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One Life to Live Update Monday 1/24/05



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Bo calls Kevin’s cell phone and tells him the police found Babe, Jamie and Ace. Bo says he’s going to New Orleans and hangs up. Kelly asks Kevin who was on the phone.

Cristian throws his journal into the fire, to try to erase all the bad things, but still hears the voices in his head.

Natalie is reading the page from Cristian’s journal, wondering what to do. Viki comes in the room, and Natalie tells her what has happened, including that she told John the truth, and he went to look for Cristian.

John knocks on the door to Asa’s lodge, no one answers, so he walks in, calling for Cristian. He spots Cristian’s journal, pulls it out and puts out the fire.

Margaret lights the dynamite and then runs for cover, the dynamite explodes.

Blair is talking to a man at the construction site about the stolen dynamite. She holds up a picture of Margaret and asks the man if he has seen her.

Bo tells Nora that Ace has been found. Nora asks if he’s told JR and Adam. He looks at Daniel who is talking on his cell phone, and tells her to ask Daniel, he seems to have a direct line to the Chandlers.

Kelly asks again if the phone call was about Ace. Kevin finally admits the truth, and Kelly thanks him for admitting the truth. Kevin invites her to go to New Orleans with him.

Natalie tells Viki that she doesn’t know if she did the right thing, and says she’s worried. Viki asks her if she’s worried that John and Cristian will have a confrontation or if John will discover what Cristian is hiding?

John starts to read Cristian’s journal, and reads a charred page about Tico’s murder, and wonders what Cristian’s involvement is.

Cristian visits Roxy, who tells him the past is the past, and you can’t go back and change it, Cristian asks her to call John, and while she is on the phone, Cristian, picks up a copy of the Sun which calls Michael Dr. Death; he insists to Roxy that Michael is innocent.

The man tells Blair he doesn’t recognize Margaret’s photograph. Blair tells him to get the other man, the one who was there when the dynamite was stolen.

Margaret gets up and yells for Todd, she goes into the cabin and crawls over to see him, yelling at him to wake up.

Kevin tells Kelly he’s serious about her going with him. Kelly says that Ace isn’t their child, but Kevin says he is. Kelly asks him why he’s making things so hard, Babe Chandler is a loving, wonderful mother. Kevin starts to leave, Kelly tells him to wait.

Bo accuses Daniel of calling Adam Chandler as a way of getting to the top of the political food chain. Bo then tells Daniel that he even proposed to Nora to further his political career.

Viki tells Natalie that sometimes everyone needs to examine why they do the things that they do. She also says that she thinks that John is still in love with Natalie they had a past together. Natalie says the past is the past, she loves her husband. Viki asks if Natalie believes it’s possible to love more than one person.

John reads in the journal that Cristian has stolen Cristian Vega’s past and stolen his wife, she has no idea who he is, and neither does he.

Natalie tells Viki that she’s not sure she was ever in love with John, that they were drawn together because they had both lost someone that they loved. After that John got involved with Evangeline, Natalie got jealous and got involved with Paul, Cristian came home, and now Natalie is ashamed because she still has feelings for John. Viki tells her that she’s human. Her cell phone rings, and John tells her that he found Cristian’s journal, and he needs her to come to the lodge.

Roxy asks again how Cristian knows that Michael is innocent. Cristian flashes back to unplugging Tico’s life support. Roxy says. “If the glove fits, how can you acquit?” Cristian yells at Roxy to shut up.

John tells Natalie he needs to talk to her without running into Cristian. Natalie is frightened but tells John she will be there. Natalie is frighened, so Viki offers to go with her, and at first Natalie accepts, but then says it’s something she needs to do on her own.

Frank, the other man from the construction site, identifies Margaret’s picture, and tells Blair that Margaret had said her husband was in trouble.

Todd wakes up to the sound of Margaret hammering the door back up. She tells Todd that she had to “borrow” some dynamite to blast Todd out from the avalanche, she needed him because her window of opportunity is short, and if they don’t make a baby, she’ll have to keep him tied up for another month.

Nora is shocked by what Bo said about Daniel. Nora asks Bo if he has so little regard for her that he believes that Daniel only wants her for his political career. Bo says, to the contrary, he has very high regard for her, but he needs to go to New Orleans. Daniel tells Nora that he asked her to marry him because he loves her, and for no other reason. Daniel asks Nora if she believes he was right in telling Adam about Ace. Nora agrees.

Kelly asks if there is anything she can say or do to change Kevin’s mind, they need to do the right thing. Kevin tells her they disagree on what the right thing is. Kelly tells Kevin to look at Babe not as the woman who kidnapped their child, but as a woman trying hard to hold onto her family. Kelly picks up the phone and tells the person on the other line that she needs their help.

Cristian apologizes to Roxy for losing his temper, saying he was out of line. Roxy asks him what Tico’smurder has to do with him, and then he takes off.

Natalie shows up at the lodge. John show her Cristian’s journal. Natalie reads the passage, but doesn’t understand it. John tells her he’s not sure the man who came home was really Cristian.

Blair is looking at a map, saying she will go all over the country to find Todd, and if Margaret touched one hair on his head, she will kill her with her bare hands.

Todd tells Margaret he can’t make a baby with her because he promised Blair he would change, it would be easy to just do it so he could leave, but he can’t do that to Blair. Margaret tells him that she is prepared to honor his love for Blair, and he’ll find out how tonight.

Cristian goes to a gun shop and tells the man behind the counter that he needs to buy a gun.

Natalie tells John that she’s slept with Cristian, she should know if he’s an impostor. John says he doesn’t know what Cristian is, but he needs Natalie to get a sample of Cristian’s DNA.

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