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One Life to Live Update Monday 2/21/05



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At the courtroom, Bianca has just finished telling everyone that the baby belongs with Babe.  The lawyers prepare for their closing arguments.  Kelly has a flashback to Paul giving her the baby,. and then her giving the baby back to Babe.  The judge calls a recess after the closing arguments, to make her decision.  Daniel arrives, so Adam demands that he arrest Kelly for kidnapping.  Daniel tells him to go to hell.  He says he won't be Adam's yes-man any more.  Adam angrily tells him that he will withdraw all of his financial support from Daniel's campaign, but Daniel doesn't care.  He says that this is the judge's decision.  Babe tells Kevin and Kelly that they can visit Ace if she wins custody.  They are very grateful.  J.R. comes up and tells them no way will that happen.  They argue.  Babe apologizes for marrying such a jerk.  The judge returns.  Kelly hugs Babe and tells her good luck.  The judge prepares to say who she thinks should raise the baby.

John is at the gym, on the treadmill, reading the newspaper.  First he is reading the article about the custody trial, then he reads an article about the fake Cristian.  Antonio arrives and wonders if John knows where Jessica is.  John doesn't know.  Antonio accuses John of avoiding him and he is very suspicious of his behavior ever since Cris went to jail.  Evangeline hovers nearby, listening in.  Antonio says that John can't look him in the eye lately.  John denies that anything is wrong.  Antonio is worried about Jessica because she didn't show up last night and her car was not at home.  He mentions the letters she is getting from her stalker.  John is surprised because he thought that Cris was the one doing that.  Antonio rejects John's offer to help and leaves.  Evangeline quizzes John about their conversation and wonders why he isn't helping Antonio.  John is kind of cranky while answering her.  He says he doesn't want to get so personally involved in cases any more.  He apologizes to Evangeline for snapping at her.  She wonders what has been bothering him.  He tells her that he doesn't deserve him.  She agrees but says he's stuck with her, anyway.  They kiss and go back to exercising.  Later, Evangeline has gotten dressed while he is still exercising.  She realizes she left some important papers at his place, so he gives her an extra key.  She is surprised but then realizes she misunderstood what he meant.  She thought he was giving her an extra key to keep, but he was just loaning it to her and expects it back.  She leaves without saying anything.  He looks a little confused.

Blair is still in the trunk of the car.  Addie visits and lets her out of the car, but Blair soon realizes it's only a dream.  Addie tells her that Todd is gone, so Blair gets very upset.  Addie takes Blair's hand and they leave the garage.  They go to a cemetery, where everyone is visiting Todd and Blair's graves.  Starr is there but very upset.  She yells that Blair promised she'd come back.  Blair listens to everyone say goodbye to her and Todd.  Starr runs off, upset.  Addie tells Blair that this hasn't happened yet, but it could.  Then Addie shows an older girl of about 18 at Blair's grave.  It is Starr, all grown.  Starr says that she met a man that she thought was like Todd, but he turned out not to be trustworthy. We see that she is pregnant.  Distressed, she runs off.  Blair realizes that it's not just the end of her and Todd's lives, but it's also the end of Starr's life.  Then Addie shows her Jack, who is older and a tagger.  He spray-paints Blair's grave until Dorian, looking much older and using a cane, comes in and yells at him.  Jack calls her names, grabs her cane and throws it down, then he leaves.  Blair is very upset about what might happen to her children.  Addie reminds her about when she almost died because of Mitch.  She didn't give up because she didn't want Blair to be alone.  Addie leaves, telling Blair never to give up.  Blair yells at her not to leave her.  Blair then awakens, determined not to die.  She wants to get back to her kids.  She starts pounding loudly on the inside of the trunk with her feet.

Natalie, Starr, and Jack are at Llanfair.  Jack shows Nat the picture he drew of his parents.  Jess arrives, looking tired.  She sneaks up to her room.  Starr and Jack talk about missing their parents. Upstairs, Jess undresses, smiling, then she crawls into bed.  Later, Starr yells at Jack because keeps asking whether their parents will be back soon.  Nat sits her down and tells her that she hurt her brother's feelings.  Starr sometimes reminds Natalie of when she was a kid.  Starr says that Nat should know, then, that sometimes you have to be tough.  Nat tells her gently that Jack needs her to be strong, not tough.  Being strong is a lot harder, they both agree.  Starr gets upset at the possibility of her parents not returning; she shares a hug with Nat.  Starr is nicer to Jack after that.  Antonio arrives, looking for Jess.  Nat thinks she is still out, but Antonio saw her car in the driveway.  He goes upstairs at Nat's suggestion.  Jess dreams about being in the bar last night, drinking and smiling at a strange man.  She awakens as Antonio comes in.  He wonders where she's been and if she's okay.  She looks confused.  She guesses that she fell asleep last night.  He tells her that the car was not there last night, so she doesn't know where she went.  He doesn't believe her.  She says she doesn't feel good.  She feels hung over but she knows she wasn't drinking.  She figures maybe she has a cold.  He goes to get her some medicine.  She finds another note from her stalker, torn into pieces.  She puts it together--it's a big pink heart that says Antonio an Jessica forever, but forever is crossed out in big black letters and replaced with "NEVER".  Antonio returns and can see that she's upset.

Bo, Viki, and Dorian return to Hazel's cabin.  Viki's leg is injured slightly from the explosion.  Bo doesn't see how Todd could have survived that.  Dorian fixes Viki's leg.  Bo phones for more help.  Dorian wants to go find Blair.  She and Viki bicker about Todd's possible death.  Dorian phones David to tell him about Todd.  He is not surprised or unhappy about Todd's possible demise.  Dorian worries that they won't find Blair without Todd.  They discuss whether Todd is really dead or not.  She asks David to say on the phone with her (to make her feel better).  Bo returns after looking for Todd.  He shows them that he only found Todd's wedding ring.  Dorian tells David to meet her at Llanfair and she tells Viki that she's sorry.  Viki is annoyed because earlier Dorian was very rude about Todd deserving to die.  They go to Llanfair.  The kids wonder where their parents are.  Natalie takes Jack upstairs.  Viki tells Starr what happened, so she gets very upset that her dad might be dead.  Nat leaves after peeking in to see them consoling Starr.  Starr won't believe that Todd is dead, and Viki agrees that they need to keep hoping.

Meanwhile, Todd awakens in the snow.  He starts to get up but then falls down again.

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