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By Suzanne
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At the hospital, Marcie's agent, Hayes, tells someone who works with him that Marcie won't be able to make their big book party.  He thinks maybe it's a good idea that she's in the hospital because they can play it up and use it for publicity.  Michael overhears them talking.

Marcie awakens, thrilling Michael.  He is glad she made it back in time for their anniversary.  She corrects them that it would have been that, if they were still together.  Paige arrives and checks her out.  Marcie is grateful that Michael saved her life at the scene of the accident.  Paige tells Marcie about how Michael is in trouble for punching Hayes.  Marcie figures that Hayes probably provoked him.  Michael comes back in and tells Marcie that maybe she can make her big book party.  Paige is unsure as to whether she's well enough or not but says she will talk to Marcie's father about it (what is she, 12??).  Michael keeps trying to push Marcie to go to the party, so she gets suspicious.  He is evasive but finally gives in and tells her what he overheard Hayes saying.  Marcie looks shocked.

Paige chats to Marcie's dad, and her brother Ron, telling them that she plans to release Marcie tomorrow.  Her dad worries but seems to agree.  Hayes comes up, saying he overheard.  He can't believe they are thinking about releasing her so soon.  He blames Michael for pushing her into it.  Marcie's dad changes his mind and tells Paige that he doesn't think Marcie should be released yet.  Paige tells Marcie and she seems fine with it.  Michael offers to spring her anyway and adds that Hayes probably worked on her dad.  Marcie wonders if it's a good idea to use this to help sell her book, anyway.  Michael gets a little annoyed and points out that the book will sell anyway because it's good.  He urges her again to go to the party.

Jessica is in the main room of Llanfair when she hears a crash from the foyer.  She picks up a poker and heads there cautiously.  She sees that it's just Natalie, who has come in drunk and knocked over a planter of flowers.  She is very drunk and laughs bitterly about it being Valentine's Day and how everyone else is celebrating with someone.  She sits down on the stairs and says that love is just not in the plans for her.  She goes out to the garden and thinks about Cristian.  She pleads with God and shouts to him about why he has put her through all of this.  Jess comes out, bringing a coat for Natalie.  Natalie asks Jess to stop her the next time she is going to fall in love.  Jessica hears something, like footsteps.  Nat wonders why she's worried, since her stalker is in jail.  Jess says that the fake Cris was not her stalker.  A security guard checks out the premises but finds nothing.  Nat questions Jess about her stalker, but Jess avoids answering.  Jess offers to cancel her date with Antonio so Nat won't be alone.  Nat tells her to go ahead with her date and notices that she's wearing the necklace that Antonio gave her.  They briefly discuss Jess and Antonio's problems.  Jess still worries about leaving Nat alone, so she urges her to call John.  Nat does phone him, but he doesn't answer, so she gives up.  She remembers Cris saying that he loves her, then she runs out the front door in a determined way.  She goes back to Rodi's to drink more.  Rex gives her a flower, but she knows that he didn't pay for it because every woman in the bar has one.  She is still drunk and bitter.  They discuss Jen.  He offers to play darts with her to get her mind off her problems.  She tries calling John but gets his voice mail again.  She leaves a message, thanking him for his help in a forlorn way.

John and Evangeline continue to discuss their relationship.  She wants to know how much of himself he can give to her.  He says that he can't quantify it like that, but she deserves 100%.  She agrees and keeps pressing him to give her more of himself.  He says it's not like him to say these things she wants to hear.  He can only say that he will give her all that he is, and he wonders if that's enough.  He lists his faults but says she shares the same ones.  She objects, saying that she doesn't keep him in the dark about herself.  He has a flashback about Cris learning who he is.  Evangeline hopes that he will tell her when he's ready.  They kiss and end up back at his place.  They seem about to have sex.  She says they never had problem in this part of their relationship.  He says he's sorry if he ever made her feel that sex was all they had.  They joke around a bit, and he kisses her to shut her up when she starts to mention Natalie and Cristian.  The phone rings; he can tell it's Natalie.  Evangeline urges him to answer, but instead he turns it off.  This pleases her and they kiss.  He says he can't help Natalie and there's nothing he can do for her.  He has another flashback to Cris.  He and Evangeline make love.  Later, the phone rings again.  Evangeline tells him it's ok to take the call.  He gets the message on his voice mail from Natalie.  He has another flashback to Cris.  Evangeline returns with some wine and they kiss again.

Kevin drops by Kelly's place with Ace.  She is all dressed up and tells him that she was chaperoning a dance at Llanview University for Viki.  He claims that Ace was restless, so they went for a drive.  Kelly looks skeptical.  She wonders if he's really just lonely.  She puts on some music and they reminisce about the past.  She asks if they are ever going to discuss the elephant in the room.  He wonders if she means the custody case, or his missing her?  She puts Ace to sleep and then admits that she sometimes misses what they had.  He wants to make everything up to her, but she thinks he just wants her to help him with the custody hearing.  He denies it and asks her what will happen if he does get custody.  He points out that he and Ace will need her then.

Duke meets Adriana at Rodi's, and they kiss.  Adriana says hello to Antonio, who is sitting nearby, happily expecting Jessica to show up.  He jokes that it doesn't leave him much time to go see his other girlfriend (meaning Jamie).  Duke worries toAdriana that with the custody case coming up, both of their families will expect them to take sides.  She doesn't see that as a problem, and he admires her independence.  He asks her to wait while he goes to prepare something.  She looks curious about what he's up to.

Antonio goes to see Jamie at R.J.'s place.  R.J. doesn't want to let Antonio see her that late.  Antonio reminds him that he has legal custody.  Lindsay is there with Jamie and takes R.J. aside.  She asks him to think about how his daughter was kept from him all these years, and  whether he really wants Jamie to go through the same thing.  R.J. tells her to stay out of it, but she persists and they argue.  Antonio gets in on the argument, too.  R.J. says that Antonio abandoned Jamie.  After some more arguing, R.J. agrees to let Antonio have five minutes with Jamie.  Antonio sits her down on his knee and gives her a toy tiger for Valentine's Day.  Lindsay takes R.J. away so Antonio can be with his daughter in peace.  Antonio chats to Jamie and says he will be taking her home soon.  Antonio and R.J. exchange threats, but Lindsay stops them, for Jamie's sake.  Antonio gives Jamie back, wishes them a happy Valentine's Day, and then leaves.  R.J. tells Lindsay that he doesn't want to discuss it any further.

Antonio goes back to Rodi's.  Adriana is still waiting.  Antonio figures that Jess must have decided not to come.  Duke gets up on stage and sings a song to Adriana, and then they kiss.

Meanwhile, back at Llanfair, Jessica comes downstairs wearing a slinky black outfit, not like her usual attire or style at all.  She says "helloooo" to see if anyone else is around, and then calls out "Goodbye!" as she leaves, smiling weirdly.  She goes to a high-class-looking bar and drinks, flirting with men.

At the police station, Bo takes out a pink box from his jacket and looks at it.  Nora comes in, so he puts it back in his pocket.  She tells him that Matthew is running a fever.  They each offer to cancel their plans to stay with him.  Rex comes in and says he knows who killed Paul.  He is worried that if he tells Daniel, he will tell Riley.  They question him, but he dances around.  It seems as if he was just fishing for information, to see what they had come up with.  They discuss Lindsay and Jen as the possible suspects, but Rex sticks up for both of them.  Rex threatens to leave, but Bo stops him, offering him a deal if he gives up Lindsay.  Daniel arrives.  They all argue with Rex about Lindsay and Jen.  Rex leaves, so they all wonder why he was even there in the first place.  Matthew's fever goes up, so they all leave to see him.  Daniel looks a little annoyed that Bo is joining them.  Bo reminds Matthew that his birthday is next week, so he has to get better.  Paige comes by to check up on Matthew.  She looks him over and gives him antibiotics.  Nora thanks her.  Bo is sorry about their Valentine's Day being messed up.  Paige says he can make it up to her.  They kiss and she leaves.  Daniel also leaves.  Matthew falls asleep, leaving Bo and Nora alone.

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