OLTL Update Friday 2/4/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/4/05



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Evangeline arrives at the police station; John fills her in that Cristian just confessed to killing Tico and also tried to kill Antonio. Natalie doesn't want to believe it. Jess doesn't understand why she saw Antonio kill Tico. She thinks Cris is lying to protect Antonio. Cris is quiet as Natalie pleads with him. Cris says again that he killed Tico and he is not covering for Antonio. John questions Cris, who says that he was told by some people to kill both Tico and Antonio. Cris relates the details of Tico's death. Antonio keeps trying to get Cris to shut up, but he insists on speaking. Cris wants to tell everyone the whole truth. He says that the story is hard to believe. John asks him to sit down and tell the story anyway, so he does. Cris doesn't know who was on the ship, but he says that they got inside his head somehow and told him what to do. Natalie realizes he was brainwashed. Cris shares that used drugs, starvation, and sleep-deprivation on him while they kept repeating the same information over and over. He wrote the info in the book (which he burned). They told him to kill two people, one who was hated and one who was loved. He thought they were going to make him hurt Natalie, but it was Antonio. He doesn't know why they wanted Antonio to die, but "it's time" kept playing again and again in his head, and he couldn't stop it. He says he didn't want to kill Tico, buy the gun, etc. but he had no choice. It was like he was watching someone else do it. Natalie points out that he threw the gun away. Cris admits that Nat was the only one who could get through to him, but it didn't stop him from coming down there and grabbing the guard's gun. When she wasn't around, the voices in his head got stronger until he couldn't shut them out anymore. John asks if he has any idea who the people are who trained him, but Cris doesn't. John and Antonio chat about who could have set all this up. Natalie tells Cris that he couldn't kill Antonio because he's his brother. Cris says that Antonio's not his brother in any way. Natalie doesn't want to hear it and yells at him. Criss tells her to stop it. He gets up and says he is not the man she thinks he is. John wants to know who he is, then. Nat says they all love him and will be there for him, no matter what he does. Cris talks about how much she believe in him, even though it was a lie. He says he has been lying to everyone since he came to town and that he loved her the minute he saw her. He says he's not Cristian Vega and never was; he's an imposter.

Roxy buys drinks at Rodi's because she has been making lots of money with the hotel. She says hi to Michael, whi has been there with his friends celebrating that he's going back to work. She calls him "Doctor Death" but then quickly apologizes, but he doesn't mind because he's so happy. She is relieved that he is no killer but not surprised. She wonders if Marcie is coming because she knows she was worried about him. Michael's face falls and he says that Marcie couldn't make it. An attractive woman walks by and tells Michael that he's holding up the party. He tells Roxy that he wanted to run over to Marcie and just kiss her, but he couldn't because he was unsure. She tells him that he should have kissed her. Michael tells Roxy all about Hayes and Marcie's book. She thinks it's all crazy and that Hayes is a creep. She points out that Marcie cares about him and asks him what he's going to do about it. The attractive woman grabs MIchael's arm and steers him over to the table where the party is going on. Roxy watches them with interest. Michael keeps watching for Marcie and worrying about her. He tells the pretty girl about their breakup, and she is sympathetic. She confesses that she's had her eye on him for awhile. Michael gets embarrassed. He tells her that he's flattered, but he still wants to be with Marcie, even though they're broken up. She insists that he dance with her, at least. He tries to get out of it, but then he reluctantly agrees. They dance as Roxy watches, worrying.

Marcie is still spacing out when her agent talks to her about her career. All she can think about is Michael. Hayes tries to tell her to forget about Michael and concentrate on her future. Marcie argues with Hayes about her stylist, but then the stylist Willie West walks in and starts talking about how he's going to work on Marcie. She is a little cranky. They still down together. Willie shows some sketches of ways that Marcie could look more exotic. He says there's nothing wrong with her being zaftig (meaning fat), it's just a matter of drawing attention away from the trouble spots. Marcie is feeling insulted and wants to leave. Hayes tries to talk her out of it. Marcie doesn't want to have a fake image, she just wants people to read her book. She stalks off, but Hayes stops her. They keep arguing. Marcie leaves to go spend the evening with Michael. Willie tells Hayes off. The girl kisses MIchael just as Marcie walks in. He runs after her.

At the Valley inn, Starr has received a call froM Todd; she is frantic. Dorian takes the phone from her and demands to know where TOdd and how many times he intends to ruin Blair's life. Todd yells at her shut up and call the police, but the connection is terrible so she can't hear. Starr tries to get the phone from her. After they are disconnected, Dorian tries to phone him back but gets Blair's voice mail. Starr leaves a message for them both to call back. Dorian says that Todd and Blair must be together, since Todd has Blair's cell phone, so they try to figure out how to find them. Meanwhile, Todd keeps trying to escape. He knocks the fire extinguisher off the table, which crushes the cell phone.

Blair is in the hatchback area of Margaret's car. Margaret hopes that all of her dreams with Todd will come true now. Blair wakes up and starts yelling at Margaret as she tries to get out. Margaret holds her head and gets upset. She turns back to yell at Blair, taking her eyes off the road and veering to the left. Margaret gets upset when she almost hits another car. Blair continues to yell, but Margaret ignores her. She makes a quick stop as Blair frees herself from her bonds. Then she starts driving again. SHe's happy about her plans going so well; she doesn't notice that Blair is crawling out. Blair gets up behind Margaret, who tries to push her back, losing control over the car. Margaret tries to stop the car as she skids toward an upset Marcie, who is standing on the edge of the curb.

Duke has invited Viki to dinner at The Valley Inn. He thought it would be good for her to get out because she's been worrying so much about Jessica. She asks about how he's doing with Adriana. He admits that they are better all the time. He talks about how great she is. He'd like to have a seriously relationship with Adriana. Viki is reminded of how Kevin fell for Duke's mom, LeeAnn. She can see his mom's smile in him. Duke finds it hard to imagine his parents being together. She asks Duke about his relationship with Kevin. Duke says it's difficult with Kevin going after Ace, but they've agreed for now to agree to disagree. Viki says that Kevin loves both of them very much. She talks about Kevin for a minute and then asks Duke not to give up on his father. They notice Dorian yelling into her phone. Later, Dorian storms over to Viki and blames Viki for everything that's happening to Blair. They argue. Starr tells Viki about Todd's phone call. Dorian doesn't believe that Viki's surprised look is real. Viki denies that she's known where Todd is. Dorian relates all of Todd's recent lies. Viki stops her; she only wants to figure out where Todd is. Dorian confides that Blair is missing and that Margaret is involved. Dorian insists that Viki come with them, so Viki cuts her dinner with Duke short. He offers to go with them, but Dorian nixes the idea. Viki kisses Duke goodbye on the cheek and then leaves with Dorian and Starr. Kevin arrives and wonders what's going on, so Duke fills him in about Todd. Kevin is shocked. He sits down with Duke, grousing about Todd. They chat about family, then Kevin tells Duke that a judge has ordered a DNA test done to determine who is Ace's biological father. Duke asks him what he will do if he loses and has to give up Ace. Kevin thinks this is his second chance to make up for the mistakes he made with Duke. Duke doesn't know how he could be a father right now, so Kevin worries for a moment that he might have gotten someone pregnant, but he explains that he just was being sympathetic to Kevin.

Viki and Dorian argue non-stop in Viki's car as they search for Blair and Todd. Dorian tells Viki about Margaret's obsession with Todd and how she came to La Boulee to look for Starr, etc. Viki is annoyed that Dorian didn't tell her about how Starr was almost kidnapped. Viki wants to know why they are heading to a construction site. Dorian informs her that Margaret stole dynamite from that area. They go back to arguing. They are both worrid about Blair and Todd. They see a car coming, driving erratically (probably Margaret's). Dorian grabs the wheel as Viki shouts at her. They don't hit the other car but keep arguing as they drive on. The car starts making a weird knocking noise, so Viki talks about wanting to pull over. They are still arguing, so Viki threatens to make Dorian walk. They come to the construction site, so they pull over.

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