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One Life to Live Update Friday 2/18/05

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By Suzanne
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The characters at the courtroom include Kelly, Kevin, J.R., Adam, Babe, Jamie, Tad, Brooke, Dorian, and David.  Kelly has jumped up during Babe's testimony to tell everyone that Babe did not kidnap Ace because she gave Babe permission to take him.  The judge warns her about perjury.  Dorian objects again, so the judge has her removed. J.R. objects, too.  Kevin's lawyer questions Kelly and accuses her of lying.  He asks about all the times she told Kevin that she would do anything to help Babe get her baby back.  Kelly claims that her story is true and that she lied to Kevin because she was afraid of his reaction.  She gives details about the election night when Ace was taken.  J.R.'s lawyer then questions her.  Kelly says that Babe didn't know that she (Kelly) did not have custody when she gave Ace to Babe.  The lawyer points out then that Kelly, not Babe, is guilty of kidnapping.  Kelly maintains that her story is true.  She apologizes for not coming forward sooner.  Kelly admits that she is the one responsible for the kidnapping.  A recess is called.  Kevin is speechless when Kelly stands in front of him as she passes by.  J.R. yells at both Kevin and Kelly.

At the police station, Bo is still trying to find Blair.  Viki arrives, so he fills her in on what's been happening.  Viki worries about everyone, as usual.  Bo also tells her that Margaret may be the one who ran down Marcie, so they theorize that the car Blair is being held in could be the same one that Margaret used to run down Marcie.  Viki phones Dorian to fill her in.  Adriana arrives at the courtroom to support Dorian.  Dorian is torn as to which Cramer woman she should help, Kelly or Blair.  Kelly urges Dorian to go, and Adriana convinces her that is the right choice.  Dorian hugs them both and is very proud of Adriana.  She tells Kelly to be careful before she leaves.  Adriana and David stick up for Kelly when J.R. tries to harass her.    Kevin grabs Kelly and tries to bully her into admitting that she lied, but she refuses.  Duke is impressed that Adriana stood up to J.R. Chandler.  She admits it was fun.  They kiss. 

J.R. is upset.  Adam tells him that he will handle it.  He phones Daniel and fills him in on what happened.  He wants Daniel to put pressure on Kelly to admit she lied.  Kelly and Kevin argue.  She says that she loves Ace enough to go to jail for him.  She wonders if Kevin loves him enough to let him go.  They argue more.  Kelly reminds him that she didn't want him to keep getting attached to Ace and that she didn't want him hurt like she's been.  She points out that she got over the loss of losing Ace, and him, and she lived; so, he should be able to as well.  Babe asks Kelly if she really wants to do this, since she might go to prison.  Kelly wants to make sure it turns out right.  They hug.

Kevin has flashbacks of moments with Ace, then arguing with Kelly about finding his real parents, then Viki telling him that his custody suit was wrong, and finally Kelly's recent words to him.  David and Kelly chat briefly about what Dorian would tell her right now.  Court begins.  Kevin stands up and withdraws his petition for custody.  He says that he thinks Ace should be raised by Babe, shocking everyone.

Back at the police station, Viki offers to go looking for Todd, but Bo points out that it's too risky.  A cop tells Bo that there's a woman on the phone with information about Blair.  It's Hazel Smalls (the woman who looks like Mrs. Bigelow).  She tells him about Blair's visit.  Bo, Viki, and Dorian go to Hazel's cabin.  They are amazed at her resemblance to Mrs. Bigelow.  They question Hazel and she gives them the details about Blair's visit.  Dorian wants to leave right away to go to the cabin that Blair was headed for, but Bo insists that she stay there with Viki.  Hazel offers them some tea.  Dorian insists that she go and storms out.  Annoyed, Bo tells Viki that it will be Dorian's fault if she gets shot.

Margaret points a gun at Blair, who is still in the trunk of the car.  She threatens to kill her.  Blair is shocked because she thought that Todd gave Margaret what she wanted.  Margaret says that Todd failed, so now she is going to kill Blair, just like she killed Todd.  Blair gets upset at hearing that Todd might be dead, but she refuses to believe it.  She begs Margaret not to kill her because of her two children.  Margaret seems to be touched by the idea of the kids being orphaned.  They argue some more, and then Margaret decides she will give Blair a fighting chance.  She will leave her in the trunk, but she tapes up her mouth.  As she is going in her purse, she finds the pregnancy test instructions.  She notices that they say there is a possibility of a false result.  She realizes she might still be pregnant.  There is a second test she has to take, she says to herself as she leaves.  Later, she is happy to find out that she really is pregnant.  She says to herself that it's too bad Todd had to die.

The camera shows us that there is a trip wire outside of the cabin door, connected to the bomb.  Todd keeps an eye on the bomb's timer as he struggles to get out of the ties that bind his hands to the bed's headboard.  He keeps struggling throughout most of the episode.  His wrists are bloody from straining.  At one point he tries to get the glass that is on the nearby table, so he can break it and use the shards to cut his ties.  He drops it halfway through and can't reach the pieces of glass on the ground.  With 1 minute left, the headboard finally breaks and Todd gets out of his ties.  Next we see that Bo and the others are about to enter the cabin.  Bo stops Dorian when he sees the trip wire.  He yells that they should all run away, so they do.  The cabin explodes. (Throughout the episode, each time there was a commercial, the timer clock counted down, just like on the show "24").

Michael takes Marcie home.  He tells her that he is so proud of her for her big book party and also for firing Hayes.  He asks if he can get her anything.  The only thing she wants is to know what their kiss meant.  He says it was just one of those things, that it sorta happened.  They discuss relationships.  She thinks she is better at writing them than living them.  Michael suggests that she pretend they are characters in her book, so she can write them a happy ending.  She says one thing she wouldn't have written is her running out in front of the car after getting upset when she saw Michael and the girl kissing.  She beats herself up for being so insecure.  He blames himself for some of their fighting.  They argue about who is to blame.  They realize that nothing has changed.  They wonder what's wrong with them.  Michael figures they are not getting back together.  He tells Marcie to get plenty of rest and that he really was proud of her, then he leaves.  She tears up as she stands there, alone.

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