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One Life to Live Update Monday 1/31/05



By Suzanne
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At the cabin, Todd sees his kids on TV, pleading with him to come home.  He doesn't notice at first that he has inadvertently started a fire.  He sees it but no matter how much he struggles, he can't get out of his restraints.

The TV reporter praises Starr and Jack's speech outside of La Boulee.  Margaret forces her way inside the door after the reporters leave (not sure where Dorian, Duke, and Ariana went since they were all there before the interview started!).  Margaret pretends to be nice to her, but Starr yells at her because Blair has told her all about what she did.  Starr tells her she'll be sorry and threatens her with her snakes and spiders.  Margaret tells Starr that she'll tell her where Todd is on one condition: if she tells Margaret where Blair is.  Starr asks her suspiciously why she wants to know.  Margaret claims that she and Todd ran away together and are starting a new life, so she wants to break it to Blair.  Starr yells at her that she's lying and crazy.  They yell at each other and then Margaret grabs Starr so she can kidnap her, too.  She drags Starr outside, but Starr steps on her foot and runs inside the house.  She hits a panic alarm and tells Margaret that the cops will be there in just a few minutes.  She swears she will tell them it went off by accident if Margaret tells her where Todd is.  Margaret starts to leave, but Starr stops her.  They argue.  Margaret tells her that no one will believe her and runs off, much to Starr's dismay.

Blair investigates the cabins.  When she knocks on one, the door opens, and she exclaims "Oh my God!".  Standing there is a woman who looks a lot like Mrs. Bigelow.  The woman says she is Hazel Smalls and doesn't know any Mrs. Bigelow, nor Blair.  Blair tells her that she looks just like her friend Mrs. B., who died recently.  Since Blair is so distressed, Hazel invites her in and gives her some tea.  Blair shows her the pictures of Todd and Margaret and asks her if she's seen them.  The woman says that she doesn't know them and doesn't get out much.  Blair worries because she says all of the cabins are vacant except for this one.  She feels hopeless.  When Blair goes to leave, the door is stuck.  Hazel offers to help her find Todd because she has experience with this sort of thing.  Blair gives her some info about what has happened and how she tracked him there.  Hazel is sympathetic.  She remembers what it was like to be in love.  She tells Blair that she heard a car go by several times over the past few weeks and that there is only one cabin on that road.  She gives Blair directions, so Blair thanks her and rushes off.  The old woman takes off her thick glasses and puts some other specs on (that look more like Mrs. Bigelow's, I think) and says to herself, "Good luck, Blair.  Todd needs you".

Blair finds the cabin and sees that it's on fire.  She calls inside.  Todd coughs and has his face buried in a pillow as he tries to keep from inhaling smoke.  Blair keeps yelling for him as she struggles with the door.  Finally she kicks it open.  They see each other across the flames.

Riley plays on his guitar and sings at Ultraviolet.  Jen comes in and compliments him.  They kiss.  Rex arrives and tells them that the charges against him were dropped.  Jen is happy that he was let out, but Riley is clearly annoyed.  Rex tells them that he thought about his life while he was in jail and knows now what he wants.  He asks if he can talk to Jen alone, but she insists that he can speak with Riley there.  Rex declares that he's in love with her and that he is going to do whatever it takes to make her love him back.  Riley gets annoyed, but Jen grants Rex one minute to continue.  Rex gives a speech about her and why they belong together.  He thinks she is just perfect.  Riley says that Jen's with him now, and after a minute, Jen confirms that.  Rex and Riley get into a fistfight and she tries to stop them.

Michael and Marcie are at the diner.  They talk about the hospital board and whether he will get his job back.  He thanks her and she admits she still cares.  They hold hands.

At Llanfair, Jess tells John, Antonio, Cris, and Natalie once again that Antonio is the one she saw pull Tico's plug.  Cris gets in her face and says she's lying.  They argue and yell.  John tells him to back off.  Antonio swears that he didn't do it.  Cris has a flashback to pulling the plug.  Antonio is frantic and Jess is upset.  Antonio tries to reason with John that Jess' memory was affected by being sick and being given drugs.  Jess says she doesn't blame him for killing Tico, who was evil, but Antonio keeps telling her that he didn't do it.  Cris points out to John that there is no link between Antonio and the gloves.  John says they will need to get a warrant to search Antonio's house and car, so Antonio gives him the keys, since he's sure he didn't do it.  After John leaves, Jess tells Antonio that she is sorry for having to say it and wishes he had left well enough alone.  They argue.  Cris is very angry, which worries Natalie.  He storms out.  She tells Antonio and Jess about him storming out and almost lets slip about John's suspicions that Cris is someone else.  She is worried and upset.

John goes to the dinner to wait for an officer who is supposed to help him search Antonio's place.  He tells Michael the news about Antonio.  He and Marcie can't believe it.  John gives up waiting for the cop.  Michael thanks him for the news.  After John leaves, Michael and Marcie discuss the news and debate whether Antonio is guilty or not.  Michael doesn't think he is, but Marcie wonders why Jess would say it.

John goes back to Llanfair later.  He shows Antonio, Jess, and Natalie the gloves he found under Antonio's sink.  They all look shocked.

Asa talks to Ace; Kevin comes in and chats with him.  Ace fears losing Ace again and wants a guarantee from Kevin that it won't happen.  Kevin can't give him one.  They talk about the custody fight.  Kevin is sympathetic to Babe, but Asa can't understand why.  Kevin calls the fight an "ugly painful mess" and doesn't wish the pain on anyone.

Cris goes to the church.  He tells the priest about burning the book, how he bought a gun, then he got a headache, how he knew what gun to buy even though he doesn't know about guns, how he did well at the shooting range, and how he thinks it is because of something that happened to him on the ship.  He says that he has to kill someone else and reminds the priest that he already killed Tico.  He tells him that Antonio is being blamed.  The priest urges him again to turn himself in.  Cris thinks it would destroy Natalie and says that Antonio is not really his brother.  He says Cristian grew up with Antonio, not him.  The priest keeps trying to get him to go to the police.  Cris takes out his gun and points it at the priest.  He says, "they won't let me".  The priest asks who he means, so Cris replies that the men who programmed him are the ones controlling him.  The priest asks him for the gun, says he's a good person and he's in control of his own actions.  He tells Cris to think about the people who live him.  Cristian's hand shakes and finally he lowers the gun, but then he leaves.

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