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Margaret enters the cabin, where Todd, still tied to the bed, asks Margaret what she did to Blair, and if she’s still all right. Margaret tells him Blair is okay for the moment, but she will die if Todd doesn’t give her the baby she wants.

Blair, locked in the trunk of Margaret’s car, yells for help. She lays back and tells herself that she’s going to die in there.

Carlotta is at Antonio’s apartment where she learned that Cristian is an impostor, and not her son. Carlotta says she should have known that something wasn’t right, but she wanted her son back so badly. Antonio apologizes, saying that first she lost him, and now she’s losing Cristian again. Carlotta says she never lost Antonio, he’ll always be her son. Carlotta tells Antonio that the impostor may know where the real Cristian is.

John is at the courthouse, speaking with an officer. He tells the officer he is expecting an envelope from the hospital and to give it to him as soon as it arrives. The officer says he will do that, and walks away. Evangeline arrives and tells him that Antonio was cleared in Tico’s murder. John tells her that he’s early for “Cristian’s” hearing. Evangeline tells him she made a mistake yesterday, and John wonders if it was her saying she loved him, or expecting him to say it back to her.

Natalie is sitting in the church, staring at the candles. Viki arrives, knowing Natalie would be there. Natalie tells Viki that she’s upset that she didn’t even know that it wasn’t her husband. Viki tells her everyone was fooled, even his own mother. Natalie says she slept with him. Viki says that Natalie wanted it to be Cristian so bad that she couldn’t see the truth. She points out all the clues, that are so obvious now, that she didn’t see before. Viki says that Natalie was just left vulnerable after Cristian’s death. Viki tells her of Ben’s death, and Natalie asks her how to go on. Viki tells her to cry, break things if she has to. Natalie tells Viki the worst part is, for months she wished Cristian hadn’t come back. Viki asks her if it was because of problems between her and Cristian, or if it was because of John.

Evangeline tells John that everything she said was a mistake, but because John didn’t respond, she knows the truth now. She says she should be lucky to have a friend, like John is to Natalie. John tells her she sounds jealous, Evangeline tells him she’s just being realistic, she starts to walk away, and John asks her not to leave.

Cristian is in the jail cell, when Antonio comes to visit him. Cristian is glad to see him because he wants to apologize. A hurt Antonio tells him to save it for the judge, and asks what happened to the real Cristian. Cristian tells him the real Cristian died in Nevada. Antonio grand Cristian and slams his head up against the bars for all the pain he has caused.

Natalie admits to Viki that she still has feelings for John, and how hard it was when Cristian came back because of all the secrets and all of the rage, how it was supposed to be a miracle, but she couldn’t even deal with him. Natalie worries that she embarrassed herself in front of everyone. Viki comforts her by telling her that when you love someone, you want to believe in them.

Todd tells Margaret he won’t do anything with her until he knows that Blair is safe. She yells at him not to push her after the night she’s had. She tells her that she hit someone who ran out in front of her car in front of Rodi’s. Todd tries to get Margaret to tell him where Blair is, but she changes the subject saying that she’s still fertile. Todd tells Margaret to prove to him that Blair’s still alive. She hands him a walkie-talkie and tells him to talk. He talks to Blair, who doesn’t respond at first. Todd tells Margaret there is no one there. Margaret says she must be dead.

John tells Evangeline he doesn’t want it to be over. Evangeline tells him that she likes to hear things out loud once in a while. John tells her she’s the only one he wants to be with. Evangeline says she is the only one who can be in the relationship all the way. John’s phone rings, he tells the caller to bring the results to the courthouse. Hanging up he tells Evangeline the test results are in. She tells him she already knows what the results are going to say. Cristian is an imposter and Natalie is alone, and he needs to figure out how to handle that.

Cristian’s lawyer tells Cristian that it is a crime to not identify himself, but Cristian tells him he has no memories of his life before he came to Llanview. The lawyer asks if Cristian wants him to figure out who he really is. Cristian says not to bother, he killed Tico and has the next 50 years to figure out who he is. The lawyer tells him that Statesville is rough. Cristian says that all he had to live for was Natalie, and the love that he felt for her.

Todd tells Margaret that maybe Blair escaped. Margaret scoffs at him, saying it’s not possible. Suddenly we hear Blair’s voice over the walkie-talkie, Todd tells Margaret to give him the walkie-talkie. Blair tells him that she’s fine, and they both say I love you. Blair tells Todd he needs to find a way out because their kids will need him. Todd tells Blair not to give up.

Antonio goes back to his apartment where Carlotta is waiting. She asks Antonio if Cristian gave up the real Cristians whereabouts. Antonio tells her that Cristian is dead. Carlotta says she can feel that Cristian is alive, and why did the imposter do it. Antonio tells her that he doesn’t know, he’s been brainwashed.

Margaret says Blair can’t possibly be dying, and leaves the room, saying she needs to make preparations. Todd asks Blair where she is. Blair tells him she’s not really sure, but she’s so cold. Todd tries to make her think warm thoughts. Todd told her that her song saved his life, and told her how Margaret shot hi, and he ended up in the hospital, but they will get out of it together. Blair tells him that she’s not so sure.

The officer brings John the envelope containing Cristian’s DNA test results, John sticks it in his pocket. Jessica arrives and asks John what will happen to Cristian. Carlotta then comes, and Jessica apologizes to her. Carlotta tells her that in her heart she knows that Antonio is not a murderer.

Evangeline comes back, where John tells her that he has been thinking a lot about what she said. John asks her to be patient with him. Natalie walks up to John and tells him that she should have listened to him. Viki asks if she’s ready to go in, and John offers to escort them in.

Carlotta looks over at Cristian, and tells Antonio that she has to keep telling herself that it’s not her son.

The judge enters the courtroom.

Todd tells Blair to hang on for a little while longer, Blair tells him that it’s so cold. Margaret, with a pillow in front of her, mocking a pregnant belly, runs her hands over it, talking to it as if she really were pregnant. Todd tells Blair that he will get her out, no matter what it takes, he has a way.

The defender tries to enter a plea of insanity in Cristian’s case, but Cristian refuses to cooperate. In his own defense, he apologizes to Natalie, telling her that he just wanted to be the kind of man Cristian was. He then says that no prison sentence can make up for the pain he has caused. He is sentenced to life without parole, and is taken away.

Jessica finds a note in her bag that says I am your stalker, not Cristian I cut the cable in the elevator, it isn’t over. She walks back to the courtroom where Antonio asks if she’s okay. Jessica tells him she can’t turn to him anymore after what she has done.

Everyone leaves except John. He sits in a chair and opens the DNA test results. He flips through the pages, and appears shocked, saying What the hell?

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