OLTL Update Tuesday 2/1/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/1/05



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John asks Antonio why he has the rubber gloves under his sink, and then tells him not to say another word without a lawyer.

Evangeline calls to put a rush on Cristians DNA results, saying she needs to know if the subject is who he says he is. She turns around and Cristian is standing behind her.

Jen breaks up a fight between Riley and Rex.

Starr tells Dorian that Margaret tried to take her so she hit the panic button on the alarm system.

Blair finds Todd in the cabin, which is full of flames, Todd tells Blair to leave him, but Blair refuses.

Paige and Nora run into each other at the diner, Paige tells Nora she wants to talk.

Dorian calls the police about Starr’s story. Dorian asks why Starr didn’t come and get her. Starr says it’s because Dorian wouldn’t believe her anyway. After a heart to heart talk they join forces to bring Blair and Todd home.

Cristian tells Evangeline that Jessica regained her memory, and told John that Antonio was Tico’s murderer. Cristian insists to Evangeline that Antonio is innocent, and needs her help. Alone Cristian asks himself if he can let Antonio take the blame for a murder he committed.

John tells Antonio between the gloves and Jessica’s statement they have enough evidence to arrest him. Antonio insists to Jessica that he’s innocent.

Rex asks Jen, is she were in trouble, how far Riley would go for her, he then asks Riley if he would help Jen or turn her in?

Paige congratulates Nora on her engagement. Paige admits she is relieved that Nora is getting married, and wishes them the best.

Antonio, now at the police station, tells John and Bo that the person who killed Tico is terrorizing Jessica and he can’t continue to protect her if he’s locked up.

Natalie tells Jessica that she can’t believe Antonio would have killed Tico, why would he push Jessica to remember who did, if he was guilty? Natalie admits that if he did do anything it was to protect all of them. Natalie then tells Jessica to make it right.

Evangeline arrives at the police station, and tells them all they have is generic gloves and a questionable witness. Antonio is booked anyway and placed in a holding cell.

Starr tells the police officer what Margaret did to her, and Dorian asks them to put an APB out on Margaret. The police officer tells Dorian that Starr has a history of making up stories, and they have no reason to do so.

Blair tries to put out the fire with basins full of water, but it is not working. She faints, and Todd wakes her up by yelling. She then notices a fire extinguisher

Riley tells Jen that he knows her, and knows she’s not capable of murdering someone. He tells her that Rex believed she was capable of murder because he hid the gun to protect her. Riley says he sees what Jen has the potential to be. Rex says he loves her unconditionally.

Evangeline tells John he could make her job easier by finding out who really killed Tico.

Natalie tells John that if Antonio killed Tico, it was only to protect everyone.

Bo tells Jessica what will happen to Antonio, he may spend life in prison, or even receive the death penalty.

Cristian writes a confession note, but crumples it up because he doesn’t want to put Natalie through any more pain. His cell phone rings, and when he answers it, it’s the same voice from his flashbacks saying, “you know who this is”

Blair gets the fire put out. She leans over to kiss Todd, and is knocked unconscious by Margaret.

Jen tells Riley there is no choice to make, she loves him. He leaves. Alone, Rex tells Jen that they are two of a kind, and he can give her what she needs. He leans in and kisses her.

Jessica apologizes to Antonio, who tells her he loves her, but he doesn’t know why she insists it was him who killed Tico, but it doesn’t change how he feels about her. She says she should have taken the secret to her grave, and she’ll do anything, including lie, to make it right.

Natalie tells John that Carlotta will be devastated when she finds out. John tells Natalie that she’s relieved because Antonio’s arrest lets Cristian off the hook for awhile. Natalie looks at John, who tells her he can see in her eyes that she believed Cristian did it.

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