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At the cabin, Margaret warns Todd that if he doesn't sleep with her to make a baby, she'll hurt Blair. He points out that she won't have time to have sex with him by the time she drives into down and comes back. She tries to persuade him to do it with her now as she keeps threatening Blair. He keeps trying to argue with her and says she might as well kill him now because he won't want to live without Blair. Margaret decides to call his bluff, so she puts on the TV as she leaves to find Blair. Todd yells after her, then he talks to himself about how he can stop Margaret.

At La Boule, Blair wants to find Todd still, so she has Dorian baby-sit Jack and Starr. Dorian worries that Blair is getting involved with someone so unstable. Dorian has a short conversation with David on the phone; he is at work. Duke and Adriana come in and overhear that Dorian is plotting to get revenge on Viki. Adriana tells them that she plans to tell Kevin that he was right about Ace and that Kelly was wrong; he should have done everything he could to keep Ace. Duke and Dorian get upset about what she said. Adriana just plans to tell Kevin that she agrees with him so she can gain his confidence. Dorian hugs her and thinks her idea is brilliant. Duke is not okay with the idea. Starr and Jack tell Dorian that they are bored, but then a news crew shows up at the door to ask about the return of Ace and the Chandlers' petition to get him back. Dorian tells them Kelly is not here but insists on talking to them. Starr promises Jack that she will find Todd if their mom doesn't; they share a hug, then eat popcorn and talk about it some more. Dorian tells the press on camera that Kelly was a victim of Paul's actions. Adriana admires how Dorian is placing her own spin on what happened. Duke takes her aside and tries to talk her out of spying on his dad. Starr finds out about the reporters, so she goes out to talk to them once Dorian's done with them. The reporter interviews Starr about Todd's disappearance. Todd sees her on the TV. Starr tells Todd that she misses and loves him. She says not to worry about them because they're okay. Margaret lurks nearby in the bushes. Jack also talks to Todd on camera. He has the magic frog that Starr gave him so that he can send messages to his dad. Todd works hard to escape, buoyed on by seeing his children as the reporters ask the kids what they miss most about their dad. Todd accidentally starts a fire nearby with the space heater.

Dorian thinks that Adriana should pretend to break up with Duke in order to gain more of Kevin's trust. They don't agree to that and Duke points out that Kevin won't trust anyone right now. Dorian has another plan to get Kevin to trust Adriana. Duke is frustrated by Dorian's underhanded tactics, but Adriana defends her mom. He asks her to promise him that she will always be straight with him. They make up after that.

Blair meets with Lou from the garage about Margaret. He tells her that she was in a hurry to get her car fixed because she had just brought her husband home from the hospital. This worries Blair, so she asks more questions. He thinks hard and checks something in another room. He comes back, saying he thought there was a receipt, but she paid with cash. Blair frets, wondering where Margaret went with Todd. Lou feels bad for her and keeps offering his help. Blair borrows his yellow pages to see if she can find the doctor that Todd went to. Blair finds a clinic that Todd and Margaret went to and finds the address that they gave. She rushes out but then returns later because the address was fake. She looks over Lou's map of the area. She figures out that Margaret was headed towards the vacation cabins. Lou says those would be empty this time of year because they are summer rentals, but Blair knows that would be the perfect place for Margaret to hold Todd.

At the diner, Natalie gives John and Evangeline Cristian's razor so they can run the DNA test. Cristian comes up just as Natalie says she feels like she's betraying him. Nat lies that she was worried about him having the gun, so she came to talk to John about it. John and Cris argue and get in each other's faces. Nat gets Cris to sit down; John and Evangeline get ready to leave. Evangeline observes that no matter who he really is, Cris loves Natalie. John thanks her for her help on this. John and Natalie argue some more about Cris. She implies that his feelings for her are what's making him go after her husband, but he claims he just wants her to be happy.

Cris is annoyed that Nat picks John to confide in. Nat shares her fears with Cris but how weird he's been acting. She thinks he got the gun for himself because of what he endured on the ship, not because of the stalker. She asks him to get rid of it. He flashes back to his training aboard the ship and the voice in his head that tells him he will kill another who is loved. Cris agrees to get rid of the gun and tells her that he will go take care of it now. Carlotta stops him to ask him something. She wants to have an anniversary party for him and Natalie, since he wasn't there for the real one. He agrees that it might be a good idea. She is glad to have him back and regrets that she said before that he wasn't the old him. He knows she was just worried about him. Carlotta puts a hand to his face and says the light is shining in his eyes again.

At the hospital, Viki finds Jessica, who is upset because she remembered who killed Tico. Marcie explains to Viki why they are there, retracing Jessica's steps from that night. They urge Jessica to tell them who she saw, but she seems unwilling to say it. Michael walks up, so Marcie runs over to say hi. She has been worried about him because he was gone. He says he just went home to Atlantic City for a few days. Marcie tells him that Jessica remembered who killed Tico. Jessica says that whoever killed Tico was a hero because he was a monster. Marcie pleads with her to help Michael by telling the truth. Jessica says that the person she saw was not anyone she knows. Antonio is suspicious when she claims that it was a horrible face and that's why she blocked it out. Jessica wants to go home with Viki, but Viki suggests that she go with Antonio instead. Marcie apologizes for pushing her, but Jessica says she feels better now. Jessica and Antonio leave; he says she will have to make the police report.

Viki does to the diner and tells Cris, Carlotta, John, and Natalie that Jessica remembered who killed Tico and that it was a stranger. John leaves to go talk to her. Cris overhears Carlotta tell Viki that she never understood how Antonio was a suspect because no son of hers is a cold-blooded killer. Viki catches Carlotta up about what's been happening with Jessica and her stalker.

At Llanfair, Antonio asks Jessica why she's lying about the killer because they both know it wasn't a stranger. A cop arrives to take her statement. Michael arrives to take over for the other cop. Natalie and Cris are there as well. When questioned, Jessica claims that she didn't get a good look at the man. John and Antonio ask her some detailed questions, but she gets upset and says she can't do this. They both keep pressuring her. Jessica tells Antonio that she doesn't want to hurt a really good person, so now Antonio knows that it wasn't a stranger. Jessica finally admits in a confused voice that it was Antonio she saw. Everyone looks shocked, particularly Antonio and Cristian.

Marcie helps Michael clear out some more of his stuff from the hospital. He worries that Jessica's memory will not clear him with the hospital board. Marcie is forced to admit that she canceled her book tour in order to come home and help him. She asks him for coffee, so he agrees.

Evangeline gets a lab tech friend of hers at the hospital to test the two samples for DNA comparison. He can tell that it is a big deal to her. She phones John to leave him a message about how she just put in the samples.

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