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One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/22/05



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Kelly and David go to Llanfair; in the foyer, they talk about poor Kevin and how he must be upset about J.R. getting custody of Ace.  Kelly blames herself.  Starr comes downstairs with her laptop.  They ask her how she's doing.  She tells them that she put up flyers etc. and is offering a $10,000 reward for her lost parents.  Kelly prays that they will be safe.  Starr says bravely that the Cramer women are fighters.  She asks about the custody case but is dismayed to learn that they lost.  She says that sucks.  She knows that her mom and dad will come back and then she will have a big celebration.

Dorian and Viki argue in the main sitting room of Llanfair about Viki telling Starr that Todd might still be alive.  Viki is holding out hope that Todd is still alive.  Dorian admits it might be so.  Viki calls the police to get an update, but Dorian wrestles the phone from her and insists on badgering the police sergeant on the other end until he hangs up on her.  She wants to go over there, but Viki stops her, saying that Bo will be there shortly.  They argue about whose fault everything is.  David and Kelly enter; he makes comments about the arguing.  David and Kelly give them the bad news about losing custody.  David blames Adam Chandler for bribing the judge and everyone else.  Dorian and Viki express their sympathy to Kelly.  She tells them that Babe had offered to let her and Kevin visit with Ace regularly, but she doesn't think that J.R. will allow that.  Viki gets annoyed when Dorian keeps making snotty comments about Kevin.  Kelly tells them about Kevin dropping his claim to Ace and how she perjured herself.  She fears Kevin will never forgive her for talking him into letting Ace go.  They are all upset about losing Ace.  Dorian hopes Babe will be able to fight to get her baby back.  They all agree that Kelly did the best she could, even though she lied under oath.  Viki leaves to go see Kevin.  Dorian gives Kelly a pep talk.  Kelly is determined to turn her attention to a new problem: finding Blair. 

J.R. arrives at Asa's mansion to demand that they hand over his son.  Kevin, Bo, Asa, Duke, Matthew and Nigel are all there.  Kevin informs J.R. that Ace is taking a nap right now.  J.R. threatens him with marshals that are waiting outside.  Matthew talks to J.R. about Ace.  J.R. tells him to get out of the Buchanan family while he still can.  Asa threatens J.R. with lawyers, but Kevin tells him it's over.  He tells Matthew that J.R. has to take Ace.  J.R. demands that they get his baby.  Duke argues with him.  Nigel brings Ace out.  Kevin asks J.R. to give them some time to say goodbye.  J.R. is suspicious that they might try something but agrees to give them 15 minutes while he waits outside.  They all say goodbye and kiss Ace.  Matthew gives Ace his lucky cowboy hat.  Bo tells Matthew he's proud of him.  Duke gives a nice speech about Kevin's loving them both.  Kevin talks to Ace about being his dad and how he will miss him.  He says they had their whole lives planned and mentions that he had hoped to do with Ace what he couldn't do with Duke.  Kevin cries and tells Ace that he will always love him, no matter what.  He kisses him.  J.R. returns, so Kevin gives him Ace.  Kevin tells J.R. to take care of him; J.R. assures him that he will.  Kevin cries some more after they leave. 

Bo and Matthew arrive at Llanfair.  He tells her that they are still searching for Todd, or evidence that he was still there when the cabin exploded.  He tells Viki sadly that he thinks they will find Todd's remains.

Later, Viki arrives at Asa's mansion.  Kevin and Duke, both looking sad, have been cleaning out the nursery.  He plans to donate Ace's things to the Love Center.  Kevin tells Duke and Viki that he wants to leave town for a few days, to go to the family lodge.  Duke offers to go with him, but Kevin wants to be alone.  He thanks Duke for everything he's done and promises to do better in the future.  They hug and then Duke leaves.  Kevin and Viki chat.  He hopes that Ace makes J.R. a better man because that's what he did for him.  Viki suggests that he try to make Kelly feel better, but Kevin is not interested in that right now.

Still later, Duke suggests to Asa that they go riding (to take his mind off losing Ace).  Asa wants to phone Adam and give him hell.  Nigel wonders what Asa wants to accomplish, trying to get him to think things through first.  Asa says he just wants to give Adam a hard time.  Nigel gives him the phone and tells him to go right ahead.

Bo tells David, Dorian, and Kelly that they found a charge slip in the cabin from Blair's credit card for the walkie talkies.  The store identifies Margaret as the person who bought them, on the night Marcie was hit by her car.  He tells them that she was heading east on route 187.  Dorian realizes that she and Viki almost hit Margaret with their car that night.  Bo questions her about the car, but Dorian doesn't remember much besides arguing with Viki and grabbing the wheel.  Viki returns just as Dorian is bad-mouthing her driving that night.  They fill Viki in about what they figured out.  Viki argues with Dorian but remembers that the car was a 4 door sedan, light in color, and foreign.  Bo says that sounds like Margaret's car and that the car probably didn't get far, so he phones it in.  Viki and Dorian keep arguing until David breaks it up.  Viki tells Kelly what Kevin said about Ace and J.R.  Kelly hopes that he's right.  Viki has faith and thinks God will protect Ace.

Starr and Matthew chat on the stairs, in the Llanfair foyer, about the explosion.  Starr hopes Todd is okay but admits she's afraid he might be dead.  They wonder if he is really dead because Starr thinks Todd is "indestructible".  She worries that they will never find her parents.  Matthew hugs her and she cries on his shoulder.

Todd is still lying in the snow.  He talks to himself about how he has to survive, and he drinks some liquid from a plastic bottle he finds.  He tries to get a stick to help himself up, but it breaks.  He hears a noise and thinks it might be a person, so he calls out.  It is a coyote or something that growls at him.  He yells and makes noise to scare it away, and throws the bottle at the coyote, then he collapses again in the snow.  He crawls and then ends up falling down a hill.  Meanwhile, Kevin is driving up to the mountains, radio blasting.  He sees Todd's body and stops.  He doesn't know who he is at first when he stops to help him.  He is shocked to see it's Todd.  When Todd recognizes Kevin, he laughs that somebody really has it in for him.

Blair, still in the trunk of the car, is determined to get out.  She hears some guys who come by to steal the car or its parts.  She tries to yell through the tape on her mouth and kicks hard against the inside of the trunk.  They hear something but ignore it when they can't figure out what it is.  They take parts out of the car and try to open the trunk with a crowbar.  They give up when they hear something coming and drive off.  A security guard arrives and sees the damage to the car.  He phones for help and asks someone to call the cops.  The person on the other end says that instead, he should call a tow trunk and have it taken to be crushed.  Blair hears this and gets upset.

Antonio asks Jessica why she tried to hide the note from him, but she doesn't answer.  She maintains that she was asleep all night and hasn't left, so they realize that the stalker must have snuck in while she was there.  Antonio gets upset that she was so vulnerable.  He insists that she leave there now, so she will be safe.  She says she can't leave because she has to be here for her family and the crises they are all going through.  They argue.  Antonio wonders if he's the real target, since Jessica has not been hurt.  He theorizes that someone is trying to get to him through the woman he loves.  She wonders how he can still care about her.  He caresses her face and assures her that he never stopped.  They both tell each other, "I miss you".

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