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One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/10/05



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Kelly visits Babe in Pine Valley to tell her that she'll help her try to get her baby back from Kevin and get out of her kidnapping charges, too. Babe is very grateful for her help but isn't sure what Kelly can do. Kelly points out that she's never had a Cramer woman working for her before. Kelly apologizes for what Paul did to Babe and gives her a tape of Ace's early weeks that she made. She shares that it kept her going after Kevin won custody of Ace. They watch it together and Babe cries. Kelly tells Babe before she leaves that it's probably best if no one knows that she's helping her. Babe is very grateful and calls Kelly "pretty amazing". Kelly is just trying to make up for some things that she did that she's not very proud of.

Todd is still tied to the bed in the cabin (which should be pretty drafty now, between the avalanche and the fire! LOL!). Margaret is all dressed up for sex. Todd has a walkie talkie that he's using to talk to Blair, who is in the trunk of her car where Margaret left her. They keep telling each other "I love you". Todd says there is something he can do to rescue them both, but he has trouble telling Blair what it is. Margaret tells Todd that if he doesn't tell Blair about their making a baby, she can take the baby and go far away, and Blair never has to know. Blair tells Todd to do whatever he can to get Margaret to let them go. She wants them to get back to their children and she is freezing in the car trunk. Margaret is happy that she can finally make a baby with Todd. She gets the walkie talkie away from him and turns it off.

Jessica walks in her foyer at home and looks at the note that her stalker left, which says Cristian is not her stalker and that "he" cut the cables on the elevator. Inside, Viki is consoling Natalie, who is very upset about finding out that Cris is not really Cris. She vents to Viki about her feelings and how used she feels. Jess comes in and tries to help. Natalie gets a delivery of a letter from the police station. There is a note from Cris about how he really loved her, but he is returning the symbol of her and the real Cris' love. She laughs bitterly at the letter and takes out the wedding ring. The mood is lightened when Kevin arrives with Ace. Jess and Viki fuss over him, but Natalie is still in too much pain. Kevin expresses his sympathy to Natalie. She prepares to go out for a walk. Viki worries about her and urges her not to rush into a relationship with John and to take her time to grieve. Natalie assures her that she won't do anything foolish. Viki takes Ace out for a while, leaving Kevin and Jess to talk briefly. Later, Viki apologizes to Jess for not believing that Cris was her stalker. Viki and Kevin sit down and have a talk. They discuss his custody fight. She tells him that she won't take sides but she will be there to love and support him. She confides that she is very worried about Todd and asks him to help search for him, using his powers as Lieutenant Governor. Kevin reluctantly agrees to see what he can do.

John visits Cris in jail. Cris seems depressed but is interested when John tells him that he ran a DNA test and knows who Cris really is. He is shocked when John reveals that he really is Cristian Vega. Cris can't believe it. He is happy for a moment when he realizes that he does have a family...then when John brings up Natalie, Cris insists that she can't know who he really is. He doesn't want her waiting for him for years while he's in jail. He's convinced that it will ruin her life. John protests that Natalie is very upset about him being the Fake Cris, but Cris insists that he not tell her. John tells Cris that he doesn't know what he will do, then he leaves. Later, Carlotta visits Cris. She is very angry and demands that he look at her. She yells at him for what he did. He apologizes and says that if he could choose a mother, he would have chosen her. He is grateful that she was his mother for a little while. She looks like she feels bad for him, despite herself. She is crying when she leaves. Cristian lies in his bunk and starts having flashbacks to the past...first they are of his mom, then Antonio, then Natalie. He says to himself that he remembers everything and he really is Cristian Vega.

Antonio and Evangeline chat at the diner. She is working on getting Jamie back for him. They discuss their problems with Jessica, Natalie, and John. Evangeline tells him that Natalie could use him as a friend right now. He knows that she just doesn't want John to be the friend that Nat turns to. She tells him that she told John that she was falling for him. This amuses him because he knows what John is like and how he probably reacted. Jessica phones and asks Antonio to come by to discuss something important.

Evangeline is leaving a note for John in his office when he returns. They briefly discuss their relationship and what has happened lately. He asks if they can discuss it later, and she promises to do that. She says she can give him time, and he appreciates that. Natalie arrives just then, so things are awkward. She is looking for Bo because he can be very sympathetic. Evangeline leaves them alone. John asks how she's doing, but she doesn't want to lay everything on him again. He gets her to open up and she really does. She talks about how much rage and hatred she has for this fake Cris. He tells her that these are probably normal feelings, but he seems unsure in the face of all of her anger. She says she just can't deal with losing Cristian all over again. He tells her that only one person can help her get closure. He says that Cris wants to see her. Nat arrives at Cristian's cell just after he remembers everything. John and Evangline meet up again briefly, but things are very tense between them.

Jessica shows Antonio the note from the stalker. He questions her about what happened (when she found the note). They figure that Cristian was not her stalker and that someone else is out there, still stalking her.

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