OLTL Update Wednesday 1/26/05

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/26/05



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John is in his office, he calls Evangeline and tells her to come over right away.

Riley shows up at Lindsay’s Gallery, saying that he was early, Jen and Lindsay were supposed to be at dinner. Lindsay tells him that Jen had to cancel their plans. Riley says he knows they’re both lying, and he knows exactly where Jen is.

Jen is visiting Rex at the Police Station, he says he is still facing charges for hiding the murder weapon, he then tells Jen that he would do anything for her because he loves her.

Kevin brings Ace home to the mansion.

Blair runs into Kelly at The Palace, where she talks with her about Todd’s disappearance. She’s not stopping until she finds Todd.

Margaret, in Blair drag, tries to seduce Todd who refuses to go along. Margaret slaps Todd and tells him he will, and he’ll love it.

Evangeline shows up at John’s office where John has take out Chinese food, and tells her he just wants dinner, but there is one rule: They can’t talk about the case or the people involved in it. They kiss passionately, and Evangeline says she can handle that.

Nigel comes downstairs to greet Kevin and Ace. He goes to fix up Ace’s nursery. Kevin tells Ace that they have a chance for a new beginning, no one will break up his family now.

Margaret turns on Blair’s New Years tape and lip syncs as Todd lays there stunned.

Rex tells Jen it’s hard on the ego when you tell someone that you love them and they can’t even look at you. Jen says she needs to go, but Rex stops her, saying he loves everything about her. Jen tells him that what they had was greta, but how could she be with him after he slept with her mother? She leaves.

Lindsay tells Riley not to overreact about Rex. Riley gets upset, and leaves to go see Rex.

Kevin tells Ace he will die before he lets the Chandlers have him. Kevin cell phone rings, he sees that it’s Kelly and he ignores it.

Kelly is upset that every time she calls she gets his voice mail, she wants information about Ace. Blair suggests they head to Asa’s to get the answers that Kelly needs.

Jen shows up at the Gallery with Chinese food surprising Lindsay with dinner. Lindsay tells her that Riley was there and left, and they can both guess that he went to Rex.

Riley shows up to talk to Rex, who is talking to his lawyer in private. Daniel tells Riley that Jen was there and it seemed like Rex did quite a number on her. Daniel tells Riley that they have arrested four suspects for Paul’s murder that they had to let go, and the next suspect, she is going to be hit with all they have. Riley realizes this “she” is Jen.

Blair and Kelly show up at the mansion looking for Asa, Nigel tells them no one is home, Blair says they will wait for Asa. Blair opens the door to the living room and sees Kevin sitting with Ace.

Margaret cuts Todd’s pants off telling him to be still, saying she wouldn’t want him to be bleeding when it’s time to make their baby.

Lindsay goes to the Police Station to see Rex, who is angry that Daniel is in charge of his fate. Daniel tells Lindsay that she and Jen better be prepared for what’s next, they have arrested four of the wrong suspects, and won’t make that mistake again.

Todd bites Margaret, drawing blood, so Margaret tapes his mouth shut.

Kelly asks Kevin what he has done. Kevin tells Kelly they need to unite against the Chandlers, because the Chandlers will fight with everything they have. Kelly tells Kevin that Ace isn’t theirs to fight for, he was better off with Jamie and Babe. Kevin gives Ace to Kelly to hold, telling her to hold him close, then tell him that Ace isn’t theirs.

Riley goes back to the Gallery, where Jen tells him there is nothing between her and Rex, she just owes him for trying to cover for her, even though she is innocent. Riley tells her that when she lies about little things, it leads him to believe she is hiding something big.

Blair goes to the Police Station to try to hear news about Margaret, Daniel gives her the brush off, telling her she’s going to have to wait until Nora is in or Bo comes back. Blair calls the office and asks if tomorrow’s paper has gone to press, she tells them not to.

Kevin tells Kelly that he saw Babe the way she wanted him to, she really loves Ace, he just doesn’t want Ace to grow up in a vipers nest complete with druggers and kidnappers. Kelly tells Kevin she can’t let her feelings get in the way of what she knows is right, she’ll go to the police, the FBI, anyone who will listen to her.

Daniel releases Rex.

Riley vows to protect Jen no matter what, Lindsay overhears this and says Daniel better watch his back.

Kevin tells Kelly she better not think of helping Babe, having Ace home is what’s right. Kelly leaves in tears.

George shows up to meet Blair with tomorrow’s edition of The Sun, on the front page is a huge picture of Margaret which says WANTED.

Margaret puts her arms around Todd’s neck and tells him that if he doesn’t make a baby with her, she’ll choke the life out of him and she’s serious.

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