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One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/16/05

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By Suzanne
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Todd dreams that he wakes up next to Blair after having sex, after she rescues him. He tells her that she wouldn't believe what Margaret wanted to do him. He says that she is the only woman he wants to make love to. Blair says she feels the same way. She goes to kiss him. He wakes up to Margaret kissing him; she is overjoyed that they had sex. Todd shrugs her off, not wanting her to touch him. She hopes that she is pregnant. They argue about Blair. She wants to make sure she is pregnant first before she lets Blair go. He asks what happens if she's not pregnant. She says Starr and Jack will have to get used to not having any parents around. Margaret makes breakfast for Todd, but he's not hungry. He just wants to talk to Blair. She gives him the walkie talkie while she goes to take her pregnancy test.

Blair is still trapped in the car trunk, cold and sleeping (or unconscious). She doesn't answer when Todd calls on the walkie talkie. Eventually she does wake up and answer. Todd gives her words of encouragement and tells her that Margaret is going to let them go today. She wonders what he did. Todd sidesteps the question, which is easy because Blair is in so much discomfort. Todd tries to get Blair to reach the trunk's inside latch. Blair kicks it hard, but she can't get it open. Todd urges her to keep trying. She does but then she hears it break. She cries, upset at their situation and exhausted. Todd gives her encouragement, telling her about their wedding. Margaret returns, looking at the stick. She is very quiet. Blair keeps asking what's going on, so Margaret turns off the walkie-talkie. Todd asks Margaret what it says, if she's pregnant, and if she will let them go. Margaret looks up....

Marcie is dressed in regular clothes as she gets out of bed; it is clearly very painful. Michael comes in just in time to keep her from falling to the floor. Michael puts her in a wheelchair. She worries that she shouldn't be going, but he assures her that she's well enough. He gives her a pep talk.

A police detective arrives, looking for Michael; Paige points to Michael just as he is wheeling Marcie out. He tells Michael that Hayes wants to press assault charges against him. He wants to know Michael's side of the story. Paige excuses herself. Michael asks if the questions can wait until after the party. Marcie works on the detective, too.

Riley and Jen go to Marcie's book party. Hayes gives orders to someone about how he wants a picture of Marcie removed because he wants them to envision Marcie lying on her deathbed. He thinks they will have record sales for a debut book. Jen and Riley overheard what he said and can't believe it. They chat with Ron and Eric, Marcie's brothers, who thank them for coming. Rex arrives, much to Riley's dismay. Hayes tells someone that he is going to say a few words about Marcie. The other guy wonders what her boyfriend will think, but Hayes says dismissively that Michael won't be there. Rex claims he is there to buy Marcie's book, but Riley knows he is only there to see Jen and make a good impression. Rex lets them know that he was at the police station to try to get them off her and Lindsay's case. Jen asks what happened, but Rex is not sure whether it made any difference or not. Riley thinks Rex's credibility is zero so it probably made no difference. Rex says that at least he tried. Riley gets in his face. Rex keeps up his goody-goody act. Hayes gets everyone's attention. He makes a speech about Marcie and her book. Hayes lays it on thick about Marcie's accident and how badly she is doing. Just then, Michael wheels her in, surprising everyone. Hayes' face falls. He then turns around and puts a big smile on, and introduces Marcie properly. Michael wheels Marcie up to the front of the room. She gives a little speech to thank everyone, ending it with Michael. Hayes reluctantly claps with everyone else.

Later, Marcie chats with the people from Hyperion books. They tell her how proud her former professor Michael Malone is of her, even though he couldn't be there today. Rex comes up and asks for an autographed book. Marcie laughs and gives him a book. She thanks him for coming to the hospital. He makes a joke about it. Hayes asks the police detective why he hasn't arrested Michael yet. He makes a big fuss about how Michael assaulted him, as Michael wheels Marcie up. She asks if the cop can't wait a little while longer to talk to Michael, since the party's not quite over yet. Rex says he was there in the hospital waiting room and never saw Michael assault anyone. Hayes calls him a liar. Marcie tells the cop that Hayes has just been looking to make trouble for Michael. The cop tells Hayes that the LPD doesn't have time to resolve minor personal disputes. Marcie thanks him and he leaves. Hayes acts like he's wounded, saying he has been responsible for her success. Marcie says she doesn't need him and that he's fired. Michael smiles broadly at Hayes. Hayes objects. Ron steps up and tells Hayes that he should leave. Hayes tells Marcie that her career will never recover, then he leaves. Michael thanks Rex for covering for him. Rex says he just told the truth. He looks at Jen while he says it. Marcie thanks Riley and Jen for coming to the party. Jen thinks they will need to plan a party when Marcie's book hits the best seller list. Marcie is doubtful. Michael makes sure that Marcie is feeling okay. She is a bit tired but thanks him for making sure she didn't miss the best day of her life. They hug and then it turns into a romantic kiss.

A reporter from the Banner interviews Kevin at his house about his upcoming custody hearing. He thinks he will get custody. The reporter questions him about Kelly supporting him, and he assures her that Kelly wants what's best for their son. Kelly comes in, very upset that Kevin subpoenaed her to testify at the court case. Kevin hastily escorts the reporter out. Kelly tells Kevin she refuses to lie for him on the stand. They bicker about it. Kevin claims that he just wants Kelly to tell the truth about how much they love Ace, etc. but with his special rosy spin on it. Kelly is doubtful but looks like she might be swayed. Kevin keeps working on her, playing to her sympathy and feelings for him and for Ace. Kelly still isn't sure. They argue a bit. Kevin guesses from something Kelly says that Kelly has seen Babe more often than she's let on. He starts questioning her about it. Kelly lies that she only met Babe once in New Orleans. Kevin doesn't buy that Kelly can know what a good mother Babe is, just from meeting her that one time. Kelly rattles on about Natalie. She wonders what Kevin will do when Ace finds out that he took him away from his real parents who loved him. Kevin says he will explain it to him. Kelly hopes he will be more understanding than Duke. He asks her what she will say. She can only promise to tell the truth. Kelly has a flashback to talking to Babe, telling her she will help her. Kelly wonders what she will do. Kevin tells Kelly that Asa has a cold, so it will just be the two of them going to court.

At Llanfair, Dorian and Viki look at a map to try to figure out where they can find Todd and Blair on the mountain. They hope they get help from an 800 number that they posted on TV. Dorian wants to help further but she has to go to the hearing. Dorian is surprised that Viki is not attending. Viki says she can't support Kevin because Ace was taken from his parents. Dorian is amazed they agree on something. David, Starr, and Jack come in. The kids are there because Viki is watching them, so she tells them that there is macaroni and cheese in the kitchen for them. David is hungry, too, so he makes sure he gets some. Dorian follows them out because she wants David to leave with her on time for the hearing. Viki prays that Todd and Blair will get home safe. Starr comes back in and tells Viki she has to convince Dorian to let her and Jack move in with her today. Starr is annoyed that there is no TV in the living room at Dorian's house, but Viki knows there must be more to it. Starr confides that she is sick of Dorian always putting down her dad and blaming him for Blair's disappearance. Starr fears that Jack is starting to listen to what Dorian says. Viki looks concerned.

David and Dorian chat while he eats. He notices that she was getting along with Viki. Dorian tells him that she's just playing along so they can find Todd and Blair, but she still plans to get revenge on Viki. Viki comes in just as David asks for details. Dorian wonders where Starr went. Viki wants to know why Dorian insisted that the kids stay with her when Blair disappeared, and if she did it so she can turn Jack against his father. Dorian gets annoyed. David assures Viki that Dorian has put down Todd to everyone else, but never Jack. Starr listens near the door. Jack comes in and asks for dessert. Dorian suggests that Viki ask Jack. Viki sits him down and asks him about missing his parents. He says that Aunt Dorian has told him they will be home soon and that his parents love them and are thinking about them all the time. Satisfied, Viki sends Jack back to the kitchen for some cookies, with David. Viki apologizes graciously to Dorian, and Dorian accepts. Viki tells Dorian that she shouldn't be surprised that she wouldn't want Dorian to spread her opinion about Todd to his children, especially Starr. She knows that Dorian is only doing what she thinks is best for her girls. Starr still listens to them. Dorian tells Viki that she thinks that Starr is a great Cramer woman and that she is hard on her because she wants her to fulfill her potential to be a fabulous woman. Starr smiles proudly when she hears that. Viki finds Starr and asks her why she lied. Starr didn't think Dorian wanted her around and only thought of her as Todd's little brat. Viki knows that Starr heard all the nice things Dorian said. She tells Starr that Dorian loves her very much. Viki thinks maybe Starr is very angry because of feeling so scared for her parents, so she was taking it out a little on Dorian. Starr admits that may be the case. Someone phones Viki about some funds needed for the banner, so she gets her checkbook out. Viki writes a check that a messenger will pick up. Viki tells Starr she should go apologize to Dorian and she leaves the check in the envelope on the front table. Dorian creeps around and looks at the check. She forges a check from Viki's university account so that it looks like she has deposited $85,000 into the Banner account, then she sneaks it back to the table just in time for the messenger to pick up. Dorian laughs to herself after Viki gives the envelope to the messenger. David and the children come out. David can tell Dorian has been up to something. Dorian and David leave for court, saying goodbye to the kids. Outside, Dorian tells David what she did, and he laughs. Dorian hopes that Viki will get fired for misappropriating funds. David is very proud of her back-stabbing ways.

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