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One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/22/05



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JR Chandler shows up at Asa’s mansion to retrieve his son. He tells Kevin he is there to pick up his son. Kevin tells him that his son is home. JR tells him that the courts don’t think that way. Asa tries to kick JR from his home.

Kelly and David enter Llanfair, discussing the events of the court case, Kelly tells David that Kevin must be going through Hell because he loves that little boy. Starr comes downstairs, Kelly tells her that she heard about Blair and Todd. Starr tells her that their pictures are broadcast on the internet along with a $10,000 reward.

In the living room of Llanfair, Viki and Dorian argue about Starr, and Viki raising Starr’s hopes about Todd’s condition. Dorian claims that Todd is dead and it was cruel to make Starr believe otherwise. She tells Viki that they saw the cabin explode, and there is no way anyone could have survived that.

Todd is outside in the snow, weak. He hears coyotes howling.

In the trunk of Margaret’s car, Blair(in her head) says she can’t die, and she needs to get back to her kids. Two teenagers approach the car, in hopes of raiding it for parts to sell.

In Jessica’s bedroom, Antonio asks why she didn’t show him the latest note from her stalker.

Nigel brings Adam III down from his nap and gives him to Kevin. JR demands his son. Duke pleads for time for the family to say goodbye. JR gives them 15 minutes and steps outside with the Marshals.

Blair moans under her gag, and attempts to kick the trunk to be heard, unsuccessfully.

Starr asks Kelly if “Ace” will get to stay with them. Kelly, sadly, tells her that he can’t. Starr tells her that it sucks, but when her Mom and Dad come home, they will have a huge celebration. David and Kelly enter the living room and tell Viki and Dorian that JR was awarded full custody of his son. Kelly admits she perjured herself and gave Babe permission to take “Ace.”

Jessica tells Antonio that this was the first note she has received since “the impostors” hearing. Antonio tells her to pack her things because she’s not safe at llanfair, Jesica tells her she can’t leave because her family is in trouble.

Viki calls the police station to see if there is any word on Blair and Todd. Dorian keeps rudely interrupting her, finally grabbing the phone from her, Sgt. Oakes finally hangs up on her. Dorian tells Viki she is too nice and sweet.

Matthew gives Adam III his cowboy hat, and they say goodbye. Duke then says goodbye. Lastly Kevin says a tearful goodbye. He tells “Ace” he will love him always, no matter what. JR enters and removes Adam III from the mansion as Kevin breaks down, telling Kevin he will give him the world.

Kelly tells Viki that JR is coming to take his son back tonight. Viki excuses herself to go see Kevin, telling them to stay as long as they like.Bo and Matthew show up at Llanfair as Viki leaves to go see Kevin. Bo tells Viki they believe Todd was in the cabin when it exploded, and they think they’ll find remains.

Todd is threatened by a coyote, but scares him away.

Blair continues to pound. One of men attempts to pry open the trunk.

Antonio tells Jessica he believes that the stalker is using Jessica to get to him. Jessica asks why he still cares for her after everything that has happened.

Viki shows up at Asa’s mansion, where Duke is bringing Adam III’s things downstairs. Kevin offers to donate them to the Love Center, he then tells them that he’s going out of town for a few days. Kevin tells Viki that he hopes that “Ace” will make JR a better man, and that he has to believe that “Ace” will be okay.

Bo tells Kelly that he’s sorry how things went in court, and tells Dorian that they found a charge on one of Blair’s charge cards for a pair of walkie-talkies, but the cashier said the woman who purchased them was Margaret. He also tells them that they believe Margaret was also the one who hit Marcie. Dorian tells Bo, that she may possibly be the one who ran them off the road.

Starr and Matthew sit on the stairs, where Starr makes him promise not to tell anyone that she believes her Dad is dead for real this time.

The teenagers finally get the trunk open a crack, when they hear a noise and take off, tires squealing.

Viki comes back to Llanfair, surprised everyone is still there. She describes the car to Bo, and he radios the police station, giving them Viki’s description of the car, and what to look for.

Antonio tells Jessica that he never stopped caring about her, and her murder accusation never changed that. He misses her. Jessica admits that she misses him too.

Asa tells Duke and Nigel that he misses “Ace” already. Duke suggests a moonlit ride, but Asa would rather call Adam Chandler and give him a hard time. Nigel believes that’s a good idea.

Viki approaches Kelly, who is sitting alone in front of the fire, and tells her that Kevin believes “Ace” will be okay, and will make JR a better person.

Matthew asks Starr if she really believes her Dad is dead. Starr doesn’t know, she’s just worried about never finding her parents.

Security shows up where Margarets car is, and notices the car has been tampered with. He radios his boss to call the police.

Kevin, while driving, notices something in the road ahead of him.


The security officer’s boss tells him not to call the police and send the car to be flattened,

Kevin gets out of his car to see what is in the road, and discovers that it is Todd.

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