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One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/17/05

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By Suzanne
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Asa is at home with a cold.  Nigel is taking care of him.  Duke comes in to visit Asa.  Asa starts getting on his case right away about why he's not in court with Kevin.  Duke reminds him that he doesn't agree with what Kevin is doing.  They argue.  Asa yells that Duke is supposed to have family loyalty, no matter what.  Duke gets frustrated.  He and Nigel have a chat where Nigel suggests to him that he should support his father the best he can.  Duke gets the message and leaves.  Asa wonders later where Duke is.  As Nigel picks up Asa's dirty Kleenexes from all over the floor, Nigel theorizes that Asa's words must have gotten through to Duke.  Asa is amazed but pleased.

Kevin and Kelly arrive in court.  They argue.  Kelly suggests that Kevin should give up on his fight for Ace.  J.R. and Adam arrive.  J.R. agrees whole-heartedly that Kevin should give up.  There is more arguing between Kevin and the Chandlers.  Adam insults both the Buchanans and the Cramers.  Dorian comes up behind him with David just as he is saying that the Cramers are all crazy.  She suggests icily to Adam that she stop talking behind her back about her family.  Adam backs off a little, saying that there is one exception in every family.  Babe and Jamie come in, so they start arguing, too.  The bailiff quiets them all down and tells them the judge is on his way.  The trial starts.  Kelly is called as the first witness.  Kevin's lawyer questions her about Kevin.  She talks about Kevin as a father and the history of how he became Ace's father (how he didn't know that the baby was stolen, etc.).  Babe's lawyer cross-examines her to ask who she thinks should get custody of Ace/James, so she says Babe should.  J.R.'s lawyer suggests that Babe was in cahoots with Paul when he stole the baby, but she denies it.  Dorian objects until the judge threatens to have her removed.  The lawyer asks Kelly why she isn't fighting for custody of Ace/James.  She says she's not his biological mother, so the lawyer points out that Kevin isn't, either. 

Duke arrives in court and wants to speak about Kevin, so they let him.  He talks about Kevin, how he loves his family, and how he's proud to be his son.  Kevin beams but everyone else is bored.  J.R.'s lawyer asks if he thinks Kevin should get custody.  Duke says diplomatically that it's not his place to say.  Kevin is called next.  His lawyer has him talk about Ace being his son and how he feels.  The lawyer asks what will happen to Ace if Kevin does not custody.  Kevin replies that he will be caught in the battle between J.R. and Babe, a victim.  He says the baby needs a safe and stable environment.  He maintains that he and Kelly are the only ones there that have Ace's best interests at heart.  Babe's lawyer asks if he's Ace/James' biological father, so he says no.  He asks what the DNA report said, so Kevin replies that it showed that Babe and J.R. are his biological parents.  He asks if Babe ever willingly abandoned her son, so Kevin has to say no.  J.R.'s lawyer asks Kevin what he did when he found out that he and Kelly were not Ace's parents, if he went looking for them.  Kevin is forced to say no.  The lawyer concludes that Kevin does not have Ace's best interests at heart, either.  Kevin gets upset and stands up, but he has to step down.  J.R.'s lawyer next calls Kendall to the stand.

At the cabin, Margaret tells Todd that she is not pregnant.  She gets very angry and pretty much stays angry and hysterical throughout the episode.  She blames him for her not being pregnant and takes out her gun.  She points it at him a lot and keeps threatening him.  She talks about how he lied to her so many times.  He tries to calm her down but it doesn't help.  He suggests they try again, but she's not interested.  She won't be fertile again for four weeks and in the meantime she will have to take care of him.  It exhausts her just thinking about it, so Todd suggests that she lie down.  She doesn't listen to him.  He begs her to put the gun down and let him go. He promises not to press charges.  When it's clear she won't, he begs her to let Blair go because she is a mother and her children need her.  This only angers Margaret more.  They argue about the past and how he treated her.  She says she will have to go take care of Blair now.  She packs and tells him goodbye.  She shows him that she has a bomb (from the dynamite she stole) and she will be putting him out of his misery.  She tapes the bomb to a piece of furniture and tells him sadly that she truly did care for him.  She says, "I love you" and sets the timer, then she leaves.  Todd tries to get lose as the timer ticks away...it was set for 90 minutes.

Blair is still trapped in the car trunk.  She tries to get Todd on the walkie-talkie again, but she can't, so she gets the idea to switch it to another channel.  She calls for help.  Bo is at the police station, talking to a cop.  He finally hears Blair calling for help and asks her where she is.  Michael and Marcie come in while he is trying to figure out where Blair is.  She only knows that she's in a garage.  She tells Bo that Todd is in the cabins in the mountains, and what road he's on.  She tells Bo that Margaret has him tied up there and that she's crazy.  She also mentions that Margaret ran a woman down with her car, so Michael and Marcie realize it was probably the hit and run.  The walkie-talkie stops working (batteries?), so Bo has another cop keep trying to get Blair back while he calls for reinforcements.  Meanwhile, Margaret goes to the garage.  She takes out her gun, which has a silencer on it.  She opens the trunk and tells Blair goodbye.

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