into their new apartment.  Jen insists that Marcie sit down because she is still recovering from her accident.  Jen tells Riley that they should go shopping for furniture and stuff, but he reminds her that there's no money for that.  Marcie suggests they get the money from Lindsay, but Jen doesn't want her mother to support her.  Marcie and Jen chat when Riley leaves them alone.  Jen is worried that she will screw things up with him.  Marcie assures her that they love each other so much that it has to work out.  Jen turns it around back on her and says the same thing applies to her and Michael.  Marcie says that she and Michael don't want the same things.  She thinks he wants a more traditional woman.  Jen questions her on whether Michael actually said that (no) and asks Marcie what she wants.  Marcie says she's just starting to know who she is and she's glad to find out that she's good at something.  She wants a family, kids, and someone to share things with.  She describes it (very similar to what Michael said).  Jen asks if that's Michael.  Marcie says it was definitely Al.  Michael had almost made her believe that it was the same way with him, but she's just very afraid of losing him.  Jen doesn't know why she would be so afraid and she lists all of the reasons someone would love Marcie.  Marcie asks Jen how she knew that Riley was the right one.  Jen says it is the way he makes her feel.  She adds that they've had problems, and Marcie knows she means Rex.

Later, Marcie and Michael run into each other at Rodi's, both getting takeout.  He asks if she knows what she wants, and she says that she does.  Her order is ready, so she says she's getting a cheeseburger (either she misunderstood what Michael was asking, or she was too afraid to take it seriously).  They part company without telling each other how they feel.

Evangeline finds Natalie getting very drunk at Rodi's.  Evangeline is very sympathetic and supportive throughout their conversation, even though Natalie is kind of obnoxious.  Evangeline tells Natalie that she should be with her family and friends.  Natalie doesn't care about anything.  Evangeline insists that Nat has friends who care about her, so Nat asks if that includes John.  She thinks Evangeline is annoyed that she phoned John on Valentine's Day, but she swears she's not.  They discuss John for awhile.  Evangeline mentions that John wants to help Nat because he wants to fix things.  She understands if Nat wants to lean on him.  Nat says if she did lean on him, she would want more than just friendship.  She laughs and assures Evangeline that it won't happen.  She is done with picking the wrong guy.  Evangeline knows she is thinking about Paul Cramer.  She tells Nat that she doesn't mind if she maintains her friendship with John.  She is not threatened.  Evangeline compares how similar John and Natalie are.  She takes Nat's beer away, but Nat takes it back.  She tells Nat that she has a future with someone and that she deserves it.  Nat is a bit surprised and considers the idea.

At the police station, Daniel and Bo confer.  Daniel tells him that the mayor is still pressuring him to find Paul's murderer.  They argue.  Dorian arrives and starts harassing Bo about finding Blair.  She worries that Margaret left town with Blair in her trunk, but Bo thinks Margaret just dumped it somewhere.  Dorian phones Viki to keep her up to date on the news.  Bo shows Dorian on the map where they have been searching.  He informs her that they are listening on all of the radio bands for Blair's call, in case she gets through again.  Dorian continues to fret.  Starr arrives to find out if there is any news.  Bo explains that they are doing everything they can to find Blair, so Starr wonders about Todd.  Starr tells them that she has faith, like Viki said, that he's still alive.  Dorian tries to get Starr to be realistic, but Starr wants to keep hoping.  She reminds them about when both she and Matthew were kidnapped (at separate times), that they didn't give up hope looking for them.  Dorian and Bo are forced to agree that they didn't.  She also reminds them that Todd came back from the dead before.  Starr says she only hopes that Blair is not in the dark because that's the one thing she's afraid of.

Daniel finds Rex at Rodi's and forces him to talk to him outside.  Daniel has been leaving messages for Rex, who hasn't returned them.  Daniel reminds him about being at the LPD the other day and offering to help them find Paul's killer.  They argue about it.  Daniel demands to know who gave Rex the money, but he says he doesn't know.  Daniel grabs Rex's lapels, but Rex shrugs him off.  Daniel asks if "she" is worth going to prison for, so Rex replies angrily that she's worth everything to him.  Daniel was talking about Lindsay, but he figures that Rex is talking about Jen.  Daniel knows that Rex thinks Jen is the killer.  Riley passes by with boxes that he's picked up for packing.  He tells Rex that he and Jen are moving in together.  Rex congratulates him and says it's a big step.  He tells Riley to take care of her.  Rex makes sure to say that Jen might really need Riley soon, then he says something about who killed Paul Cramer.  He leaves, so Riley asks Daniel want Rex meant.  He gets very angry that Jen is still a suspect.  They argue.  Riley yells at his father to stay the hell away from him as long as he suspects Jen.

Rex says hi to Nat at Rodi's.  He gives her his contact info in case she needs it (trying to be brotherly in his way).  He hugs her quickly and says she will be all right.  He had promised to hang out with her but he asks her if he can leave because he has to do something, so she lets him.  Bo says hi to Natalie as she is leaving the bar.  He asks if she's working there.  She isn't but says she will have to start back soon.  He suggests that maybe it would be a good time for her to make a change; he knows about a City Hall job he can get her.  She is not sure but asks him if he can help cut through the red tape of Cristian's memorial.  She had asked them to take it down but now she wants it back up.  He agrees to help her.  She says she was a fool to believe in miracles, but he says no, that she and Cris loved each other.  She says she's not doing that again.  He says that she just needs to find the right person.  She replies that she did, and now he's gone.

Rex drops by the Love House.  He tells Jen that he heard about her and Riley moving in together.  He is not upset because he is more mature since he spent time in jail.  He won't interfere with her and Riley.  Jen has noticed that he is more mature.  He gives her a present (looks like a box?) and she says it's pretty.  He is glad that she's happy and tells her again that he loves her.  He says that he needs to accept it if she's happy with someone else but he will always be there for her.  They hug.  Riley arrives and wonders why Rex is there.  Rex leaves, so Jen walks him out (she kisses Riley on the way).  Riley also has a gift for Jen, but he wants to surprise her, so he looks in the box they were packing earlier for a place to hide it.  Instead he finds an envelope, so he opens it.  It says, "Dear Jen, thanks for me the money when I really  needed it.  I'll keep the secret forever.  Love, Rex".

Blair is still in the trunk of the car.  A guy who works for the towing company is there.  She shines her flashlight through a crack in the trunk, hoping someone will see it.  Another guy arrives.  One of them says that they have scheduled the junker car to be picked up.  They leave and Blair's flashlight battery dies.

Kevin can't believe that Todd is alive.  Todd asks him if he is going to help him.  Kevin can't get any cell phone service there.  He wonders whether he should move Todd or not.  He asks Todd who did this to him, so Todd replies that it was Margaret.  He blames Kevin for him being there, however.   They argue.  Kevin yells that he ought to leave him out there to die.  Todd tells him that if he won't save him for him, to do it for Viki.  He begs pitifully when Kevin walks away.  Kevin returns, telling Todd that he just had to move the car closer.  He helps Todd in the car and they drive.  Todd wants to find Blair.

Evangeline tells John that she got her file from his apartment as she returns his key.  She hints and jokes that she was snooping around.  They kiss.  She says she found out all his secrets, but then agrees with him that there are no surprises where John McBain is concerned.  She says it in kind of a strange way, then she leaves.

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