OLTL Update Friday 2/11/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/11/05



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It's never a boring day in Llanview.

John sat with Michael at the hospital as Michael waited for Marcie to wake up after her surgery.  Michael told John how he felt so guilty and needed to speak with Marcie about the kiss.  John pledged to wait with him, but Michael told him that he didn't have to, so John left.

John had a hard decision to make, one that basically decided his future, as well as Natalie's. He went to the shooting range, where he contemplated how life would turn out if he told Natalie the truth or if he didn't. The images he cooked up were very true to the characters. In the first one, he told her that 'imposter Cristian' was really her husband. It showed Natalie with Carlotta at the diner, saying how she would stand by Cristian no matter what. She sadly went on to say how lonely she would be day after day and year after year. We snapped back to reality as John fired bullets at his target. John was still shooting as he thought of how life could turn out if he kept Cristian's secret. It showed Natalie arriving at the diner with two very adorable children, a boy and a younger little girl. Natalie played the beaming mother as she and Carlotta talked about the true Cristian dying and how Natalie is glad she got to move on and have children. The 'dream' scene ended with her kneeling to kiss both her children with a huge smile on her face. As we came back to John shooting, he seemed to reached a decision.

Natalie paid Cristian a visit today. Cristian had a flashback of when he and John discussed telling Natalie his true identity. You could see the emotions playing across Cristian's face.  Natalie was hurt and lashed out in anger. It seems John told her that there was something Cristian needed to tell her. Cristian denied having said anything to John. Natalie figured that John wanted her to get closure. With her tone dripping with anger and pain, she told Cristian that even though he, as an imposter, wanted her to fall in love with him, all she felt was "deep, all-consuming hatred". It looked as if Cristian could actually cry as the words left her mouth. When we came back to them, Natalie was boiling over. She called him a monster and kept asking him why and how he could do something like that to her.  Cris told her that he was confused because the people on the ship really messed with his mind.  She asked him why he didnít try to get help, and he had no answer, but he said he was sorry again. As she finally lost it, Cristian whispered something in Spanish that triggered something in Natalie. She turned to him, her eyes blazing. Apparently, Cristian had said something that her Cristian used to say to her.   Cris gave a lame explanation about how he must have been programmed to say those words, or he must have heard them.  Nat went on and on, wondering how he could have mimicked how Cristian moved, talked, and kissed her, and how even now itís hard for her to believe that heís not the real Cris.  She doesnít know how she will grieve for Cris again.  He told her that she was strong and needed to move on with her life and find someone else to love.  He suggested that she already had someone in her life that can make her happy.

At the diner, Carlotta looked at a picture of Cristian.   Roxy dropped by, griping that her car had been stolen.  Carlotta pointed out that it was just towed because Roxy had parked in an illegal place.  Roxy wondered where her car would be, so Carlotta suggested that the police usually take the towed cars to a particular parking garage.  Roxy thanked her and expressed sympathy about her losing Cristian again.

Natalie, seeming extremely confused, arrived to see Carlotta. She told her mother-in law that she had visited 'imposter' Cristian in jail. Carlotta scolded her, telling her that they need to forget him. She continued on by saying that they need to remember their Cristian as he was. Natalie seemed deeply troubled by the whole situation.

John returned to Cristian's jail cell, hoping to discuss Natalie. Cristian pleaded with him to keep his secret. He clearly wanted Natalie to be able to move on and be happy. John told Cris that he thought about it a while and then decided it wasn't his choice to make.  It is Cristian's choice, so he agreed not to tell Natalie the truth.

Todd tried to stop "Peggy" any way possible. She babbled on about making oysters and he claimed he'd had a vasectomy. She checked for scars and found none. She began getting upset and freaking out on him for lying. She claimed that "unless he gave himself a vasectomy before dinner" he'd be giving her a baby. Todd mulled the thought of doing just that (the vasectomy) but decided against it. He begged to talk to Blair, who was trapped in the trunk of a car, on the walkie talkie. He tried to think of any other way to stop Margaret from having sex with him. He thought about just donating his sperm to her but decided that wasn't fair to Jack, Starr, or Blair.  He said to himself that he has to sleep with Margaret; it's his only choice.

Blair, inside the trunk, called for help. She tried to get Todd to respond through the walkie talkie but couldn't get through. She yelled about how she wanted to kill Margaret as a slightly drunk Roxie stumbled onto the floor of the parking garage, looking for her car that had been towed. Completely spooked, she dragged a security guard up there to investigate the weird voice.  The guard suspected she had been drinking and told her to go home and sleep it off.  Roxy demanded that he open the trunk, but he refused, so she left when he did, still thinking something was wrong.

Marcie survived surgery and was even awake, wearing a big bandage on her head and lots of scrapes. She talked with her brothers, Eric and Ron, and her father. As her family exited the room, she asked to see Michael, who had been in the hall the whole time.   Marcie's dad heard from Hayes that Michael caused Marcie's accident, so he didn't want him to see her.  They argued but were interrupted by a loud beeping noise from Marcie's room, so Michael knew she was crashing.  He ran in to find her unconscious. Michael began to treat her, grabbing a huge needle to remove fluid from the sac around her heart and yelling orders to the nurse. Before he could put the needle in, Paige ran in and took over, yelling at him because he is still not officially back as a doctor at the hospital.  Paige worked on her and then later came out to tell them all that she has stabilized.  Michael's diagnosis about her heart was correct. Michael lashed out at Paige, claiming she had wasted too much time and worried that Marcie might have brain damage.  Paige dismissed those concerns and  suggested that  Marcie's loved-ones go in to see her. Ron suggests Michael go first, but her father objected, saying it was Michael's fault Marcie had been hit. Eric backed Ron up.  Clearly full of guilt, Michael agreed that he was at fault but he needed to talk to Marcie. He went on to say how he wished he could change it all.  Finally, Marcie's dad agreed that Michael could go in for a few minutes.

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