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Kelly, Kevin and Ace are at Asa’s mansion. Kevin tells Kelly he needs her more than ever to fight the Chandler’s.

Dorian and Starr are at the police Station, Starr yells at Bo and blames him for Blair’s disappearance because no one helped Blair find Todd.

Margaret, Todd and Blair are at the cabin, Margaret ties Blair up, telling Todd it was sweet for Blair to come save him, but who was going to save Blair?

Jessica and Natalie go to The Palace, Jessica tells Natalie the picture of Antonio killing Tico keeps playing in her mind. John shows up to talk to Natalie, so Jessica leaves to get a table. John tells Natalie that Cristian is visiting Natalie. Natalie tells John that she has been letting what he says about Cristian get to her.

Cristian and Antonio are in a room at the police station. Cristian is standing with a gun pointed at Antonio, and pulls the hammer back.

Todd tells Margaret he won’t do anything with her unless she let’s Blair go.

Natalie tells John that she’s worried about how upset Cristian will be when he learns about Antonio’s arrest. Michael shows up at The Palace, and John excuses himself to go speak to Michael. Michael tells John that since Antonio was arrested, the hospital has reinstated him, and that he can only stay a little while because the guys from the hospital are throwing him a party. John says he will go, and asks if Marcy will be there.

Jessica and Natalie decide to leave The Palace because Jessica wants to go see Antonio, and Natalie wants to see Cristian.

Antonio tells Cristian that he has seen the look in his eyes before, in the elevator at The Gallery when Cristian was going to let him fall until Natalie called out to him. Antonio then walks towards Cristian unti the gun is pressed up against his body.

Hayes and Marcy are at The Palace, discussing her publishing party when Marcy spots Michael, excuses herself and walks over to congratulate him on his reinstatement. John then invites Marcy to Michael’s party, but she says she can’t go because she has a meeting with a stylist. Michael tells her that he’s glad that things are going so well for her.

Starr begs Bo to help her find her family.

Margaret tells Todd it will be his fault when Blair dies. A solemn-looking Todd tells Margaret he will give her anything she wants, including a baby, as long as she lets Blair go.

Kevin tells Kelly that he has been trying to prevent the Chandler’s from getting a DNA test. Kelly tells Kevin that JR needs to find blood ties to Ace. She then tells Kevin that she’s not looking for a reason to hate him, she’s looking for a reason to like him.

Bo tells Starr that he will put an APB out on Blair, but Dorian feels that’s not good enough. On their way out of the police station Dorian and Starr run into Nora. Dorian tells Starr she needs to talk to Nora alone, but Starr refuses, claiming she is old enough to hear about her parents. Dorian tells Nora that Blair left to follow a lead about Margaret stealing a substance from a construction site. Nora tells Dorian she knows, and tells Dorian to leave it up to the police and not take matters into her own hands. Nora then walks away. Starr asks what Margaret stole, and Dorian tells her it was dynamite. Starr grabs Dorian’s hand and says they need to find them now.

Margaret tells Todd that she can’t let Blair go because she’ll run straight to the police. Todd promises he can make sure Blair doesn’t tell anyone where he is. Margaret says the only way she can fix that is to kill Blair. Suddenly, an alert Blair bites Margaret on the leg.

Hayes and Marcy, who returned from talking to Michael, are discussing her party. Hayes notices that Marcy is not paying any attention. Marcy apologizes, saying she’s just glad that Michael was reinstated at the hospital.

Across the room, Michael is also paying more attention to Marcy than the conversation he is having with John. John comments on this, but an angry Michael tells John that it’s easier for John to worry about Michael’s love life than it is to worry about his own. John tells him, on that note, he will leave.

Jessica and Natalie enter the Police Station, where Natalie tells Jessica she got a strange feeling when John told her Cristian was visiting Antonio,

Antonio tells Cristian, who still has the gun up to him, that he knows the men on the ship got to him, but they aren’t him, and he needs to think of Natalie and what it would do to her if Cristian shot him.

Marcy and Michael continue to make eye contact from across the room, this is making Hayes visibly upset. Hayes asks Marcy if Michael’s job means more to her than her book. Marcy says his job doesn’t, but he does. Hayes tells her she should have written romance novels, and Marcy says she is going to Michael’s party tonight, and to cancel her stylist’s appointment. She is going to go celebrate with the man she loves. She leaves to freshen up, and Michael starts to follow her when Hayes calls his name, and says he might want to hear what he is going to say.

John, at the police station now, radios the guard that is supposed to be guarding Antonio’s room. Jessica and Natalie start to get nervous when he receives no answer.

Antonio tells Cristian to let the people who love him help him. Cristian hears the voice tell him it’s time. Antonio tells him to fight whatever is going on in his head, fight it for Natalie.

Jessica, Natalie and John hear a shot fired. Natalie and Jessica get up and start to run. John tells them to stay there while he goes in.

Kevin tells Kelly he can give her all kinds of reasons why he did what he did to her, but they would all sound like excuses. Now he just wants to play fair and let the legal system decide who gets Ace. Kelly looks him deep in the eyes and tells him that she knew the man she loved was still in there.

Michael tells Hayes that he doesn’t need to listen to anything he has to say. Hayes tells Michael that this meeting could make Marcy famous, and Michael is holding her back, he then leaves. Marcy comes back from freshening up and approaches Michael, telling him she would love to go to the party with him. Michael tells her that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

John runs into the room where Antonio and Cristian are, and demands Antonio give him the gun, which he is now holding. John asks both men who knocked out the guard, who is lying on the floor. A dazed Cristian, who is seated in a chair, admits to it. John tells Antonio to cuff Cristian, and he does. Natalie and Jessica enter the room, and Natalie asks why Cristian is handcuffed. Antonio tells them that Cristian fired the gun into the air. John asks Cristian why he had brought the gun there. Cristian admits to a stunned Natalie that he planned on killing Antonio.

Kelly tells Kevin that seeing Kevin with Ace reminds her of why she loved him, but that the baby belongs with his real mother. He tells Kelly that he will let the system handle it, he can’t imagine the court will let Ace go to either Babe or JR. Kelly says she believes Kevin will play fair, but that she can’t be on his side.

Michael tells Marcy that if they are going to get back together, it can’t be in one night. An upset Marcy goes to Hayes, while Michael tells his friend, who is waiting to go to the party, that he just did the hardest thing he has ever had to do. Hayes asks Marcy If Michael’s hospital buddies were more important, and Marcy says she guesses so.

Margaret drugs Blair and sticks her in the trunk of a car. Todd manages to call Starr, who is at The Palace with Dorian.

Cristian tells Natalie that the only reason he didn’t kill Antonio was because of her. He admits he has killed before, and then admits to Natalie that he killed Tico

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