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One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/2/05



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At Ultraviolet, Lindsay worries to R.J. about how she and Jen are now the prime suspects in Paul's murder. He tries to distract her by kissing her. Nearby, Riley and Rex are still fighting over Jen. Rex has just kissed Jen and he gloats to Riley that Jen did not push him away. Jen slaps him to prove a point. They argue. Jen tells Rex in no uncertain terms that she is not in love with him and that she only feels sorry for him. She tells him to stay out of her life and that she is with Riley now. Rex gets angry and tells Lindsay that he's done everything he can to protect her daughter. Lindsey chews Jen out for getting involved with Rex again. She points out that Jen's visiting Rex in prison gave him ideas. Jen Jen doesn't want to hear it. Lindsay is worried that Rex might have some information about Jen and Paul's murder that he will use now. Jen doesn't think Rex would do that. She doesn't know what he could have on her, anyway.

Nora and Daniel prepare to go to Ultraviolet so they can hear Riley play. Daniel is sporting a new mustache and goatee, which tickles Nora's face when they kiss. Nora is feeling depressed because of Jen being a suspect. Evangeline asks Nora to help her with getting a bail hearing for Antonio. Nora doesn't think the judge will grant bail because the murder looks to be premeditated. Daniel asks someone to get him all of the information the department has on Lindsay and Jen.

Riley is not happy to see Daniel at UV because of Jen being a suspect. Daniel looks hurt and says he wanted to hear Riley perform. He tries to soothe Riley's hurt feelings, but it doesn't work. Nora is surprised that Daniel told Riley that Jen was a suspect. He just wanted to prepare him for the worst. Daniel frets about how Riley is feeling and wonders what he will do. Later, Nora overhears Daniel talking to someone on the phone. He tells the person that he is marrying Nora May 1st and that it will be just in time for the special primary election. He adds that having Nora by my side will be a big help. After he hangs up, Nora questions him about what he meant and whether Bo was right to say that he is only marrying her to help his political career. He admits that marrying her will give him credibility, but he also gives her a heartfelt speech about how she is the love of his life. He reminds her how he was ruining his life before she came along.

Lindsay gripes to R.J. about seeing Nora and Daniel there. She continues to worry about Jen and the threat hovering over the two of them. R.J. threatens to distract her with more kisses. They discuss whether they should have a real relationship and risk their friendship. She isn't sure she wants to risk that. R.J. gives her a better reason: that Daniel might arrest her any minute, so they should live for the moment. That works for her, so they go back to kissing.

Jessica is visiting Antonio in jail. She has offered to go to Bo and say she was lying about seeing Antonio pull the plug on Tico (so he can go free). Antonio thinks that maybe Jessica's mind was playing tricks on her because she was still angry at him for the way he treated her. Jessica has asked herself that same question, but she is sure that she saw him do it. He doesn't understand that but figures she must have stopped loving him because of seeing him murder someone. She says no, far from it. She has always loved him and that hasn't changed. Antonio is surprised to hear that but still thinks her mind is playing games. They argue some more. He says she is still in danger and he can't help her now because of being in jail. She doesn't know how he can still care for her, but he insists that he loves her. Jess' time is up so she has to leave.

Natalie visits John at the station. She insists to him that she never thought Cristian was the one who killed Tico. She hopes that John will forget about running the DNA test. They argue about it. Natalie accuses John of wanting to be in control of her so he can calm her down when she gets upset. He dismisses the notion and asks where Cris is. She doesn't know but says he's probably upset because of Antonio being arrested and trying to deal with that. Natalie says that John is not dealing with his good friend Antonio being arrested; instead he's antagonizing Cristian. He in turn accuses her of being in denial about Cristian. He asks why she always runs to him for help. She doesn't know the answer but does know that he helps her when there are crazy things going on inside of her. He asks her what she thinks that means, but she doesn't answer. They continue to argue. He tells her that he will be there for her if she needs someone. He confides that he's upset about both her and Antonio. She thanks him for caring.

Someone has spoken to Cris on his cell phone, saying, "It's time". He looks like he's in a trance as he repeats what they said. Carlotta calls his name, but he doesn't answer. She says it many times until he notices. She is worried because he doesn't look like himself. He asks her for help, to find Natalie. Then he changes his mind abruptly. He says he's just upset about Antonio, but she doesn't know why, so he has to tell her about him being arrested. Carlotta gets very upset. She says they have to trust that the lord will set him free. Cris worries that Antonio's fate is sealed and inevitable. She doesn't know why he's saying that. He stares intently into space as the words "It's time" echo in his ears. Suddenly he leaves. Carlotta yells after him because he hasn't responded to what she was saying and was acting very strange.

Kelly arrives at Asa's mansion, having been called there by Kevin to check on Ace. He says Ace has a little fever and that he might be teething. It's quickly clear that Kevin used this as an excuse to get Kelly there so she can spend more time with Ace. Asa comes in and demands to know why she is there. Kevin tells him that he asked her to come and asks Kelly to stay.

Evangeline tells Bo that she wants to see Antonio's police personnel files. He agrees but points out the problems that Antonio has had in the past with anger, which might hurt his case. Evangeline refutes many of his examples but agrees that it will be a tough case. Bo is glad that Evangeline is on Antonio's side.

Evangeline drops by John's office. They are both glad to have each other in their lives. She tells him there's a delay in the DNA test. He hopes it comes soon because Natalie deserves her husband and life back. Evangeline wonders how Jessica could see something happen that she knows didn't.

Bo and Matthew drop by Asa's mansion. Matthew is happy to see Ace and wonders if he remembers him. Bo has told Matthew that they not get to keep Ace, but Asa maintains that he will be staying. Matthew mentions that Nora is marrying Daniel, which makes Bo look uncomfortable. Asa asks Bo to fight hard for Kevin to keep Ace when they go to court, but Bo can't promise that. Asa shares that having Ace around has taken away some of the pain he and Renee feel about losing Ben. Bo knows how much he loves Ace, but he can't do much if the court decides to put Ace with his biological father. Asa swears there will be hell to pay if that happens. Kevin tries to get Kelly to stick around longer and reminds her that Ace needs his mother. She reminds him that he didn't seem to think so when he was getting sole custody of Ace away from her. She thinks that he is just using her to look good in court. Kevin swears that's not it and that he has made some terrible mistakes that he wants to make up for. He begs Kelly to stay and help tuck Ace in.

Jen fumes to Riley about Rex's kissing her, but he is sick of hearing about Rex.

Roxy finds Rex sitting at the diner, looking depressed and nursing a cup of coffee. Roxy tries to cheer him up about Jen. Natalie comes in and says hi to them both. Natalie sees Jess sitting alone, so she goes over to chat with her. Nat asks if she's seen Cris, but Jess hasn't. She snaps at Nat that she must be really happy that Antonio is the killer and not Cris. Nat protests that she couldn't be happy when her family is in such turmoil. Jess grumpily takes it back and then genuinely apologizes. Nat asks Jess if she will get back together with Antonio, if they get through this. Jess doesn't know.

Cris visits Antonio; they are in a room at the police station (not Antonio's cell). Antonio is worried about Carlotta's reaction to his being jailed. Cris says that she will have a lot more to deal with than his arrest. Before Antonio can find out what he means, Cris hits the nearby guard and knocks him unconscious. Antonio thinks he's trying to break him out, but Cris draws his gun and points it towards Antonio. He says he's going to kill Antonio the way he killed Tico.

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