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Todd tries to recover from Margaret strangling him. She apologizes for losing her temper. She babbles on as usual about how much she loves him. He tells her that she'll never be Blair. They keep arguing...I'm getting so sick of this story! Margaret plots how to get Todd "inspired" so she can get a baby. Todd promises that he won't ever have sex with her or give her a baby. Margaret remembers how she almost failed a crucial class in business school, but then she got a tutor. Todd wonders what she's getting at. She always remembers now what her professor told her: "Never say never". Todd tries to talk her into giving up, since she's so frustrated. She doesn't want to rape him, she says, but then she thinks about it and says, then again, he knows what rape is all about. She reminds him about his history with Marty. He says he has regretted that ever since. She wonders why he raped his own wife, even though he keeps insisting that he loves her. Todd gets a scary look on his face. He says he didn't rape Blair but won't discuss it with her. Margaret teases him about it, so he gets angry. He advises her not to believe everything she reads in the papers. She shows him some papers she bought, including the Sun, with the picture of her on it. Margaret is outraged and threatens to sue Blair for libel. Todd points out that the story's true because she did kidnap him. She rages that there isn't any proof of that. She says the gloves are off now. She knows how to get him to make a baby, too. He says he'd rather die. Margaret hints that it's Blair she is threatening. He wants to know what she means. She says from now on, she will threaten Blair's life to motivate him instead of threatening him.

Blair and Kelly meet for breakfast at the Palace. Blair asks Kelly not to talk about Todd while Starr is there, but Starr overhears her and tells her not to do that. She thinks about him all of the time, whether Blair talks about him or not. Blair confirms that she does, too. Kelly watches Kevin, who is across the room, having breakfast with Ace. Kelly says she changed her mind about eating there. Starr wants to go over to say hi to Ace, but Blair stops her. Starr is confused about why Ace is with Kevin, if he's not her cousin. Blair says angrily that she wants to talk to Kevin about that, too. Kelly stops her and says she'll be right back. She goes over to see Kevin. Kevin greets her warmly and calls her "Mommy" to Ace. Kelly demands to know if he remembers that their son died. Shocked, he asks why she would bring that up now. She wants to know what Babe is going through right now, missing her son. They argue about Babe and about Ace's future, and Kevin keeps trying to use Ace to get Kelly back on his side and into their family. He asks her to sit down and have breakfast with them, so she agrees after some wheedling by Kevin. She picks up Ace and cuddles with him. Kevin gets a phone call that he has to take. He tells Kelly that the Chandlers are back in court to try to get a DNA test from Ace. Kevin wonders why J.R. would need a second test. He plans to keep fighting the Chandlers. Kelly wishes they could change the past, but she knows they can't. She wants to make sure they don't make the same mistakes again. Kevin says that it's not too late and he would like her on his side. She says she's only on Ace's side.

Starr is in a funk about missing Todd. Blair tries to get her to order breakfast. Starr gripes about how things are so weird. She shares that she had a dream that Todd phoned her and just kept repeating that he loves her. He also said to tell Blair that he needs her. Starr is worried about what it all means. Blair tries to reassure her that it was just a a dream and promises that they'll get him back. Starr wonders what she knows. Blair does not tell her, but Starr can tell she knows something, so she starts yelling at Blair to tell her right now. Heads turn, so Blair tries to calm her down. Blair tells her that she was right, Todd did not run off; he was kidnapped. Starr's mouth falls open. She talks to Blair about what's been going on. Starr thinks they should bring in the cops. Blair says they don't have any proof. She shows Starr this morning's Sun, which has a huge picture of Margaret and the word "WANTED" above it in big letters. She hopes this makes Margaret nervous, thinking the cops are after her, so she will make mistakes. Starr is still worried about what she may have done to Todd. Blair urges her to be patient. They eat breakfast as Blair warns Starr to stay out of it. Starr swears that she won't get involved, but she has her fingers crossed behind her back. Blair gets a call from the guy at Lou's Garage, where she was showing pictures around of Margaret and Todd. He saw the newspaper article. The call from his cell phone is not very strong, so she tells him she'll be right there. She leaves Starr there.

Jessica meets with Antonio at the diner. He is surprised that she phoned him. She admits that he was right to move into Llanfair; she feels a lot safer with him there. He thanks her but is puzzled. He wonders if that's why she really called him. She tells him that she has something to show him: the picture of her with the words "BITCH" across it in big letters that have been cut out from a magazine. She fills him in on the details. Antonio is angry that he wasn't there when it happened. Carlotta comes over and says hello, so Jessica invites her to sit down with them. Evangeline walks in. She looks at the photos behind the counter of Jessica and Antonio, and Cristian and Natalie, then she looks over at Carlotta, Antonio, and Jessica, who are laughing. She looks thoughtful. A little later, Antonio promises Jessica that he will find out who's been doing this to her.

Natalie is waiting for Cristian when he returns home; she wonders where he's been all morning. He says he's been at the gym. She gives him a backrub, figuring he's tense. She looks at the scar behind his ear. He jerks his head back, wondering what she's doing. She smiles and says she was just fixing his hair. John visits. He is there to see Cris and asks him why he bought a gun yesterday. Nat wonders what he means, but Cris admits he did buy a gun for protection. He claims it's because there is a stalker after Jessica and he could go after Natalie next. John says they are looking into that, but Cris knows they suspect him. Cris demands to know what JOhn thinks he did. John says he's not accusing him of anything, he just asked a simple question. Cris asks how he knew, so John informs him that the department gets a list of all gun applications. Cris points out that John then knows that he did the paperwork. John wonders if he can look at the gun. Cris says it's upstairs, but John stubbornly says he'll wait. Cris reluctantly goes to get the gun. John and Natalie argue again about the fact that he might not be Cristian. Evangeline phones John to ask him about something. She says she can get a DNA sample to compare with Cristian's. John tells her to go for it and he'll meet her later; then he thanks her. Natalie claims she would know her own husband, so JOhn tells her to prove him wrong by getting him a DNA sample. She refuses to do that and declares that she already knows the truth. They argue some more. Cris comes back with the gun and wants to know what's going on. He gets in JOhn's face and wants to know what he said to his wife. John says that it's just dangerous to have a gun in the house if you don't know what you're doing. Cris says they don't need a gun lecture, but John lectures him some more and then leaves. Cris rants and raves about how much nerve John has to get involved in his business. Natalie asks Cris why he didn't tell her about the gun. He says he was planning to tell her but he just didn't want her to worry. They hug and he tells her that he loves her. She loves him, too. He asks if she loves him as much as she did before he went away. She is shocked that he would ask. He knows it hasn't been easy since he got back. She reminds him that she took a vow. He says that was a long time ago. She points out that then and now are not two different relationships. He says that to him, they are. She assures him that she loves him the same as she did before. He confides that when he was on the ship, he forgot how to feel anything. Then when he came home and saw her again, it was like seeing her for the first time. He says that touching her, kissing her, etc. was all new and he fell in love with her like it was the first time or maybe even better. She looks confused and says he's still him, still Cristian, right? He smiles and asks who else he would be. He gives her a quick kiss and then heads up to the shower. Her words to John echo in her ears. She gets Cris' razor out of his exercise bag and takes it. She shakes her head as she looks up the stairs, saying, "Sorry, Cristian". Cris comes back and wonders where Natalie is. He takes out his gun and looks at it.

Evangeline tells Carlotta that the coffee tastes weird. Carlotta tries it and says it tastes fine to her. Evangeline says never mind, it's probably just her. She goes to steal the coffee cup, but Marcie comes in right then and calls for Carlotta, so Evangeline tries to distract her. She asks Marcie how she's doing. Marcie tells her about Michael being suspended and says that now he's missing. Evangeline thinks that he's probably just trying to work things out. Marcie is just worried about him and what the police might do. Evangeline suggests that she trust John. Marcie is just frustrated with all the waiting around. She wonders why Jessica can't remember what happened that night in Tico's room. Evangeline pushes her to go talk to Jessica, so Marcie does. Evangeline goes after the cup again.

Marcie tells Jessica that she might be the only one who can save Michael. She pressures Jessica, but Jess says she just can't remember. She wishes she could. It reminds Marcie of a detective novel she read and wonders if they can retrace what Jessica remembers and try to retrace it to jog her memory. Jess is reluctant, but Marcie pleads, so she gives in. Antonio agrees to go with them, so they all leave. Meanwhile, Evangeline takes the coffee cup in a little plastic baggie. John arrives to meet her. She gives him her bag and tells him to look inside. She tells him that this has Carlotta's DNA so they can compare this guy, Cristian or whoever he is, to see if he is her biological son. He thinks Natalie is the only way to get it without his consent. Natalie shows up a little later and gives him the razor. She wants him to leave her and Cristian alone after he has the DNA analyzed.

Antonio, Jessica, and Marcie retrace Jessica's steps at the hospital. Jessica remembers walking down the hallway, feeling drugged. We see what she is remembering, in flashback. She sees the hand with the glove on it pull the plug and standing over Tico. Jessica says suddenly that she remembers.

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