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One Life to Live Update Monday 2/7/05



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After Margaret hits Marcie with her car, she holds a gun on Blair and threatens her (both are out of the car). Blair wants to know about Todd. Margaret taunts Blair about Todd walking out on her, then she wants Blair to get into the trunk. Blaire refuses, but Margaret threatens Starr and Jack. Blair gets into the trunk and Margaret shuts it. Later, she parks in a parking garage and has what looks like a walkie talkie in her hand. When she opens the trunk, Blair hits her in the arm with a tire iron and climbs out of the trunk. Blair heads for the exit. Margaret chases after her and brings her back. Blair wants to know where they're going. Margaret tells her that this is her final destination. She puts Blair back in the trunk, tied up, and puts the walkie talkie in there, too. A man comes out of the elevator just as Margaret is leaving. He is surprised to see her because not many people come to this level to park. When he asks her how long she'll leave her car there, she reminds him this is long-term parking, so the car will be there a very long time. She says this with an evil smile, of course. Blair pounds at the trunk and yells for help.

Kevin arrives at La Boule to see Kelly all dressed up in a beautiful evening gown. He compliments her and apologizes for not calling first. He asks for a moment of her time, so she lets him in and gives him a drink. He tells her that J.R. has his DNA sample of Ace. Kelly still thinks Ace belongs with Babe. She suggests that Kevin give Babe custody, but Kevin doesn't think that it is the right thing to do for Ace. Kelly is understanding because she knows Kevin loves Ace. They discuss their relationship; they both have regrets about their past mistakes. Kevin prepares to leave but then tells her that he remembers the first time he saw her in that dress in Texas. He says it blew him away. He thinks Kelly has a date, but she tells him that she doesn't. She was going through her closet to clean stuff out and was deciding what to get rid of. They talk about whether she might date again sometime. She asks him if it would bother him. He avoids the question but then later, when she presses, he says she deserves to be happy. He apologizes for messing things up with her, and she is sorry, too. She still thinks Babe should get her baby back but thanks him for letting her know about Ace. He suggests that she keep the dress (we know it still affects him) and the he leaves. She smiles, knowing he still cares.

Cristian (or whoever he is) explains to Natalie, Antonio, Jessica, John and Evangeline how he was given Cristian's memories while he was brainwashed on the ship. Natalie breaks down crying, very upset. Cris explains that he fell in love with Natalie, but everything else was fake. He doesn't know who he is, but he knows he's in love with her. Antonio doesn't believe the story that he's not Cris. Cris tells him that there were all sorts of facts he didn't know and people he didn't recognize. Antonio thinks that the brainwashing did that to him. Cris yells that he can't paint; he wouldn't forget that. Natalie reminds him that he told her that he drew a picture of her on the ship and that's what kept him going. Cris says that they gave him a picture and he practiced over and over until he got it right, but never as good as Cristian. He concludes that they could give him his life but not his talent. He says that he kills people, that's what he does. Jess still doesn't know why she saw Antonio kill Tico, not Cris. Cris says he doesn't know why she saw it, but he can prove he killed Tico. He tells John where to find the missing gloves that he was wearing that night. John phones to get someone to search his room. Cris says again that he was ordered to kill Tico and Antonio. Antonio wonders why someone would go to all of this trouble just to kill him and Tico; they could have killed them without having him masquerade as Cris. Cris doesn't know why; he only knows what he was told to do. John questions Cris about who is behind this, but Cris doesn't remember anything about that. Evangeline is concerned about Natalie. When Natalie tries to tell Cris that he's not a killer, he yells at her that he's not Cristian. She looks as if she was stabbed and starts yelling at him. She demands to know who he is. He only remembers the ship, nothing before that. He says he's sorry for everything. John informs him that he's under arrest for trying to kill Antonio.

Later, after he is booked, Cris apologizes to Natalie. He didn't want her to find out this way; that's why he burned the book. Nat says bitterly that he was too late because she already suspected something was up. She beats herself up for not listening to her own suspicions. He is shocked that she stayed with him despite all this. Jess can't understand why Cris is saying he's not himself or that he killed Tico. Nat says that it's true. Jess figures Nat would have known, but then she realizes she did know on some level. Nat tells Jess that she needs to be alone right now. Jess walks away. Nat looks down at her wedding ring and cries.

John visits Antonio in jail; they discuss Cristian's big revelation and whether they should believe it. John confides that he ran a DNA test on Cris and had a suspicious that he wasn't who he said he was. Antonio is very angry that this all happened. He feels that Natalie was betrayed more than anyone. Antonio is most mad at himself for not seeing the truth. John tries to console him by saying they all were duped by this guy and that whoever programmed him did a job. Antonio points out that John wasn't fooled, but John reminds him that he wasn't family. He is glad that the guy was able to fight off his programming and not kill Antonio. John hopes that they can get some information from Cris. Antonio asks him not to call the guy "Cris" any more. Jess arrives to visit Antonio. She feels bad for saying he killed Tico. John leaves; Jess apologizes. She still thinks she saw Antonio pull the plug on Tico. She doesn't know what to think about Cris, either. Antonio maintains that it was definitely that guy (FakeCris) who killed Tico, not him. All that matters to her is that they're letting Antonio go. He thinks there is something wrong if she still thinks he killed Tico. They argue. A guard tells her that she has to leave now. She promises to wait for him upstairs, but he tells her not to bother. He still loves her, but he can't take that she still thinks he's guilty. He thinks they should keep their distance as long as she feels that way.

Natalie congratulates John for being right about everything. He tells her that he's not happy about it. He wanted the guy to be Cris and for her to be happy. She is very bitter and hurt. He is grateful that she didn't get injured and offers help. She asks him if he can bring the real Cristian back and make things like they were before. He listens while she rants and raves, wondering how she is going to live with this. She collapses into his arms, crying. Evangeline and the fake Cristian watch from nearby. Natalie walks into another room after seeing him. John goes to question him. Nat chats with Evangeline. She thinks FakeCris really did love Natalie.

FakeCris repeats the highlights of what he said before and that John should lock him up before he hurts anyone else. John asks, "Like Natalie?". FakeCris knows that John cares about her, and how much. John scoffs at the idea. They bicker about Natalie. FakeCris says that his love for Natalie is the only thing that kept him from killing Antonio. Nat asks John if she can talk to FakeCris by herself, so he lets her. FakeCris tries to tell her that his feelings for her weren't fake, that he really loved her. She cries, obviously angry, as he goes on about how he loves her. She slaps him, hard, and screams, "How could you do this to me?" Evangeline and John wait for Nat outside, worrying. He blames himself for Nat losing her husband twice. Evangeline points out that it wasn't because of him; he was a dangerous fraud and John is the only one who knew it. John is not consoled. Evangeline says Nat will need the support of her family and friends to get through this. John replies that she'll get it. Evangeline knows but wonders what that means for them.

Michael escorts Marcie to the hospital ER, along with the paramedics (why no one arrested Margaret, I'm not sure). Michael tells them that it was a hit-and-run driver. Paige is there to look her over as Michael and the paramedics give her information about Marcie's condition. Michael starts barking orders, but Paige reminds him that he's not back on staff yet. He is very upset, so Paige stops arguing with him and goes in to work on Marcie. Marcie's brother Ron arrives, so Michael fills him in on how bad Marcie is. Ron is surprised to learn that Marcie ran out of Rodi's after seeing a girl kiss Michael. Paige comes out and tells them that they're doing everything they can for Marcie. She tells Michael that his initial diagnosis of head trauma and internal bleeding was accurate. Ron begs to be let in to see her, so Paige lets him, even though Marcie is not conscious. Michael and Paige argue when he tries to dictate how to care for Marcie, since he's not on staff and he's too close to Marcie to be objective. Later, Ron snaps at Michael but then apologizes. Michael blames himself anyway, but Ron tells him that it was the lunatic who ran her down who is at fault. Michael greets a cop who comes to question him about the hit-and-run. Michael didn't see much but he thinks hard. He thinks it could have been a woman because he saw a lot of hair. He then remembers part of the license plate. Later, Michael sits by Marcie's bedside. He talks to her, beating himself up for mistakes he made. He cries as he begs her not to leave him. He say she will do anything to make her better. Paige comes in with some orderlies to take Marcie for tests. Michael tells Marcie that he loves her and always will, then he kisses her. Hayes arrives, upset to hear that Marcie was hit by a car. Michael yells at Hayes when he asks when she can leave because they have a publishing party to go to. Michael yells that she is seriously injured and might not make it. Hayes asks sarcastically whose fault that is. They argue about Marcie and how she has been torn between the book and Michael lately. Paige comes up and tells them to keep the noise down. Michael asks if Marcie is going to be all right. Paige says gravely that the test results were not what they were hoping for.

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