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Back in New Orleans, Kevin and JR fight over Ace/James. JR tells Kevin he is the only father the child needs.

Cristian goes to Llanview and he startles Jessica, whom is in the study. Jessica asks him to help on figuring out who her stalker is.

At Asa’s lodge, Natalie tells John that she can’t help him. John tells her to read the notebook. Natalie tells him that Cristian is alive, and she would know if her husband wasn’t alive. Natalie is emotional, and John comforts her. Evangeline arrives at the lodge, and through the window, she sees them hugging.

Blair is looking for answers on where Margaret could be with Todd.

Margaret tells Todd that she admires him for loving Blair too much to betray her with her. Todd asks her if she is going to let him go.

Kelly is at the Palace, and she calls Kevin to get information. Duke and Adriana meet her there. Kelly tells them that Bo and Kevin have left to get Ace.

JR tells Kevin that he is not getting his hands on his son. Kevin shows him the birth certificate stating that he is the father. Kevin tells him that the FBI will be there soon and he can tell them about his theory. Babe tells JR that he doesn’t care about the child at all and is doing it to get back at her. Tad says if Kevin really cares about the child he will let him go with his real mother. Babe tells him that his wife, Kelly, believes that he should be with his real mother. Kevin tells her that she is not his mother, she is a kidnapper, and she will pay for it.

At the cabin, Todd asks Margaret if he will let him go. Margaret says after all that they have been through they always end up right back there. She tells him that it is meant for the two of them to have a child.

Blair goes to the mechanic shop where Margaret got her car fixed. She shows a mechanic two pictures one of Todd, and one of Margaret. She asks him if he recognize them. He tells her that he knows who the guy is.

John continues to comfort Natalie. Natalie wants to know how he knows that Cristian is the one that put the journal in the fire. John asks her who else could it have been. Natalie can’t bring herself to believe that Cristian isn’t who he says he is. She says he is the one she fell in love with. She goes to leave to be with Cristian. John tells her that she shouldn’t until they know who Cristian is for sure. Natalie leaves the lodge.

Evangeline comes in the lodge after Natalie leaves. John asks her how long she has been there. She tells him long enough to see Natalie isn’t doing to well. John tells her that Cristian may not be who he says he is.

Cristian asks Jessica why she wants his help. She tells him that she still believes he is the one stalking her. He asks her why. She tells him that she doesn’t want to, but all of the evidence is pointing to him. She tells him that he hasn’t been his self lately with anyone. She tells him that she has figured him out. She accuses him of still being in love with her.

Duke asks Kelly if she wants him to find out what’s going on with his father. Adriana tells him that he shouldn’t because it will only make things worst for him and his father. Kelly agrees and asks him if can talk to his grandfather to find out what is going on. Asa walks in and tells Duke he isn’t going to do anything but help keep the baby away from the Chandler’s.

Todd asks Margaret if he will let him go. Margaret says after all that they have been through they have always ended up right back there. She tells him that it is meant for the two of them to have a child.

Babe tells Kevin that she knows he is upset. Kevin tells her that he is more than upset. Jamie tries to defend her. Kevin tells her that he doesn’t think what she did was love and it is abuse. Babe tells him that his on wife wanted him with her rather than him. Kevin asks her where in jail because that is where she will be going. Jamie continues to defend Babe saying that he doesn’t know what kind of mother she is. JR tells Kevin that he can fill him in on it. Kevin tells her that neither one of them knew the circumstances when Paul took Ace. Adam tells Kevin that the boy belongs with his father and he is his blood. Bo tells him it doesn’t involve him. Babe says no one is ever taking her child again. Kevin tells her to watch him.

Blair is happy when she thinks he has seen Todd, but when he tells her that he remembers seeing her singing to him on television. He tells her that he is available.

Margaret kisses Todd and tells him that she is going to bring Blair for him. She tells him that she wants him to be happy.

Back at the Palace, Asa tells Kelly that she is the enemy. Duke tries to defend her to Asa. Kelly tells him that she can’t be hurt because she has been hurt enough. Asa calls her a cheap hussy. Renee comes and tells Asa to stop. Duke tells him that they have listened to what he had to say, but now it is his turn to listen.

Jamie tells Kevin that the only reason they are in this predicament is because Paul stole the baby. Babe tells him that she thought her son had died and when she found out, she didn’t want him with JR. Adam puts her down. Kevin asks her why she didn’t just come and tell him instead of kidnapping him. Jamie tells him that she isn’t to blame because it was his idea to take the child. Tad tells him that neither is to blame because it is al Paul’s fault. Adam says what about his son who hasn’t done anything. Babe tells him one of the reasons she doesn’t want her child with JR is because she doesn’t want him to become another Chandler. Kevin tells her that it won’t be happening. Babe tells him that he really loves James and that he would do anything to keep him including lie, steal, and even die for him. She tells him because that is what it is all about. She says it is all about him and nothing else because that is how it feels. FBI comes in and Bo tells JR he needs to hand the child over to Kevin. JR tells him not a chance. Kevin and JR both stake their claims on the baby. Jamie asks his father if there is anything he can do. Tad tells him he will try later. Bo tells Babe that she is only going to make things worst. Adam says the only arm the baby is leaving in is JR. Kevin tells him that flesh and blood don’t make a person family. Kevin tells him that he doesn’t love Ace, and he doesn’t even know him. He tells him that if he is anything like his father he never will. Kevin tells him to give him his son or he’ll have him and his father put in jail with the rest of them.

Evangeline tells John that he asking Natalie to face the fact that her husband didn’t survive. She tells him that it would be like losing her husband all over again. John tells her that Natalie and everyone else could be in danger.

Cristian has his hand on a gun, which is tucked in the back of his pants. He asks her if she believes that he is stalking her because he is in love with her. Jessica tells him they have talked about their past. Cristian takes his hand off the gun and pulls his jacket over it. He tells her that is what it is their past. He asks her where all of this is coming from. She tells him that she is trying to figure out who is stalking her. Natalie comes home and listens to the two of them talk in the hall. Cristian tells her that he loves her as a friend, but is in love with Natalie. Jessica tells him that they were each other’s first. Cristian tells her that it is ancient history. Jessica feels as if it is a lot of resentment between them. Jessica tells him that it goes all the way back to Megan. Cristian tells her he doesn’t know why she is dragging her into this because that ended a long time ago. Jessica is upset and tells him that Megan is the child that she lost, and he was going to help her raise Megan. He looks at her, and Jessica says he doesn’t remember. Cristian raises his voice and asks her how she can think he would forget something like that. He tells her to leave him the hell alone, and he walks out of the study. He stops and tells her that he doesn’t know who is stalking her. He leaves the house.

Natalie comes into the study and asks Jessica what she thinks she is doing. Jessica tells her that she is trying to get some answers. Jessica tells her to open her eyes because Cristian has changed, and she is the only one that doesn’t see it. She tells her that she better sees it soon because it is going to ruin their whole family.

Evangeline tells John that it is a lot to be worried about. She agrees with John about him finding out what is going on with Cristian.

Jessica tells Natalie she is looking out for her. Natalie tells him that she is sick of everyone blaming Cristian. Jessica asks her why she refuses to see Cristian is not the man he used to be. Natalie tells her that he is the same man, and she is willing to bet her life on it.

Cristian loads his gun, and he practices in the shooting range.

Kevin tells JR to give him his son. Adam tells him not to listen to Kevin. Bo tells Adam that he will be charge with kidnapping. Adam tells him that he will be making an enemy. FBI tells him that it sounds like a threat to an officer of the law. JR hands him to Kevin. Kevin talks to him, and tells Bo to come on. Tad tells him that not a word Babe said got through to him. Kevin doesn’t say anything. Babe asks him to a least let her say goodbye to her child.

Duke tells Asa this is his second time disrespecting a woman in front of him. He tells him that he didn’t think Buchanan men did that. &# 9;Asa tells him when it comes to Crammer women all bets are off. He tells him that he takes care of his own like the time he fought when his mother took him away from them. Duke is shocked that he fought for him. Renee tells Duke than he will ever know.

On the patio at the Palace, Kelly tells Adriana that she is sorry she got him involved in everything. Her phone rings and she answer it saying Kevin. It is Blair on the phone, and she asks her if she found Todd. Blair tells her no, and she is no closer than before.

The mechanic that was at the shop when Margaret was there return and sees the pictures Blair left inside. He says that he knows the lady on the photo.

Back at the cabin, the door opens and at first glance, Todd thinks its Blair. He realizes it is Margaret dressed like Blair with a blonde wig. He tells her that it isn’t going to work. She tells him that she is Blair, and she is there to make mad sweet passionate love to him.

Natalie tells Jessica that she is done talking to everyone about Cristian. Natalie tells her if she doesn’t back off, it won’t be Cristian she will have to worry about, it will be her. Natalie goes upstairs to her room. Jessica finds a paper on the floor which has been pushed in from outside. She picks it up, and it is a picture of her with the word bitch cut and pasted over it. She opens the door to see of she sees anyone.

John tells Evangeline he needs a DNA sample of Cristian before he left and compared it too now. Evangeline tells him that she wants to help. John gets a phone call telling him that Cristian just got a permit to carry a handgun.

Kevin asks the FBI to take Babe cuffs off, and he allows her to say her goodbyes. Babe tells him that she loves him. Everyone listens to her as she talks. Babe tells Kevin that he is teething. She hugs him, and Kevin takes him back. Babe breaks down, and she kisses him before she leaves. The police take Babe, Jamie, and Tad. Bo tells Kevin that he has to go process Babe and Jamie, and he will see him in Llanview. Adam tells Kevin if he thinks this is over he is mistaking. JR tells him that his own mother couldn’t keep him away from him.

Kelly tells Blair that she knows how it feels when love someone and don’t know if they are all right. Blair tells her not to worry. She tells her that she will meet her at the Palace. Blair sits on the bench outside the shop. The guys come out to see if she is still outside, and when he doesn’t see her he places the pictures in the trash.

Margaret continues to play Blair to get Todd in the mood. She leans down on the bed and kisses him.

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