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One Life to Live Update Monday 2/14/05

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By Suzanne
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Lots of singing today!

Viki visits Ben's grave with a rose.  She is upset, saying she can't hear him with her anymore.  Her spirits are buoyed when she hears some wind chimes, even though there are none there.  She says she has been in a sort of limbo since he died and she hasn't been ready to let him go.  She realized life is too short, so it is time to let him go and stop living in the past.  She talks about their love and meeting him again someday.  She says she needs to open her heart to love because she knows that's what he would want.  She hears the chimes again and smiles, but also cries.  She says he was always musical, the music in her life, which is now in heart, his heart.

Michael visits Marcie's bedside, where she is still unconscious.  He urges her to wake up and reminds her how much she has to live for.  He remembers their first kiss, which took place exactly one year ago.  He says that she changed his life and talks about how she fought so hard to help him.  He says it's time for her to fight again, to get well and have everything she ever dreamed of.  In her mind, she sings while sitting on a swing.  He gives her flowers and then pushes her on the swing.  Then they kiss (while they are naked).  Back in real life, he tells her that he still loves her and always will.  She awakens and sees him, staring out the window.

Jessica happily retrieves a red box that was delivered to the front door (don't think I'd be that cheery if I had a stalker!).  Natalie comes out, so Jessica tells her that the present is for her.  It is a musical snow globe which plays her and Cristian's song (I guess he picked it out before he went to jail).  She gets upset.  It reminds her of new year's, when they made love.  She tells Jessica that she is angry that the imposter ruined all of her good memories of Cristian.

In jail, Cristian has a flashback to learning he is really Cristian and not a fake.  Antonio drops by for a visit.  He says he wants to see them cart him off to prison.  Cristian gives Antonio something that looks like a necklace.  Antonio recognizes it as one that Carlotta gave to Cris and wonders where he got it.  Cris lies that the people on the ship gave it to him.   Antonio asks him if he really doesn't remember who he is.  Cris lies that he doesn't but says it doesn't matter.  His life is over now because he killed a man.  He is glad that his real family doesn't know what he did.  He tells Antonio that Natalie doesn't deserve what happened to her.  Cris asks Antonio to watch over Natalie to make sure she's okay.  He wants her to remember the real Cris and then move on to have a life with someone she loves and have kids, like she always wanted.  Antonio realizes that this guy really does care about Natalie.  The van arrives to take Cris to Statesville.  Antonio promises to take care of Natalie.  Cris is very sad, choked up.  They take him to his jail cell at Statesville.  The guard tells him that he must have friends in high places because the warden ordered art supplies for his cell.   The guard taunts him about how he will be there for the rest of his life.  Cris says it doesn't matter because he is free.  He knows who he is and he did the right thing for his wife.  He gave her hope and a future.  We see clips of the two of them together.  He paints a picture of Natalie in her wedding dress.

At Rodie's, John sits with Evangeline at a table, drinking beer.  He suddenly realizes that it is Valentine's Day.  He apologizes for not being good with these kind of special days but tells her that she should be treated special every day.  She asks if he can tell her what the look in his eyes lately means.  She knows it has something to do with Cristian and Natalie.  He avoids answering and they get into an argument.  John calls her "hon" in the course of the conversation, which pleases her, but she wonders why he won't take that last step toward her.  Natalie arrives just then. 

Natalie looks unhappy as she sits at the bar with Roxy.  Roxy encourages her to get over Cris by taking another chance with John.  She says she has a surprise for Natalie, so she runs onto the karaoke stage and sings Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker" (very badly, but it was fun).  She dances all over the place, flirts with John, and dances on the bar.  Natalie is embarrassed but used to it.  Meanwhile, Evangeline tries again to talk to John about their problem.  She wants to know how she can break through the barrier in his heart.  She points out that there are three people in their relationship, and that's one too many.  He doesn't say anything.  She gets up and it looks like she's leaving, so he goes to the bar for more beer.  Evangeline gets up on the stage and sings a slow sad song toward John.  He is very moved.  It makes Natalie sadder.  Roxy is bummed out so she leaves.  John compliments Evangeline on her singing and then tells her that she just broke through the barrier.  They kiss.  Antonio arrives and chats to Natalie about his visit with the supposedly-fake Cris, following up on her to lend an ear as he promised he would.  They also talk briefly about Jess.  He says Jess might drop by later. Natalie sees John and Evangeline making out.

Margaret brings Todd oysters.  She threatens Blair again, so he tells her that she wins, he will make love with her and give her a baby.  Margaret babbles on about the baby and how it is Valentine's Day.  Todd insists on talking to Blair one more time to make sure she's alive, so Margaret lets him hear Blair's voice and then takes the walkie talkie away.  She takes off Todd's wedding ring and drops it off the floor, then she goes to get dressed in something sexy.  While they have sex, Todd imagines Blair singing to him.

Blair is still in the trunk in the parking garage.  She tells herself that she has to hold on for her family.  She calls for help and then later falls asleep (or unconscious?).

Lindsay arrives at Capricorn wearing a sexy red dress.  R.J. tells her that she looks ready for an adventure.  She agrees, so he asks her if she's ready to do something wild.  He dares her to, in fact.  She takes him up on it.  She goes to the stage and chats with the piano player, then she starts singing a sexy song to R.J.  She is up on the piano and moves around in a sexy way as she sings.  Riley and Jen arrive to hear her, too.  Afterwards, everyone applauds.  As Riley takes R.J. aside about his pay, Jen quizzes Lindsay about R.J. but doesn't learn much.  Riley gives Jen a homemade card that he made for her.  He tells her that their new address is on it.  He found an apartment for them to move into.  She is thrilled and they hug.  R.J. has to get home because the babysitter has to leave, so he invites Lindsay to join him.  She accepts and they stroll out together.

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