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Viki and Dorian's car has stalled out on the road. Dorian tries to phone for help but can't get a signal. Viki wants to get help for Blair and Todd. Dorian tries to get David, but Viki objects. Dorian finally reaches him at a bar, where he is waiting for her, but the call breaks up. David heads outside, annoyed at having to leave a full drink. Viki and Dorian continue to argue at the car. Viki wants to walk, but Dorian won't walk in her expensive shoes. Viki decides to walk by herself, but then David arrives to the rescue, just like Dorian had hoped. David gets all dirty getting some branches out from under the car, so that they can get the car going. Dorian and Viki start arguing again about the car accident. David pronounces the car safe to drive. Dorian and David cozy up, which grosses out Viki. Dorian insists that Viki apologize to David and thank him for saving them. Viki thanks him for fixing his car. David suggests that she try the ignition. It seems to work. Dorian questions David about how he fixed the car, since he knows nothing about them. He says he only removed the branches and has no idea if the car will keep working or not. They hear some news on the car radio that Cristian confessed to Tico's murder. They are shocked.

At the bar, R.J. calls after David because he left a large bill and didn't wait for change. Lindsay walks into the bar. She is thinking about the kisses that she and R.J. had and heads toward R.J.. Rex comes up and compliments her, wanting a favor. She tries to brush him off, so he wonders why. She tells him to do HER a favor and stay away from Jen. They argue. He wants her to help him get something or Jen will pay the price. He wants her to have a chat with R.J.; he fears that R.J. will try to use his arrest to void their contract. He thinks she is the only one who can talk him out of it. She asks what he will do, if she doesn't. He thinks that Daniel will listen to him if he tries to say Jen killed Paul, even though there is no evidence. Lindsay isn't so sure, but she also can't believe he would do that to her. They discuss Jen some more. R.J. comes up and asks if Rex is bothering her. Lindsay lies that Rex was apologizing for starting a fight earlier in the club. R.J. chews him out, but Rex reminds him that it's half his club, too. R.J. says Rex broke his rule. Rex thanks them for accepting his apology and walks away. Lindsay works to calm R.J. down. R.J. thinks Rex should have left town like he planned, but Lindsay thinks they should keep Rex around. She reminds R.J. that one of his mottos is "keep your enemies close".

Jen and Riley arrive at the hospital to see Marcie. Jen is frantic. Paige is still filling in Ron and Michael about Marcie's condition. She tells them all that Marcie has internal hemorrhaging from damage to her spleen and liver. Michael offers to scrub up for the operation, but Paige reminds him again that he's still suspended. He protests, to no avail. Paige assures him that they will do everything they can for her. Riley asks who was driving the car. Michael says it doesn't matter because he's the one at fault. Hayes watches nearby with interest. Ron goes in to visit Marcie, who is still unconscious. Jen tries to console Michael, who is still blaming himself. Hayes starts blaming Michael again. Jen tells them to stop fighting, especially Hayes, who keeps ranting at Michael. Michael warns him to shut up, but Hayes keeps it up. Finally, Michael punches him and Hayes hits the floor. Hayes tells him that he'll be hearing from his lawyer. Michael apologizes to Jen. She is worried that he will get in more trouble with the hospital. All he cares about is Marcie.

Lindsay arrives and consoles Jen about Marcie. Jen says it should have been her. Lindsay is upset to hear her say that. Jen says that Marcie is a really good person. Lindsay wonders why Jen thinks she's not a good person. Jen goes to the chapel, still upset. Rex arrives to see how Marcie is doing. Riley tells him to leave. Rex runs into Jen, who is surprised to him because she thinks he hates Marcie. He denies that, saying he just dislikes her but doesn't wish this on her. He says that Marcie looks out for Jen, even though she is wrong about him. He admits that he would miss Marcie if she were gone. Jen says she's sure Marcie would appreciate it. Rex strokes Jen's arm. Riley comes out and takes Jen aside. He asks her not to buy Rex's nice-guy act. Jen doesn't want to argue with him because of Marcie. Ron, Michael, Jen, Riley, and Rex hang out in Marcie's room. Rex talks to Marcie while Riley glares at him.

Hayes finds Paige to complain about Michael assaulting him. Paige tells Michael that they are going to take Marcie down for surgery but she asks him about what Hayes said. He says he can explain. She tells him it can wait until after the surgery, but she hopes he doesn't lose his job permanently.

Lindsay goes back to Capricorn and fills R.J. in on Marcie's condition and how weird Jen is acting. R.J. stills thinks that Jen might have killed Paul. He vows to help Lindsay protect her. He tells her that he's helping her because of he feels about her. Lindsay grows quiet and looks around. She says that the only time he usually says things like that is when he's trying to distract her, so she was looking to see if Rex or someone was around. He says "not this time" and then kisses her.

Bo has just finished explaining to Nora about why Fake Cristian is in custody. She is shocked, like everyone. Bo fills her in on Antonio's case, too. She worries about Natalie. Daniel arrives; Nora asks him where the hell he has been. Daniel claims he was supposed to be at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, but he got the dates mixed up. Nora is suspicious when he says that he went home and paid some bills. He reacts sarcastically that there were no witnesses to his eating his lunch. She apologizes and says it was a really unpleasant day. Bo starts to fill Daniel in about Cristian, but they are interrupted by a phone call for Bo. Nora apologizes again to Daniel and says they should just remember how lucky they are. They kiss. Bo watches unhappily.

Natalie slaps FakeCris and screams at him. He tells her to hit him again because he deserves it. She says he hasn't even begun to get what he deserves. He doesn't blame her for hating him but says again that he's always loved her. She points out that they brainwashed him to love her. He keeps saying he's sorry, and she keeps yelling at him. She is very disgusted, especially that they slept together. She grabs his throat and starts choking him, knocking him backwards onto the desk.

John and Evangeline stand outside the door. John worries about Nat being alone with the FakeCris. They break in and stop Nat from choking FakeCris. Natalie is very upset, but John gets her to calm down. FakeCris wants to talk to Nat, but she doesn't want that. FakeCris says he had no choice as to what he did because he had nothing else. He doesn't even know who he really is. John tries to stop him from bothering Nat, but FakeCris yells at him to stay out of this. John gets a uniformed cop to take FakeCris out of the room. FakeCris keeps pleading with Natalie to listen to him. He says he wanted to be Cris because that's what she wanted. She screams at him that she wishes he were dead, as they take him out. Bo comes in and tries to comfort Nat, who is crying. He wants to call her mom to pick her up, but she says no. He offers to get her a ride home, but she doesn't want to go anywhere. He doesn't think she should be there while they decide whether this guy should be charged with murder or not. She wants to be there to make sure he is locked up. The police find the gloves that FakeCris told them about. Bo compares the gloves to the tear they found at the crime scene; he says they seem to be a match. He arrests FakeCris for murdering Tico. Daniel, Nora and Bo worry about Natalie. Nora tries to console Natalie and get her to go home. Nat questions her about legal stuff. She is concerned that FakeCris will get out of prison. She wants him to either get the death penalty or go to prison for life.

Jess is upset that Antonio doesn't want to see her; she thinks he's angry, but he denies it. He's trying to concentrate on who wants him dead. He says Cris was one of two people in the world that he could count on. Jess was the other. He reminds her that when he found out he was a Santi, she told him that he could never be a murderer like his father. She still believes that but doesn't know why she's remembering things that didn't happen. She begs him to get through this together. She hopes it isn't too late for them. Antonio tells her again that he still loves her. He just doesn't want to be around her as long as she thinks she saw him kill Tico. He asks her to go to Natalie and help her instead. She asks him again if there is a chance for them. A guard comes to let Antonio out, telling him that they are dropping the charges. He tries to walk away, but she stops him. She cries. They argue some more. He tells her that as long as she still sees him as a killer, they can't be together. The guards bring FakeCris in. Bo comes in and tells them about the gloves. FakeCris is glad it's over. Antonio, Jess, and Bo leave him alone in his cell. He looks at the bars and then lies on the top bunk. FakeCris says to himself, "I'm sorry, Natalie."

Jess finds Nat downstairs; she comforts her sister, who cries on her shoulder. BO comes up and tries to give comfort, too. Everyone is very sad, including Antonio, who walks out.

John insists on talking to Evangeline, who is feeling ignored and tries to brush him away defensively. He tells her that she is more important than anything else, and he intends to make that clear. He says that the stuff with Natalie gets all mixed up with them. Evangeline feels bad for Natalie. She doesn't want to lose him. He says that won't happen. She says something has to change, then. He agrees but points out that he never kept anything from her about Natalie. She says it's not about Natalie; she needs more. She says she can't keep putting herself on the line without knowing how he feels. She tells him that she's falling in love with him. He reminds her that she was the one who suggested they banish words like "love" from their vocabulary. She says probably she did say that. He asks if they can go somewhere else to discuss it, but she fears they will just end up in bed. He wonders what's wrong with that. She asks him if he loves her. He doesn't say anything. She says they have said all there is to say, and she starts to leave. He stops her and says he's not sure he's capable of that any more, but if anyone can change it, it's her. She tells him to let her know if that happens, then she leaves. He has tears in his eyes.

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